“Cultus Is Nothing In Front Of Suzuki Swift” — Owner’s Review

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Welcome to another episode of PakWheels Owner’s Review series. Today, we have with us the owner of Suzuki Swift DLX 2012, who thinks an 8-year-old used Swift is a much much better option than the latest model of Suzuki Cultus. Interesting judgment, right? Well, the owner has his reasons, and here they are.

Purchase and Price

As a bit of back story, the owner told PakWheels that he purchased a used Suzuki Cultus 2008 as his first car in January 2020 for 7 lacs and 30 thousand rupees. He drove the 1000cc Cultus for 11 months, then sold it for the same amount that he got it for — Paisa wasool.

After that, the owner wanted to purchase a more powerful and spacious car for a family of five within a price bracket of 12 to 13 lacs. He did some research on PakWheels Forums, asked around a few friends, and got it down to three choices: Toyota Vitz, Daihatsu Mira, and Suzuki Swift. 

He found this used Swift in really good condition on PakWheels used car section. Took the test drive and liked it. After the car got an 8.0 rating on the PakWheels Inspection report, it was a done deal.

The ex-owner of Cultus 2008 purchased a used 1300cc Swift 2012 DLX in December 2020 for 12 lacs and 80 thousand rupees.

Fuel Average 

The owner was worried about the fuel average of Swift. He had heard that it does not get any better than 10 or 11 kilometers per liter in the city. Thankfully, that’s not true. 

The car gives its owner a pretty good mileage of 13 kilometers per litre in the city without AC and around 12.5 kilometers with AC. Compared to the 14 km fuel average of his Cultus, the owner does not have any complaints. 

Comfort of Suzuki Swift

The ex-owner of Cultus and current owner of Swift thinks that Cultus is nowhere near the comfort level of Swift. The seats of Swift are very comfortable and welcoming. The car is spacious and can easily accommodate five passengers. There is also ample diggy space for travelling with the family.

AC Performance

The car AC performs well and provides good cooling, even in the lowest setting. Unlike Cultus and other 1000cc cars, turning on the AC does not drain the car’s power.

Ground Clearance

The car has excellent ground clearance and stability even with a full-house of five passengers. 

Parts Availability

The parts of Suzuki Swift are easily available in the local market. Prices of Swift parts are close to the prices of Cultus parts, if not less. The owner got a reverse parking camera and an Android screen from PakWheels Auto Store at reasonable prices.

Missing Features

The only feature that the owner of Suzuki Swift DLX 2012 misses in his car is airbags

Pros and Cons of Suzuki Swift


  • Powerful 1300cc engine
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Powerpack features
  • Excellent road grip
  • Value for money


  • No airbags

Final Statement on Suzuki Swift

According to the owner of Suzuki Swift DLX 2012, the car is head and shoulders above the Suzuki Cultus in power, comfort, and features. “You can easily get a 2011-2012 Swift at the price of a 2014-2015 Cultus. If I have the same budget, I’d definitely make the same decision all over again.”

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  1. Afzal says

    The owner of this Swift is living in cloud cuckoo land or he needs to get his mental faculties checked when he says the swift more spacious the a cultus Suzuki classes the cars small city cars. The owner of the swift should check the dimensions of the both cars length , width and height and the wheelbase of these which the centre of the front and rear wheels to get the interior dimensions. The length and height of the 2008 Cultus is more then the swift

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