Customs Seized 22 Smuggled Vehicles in Gwadar

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Pakistan Customs has seized 22 imported vehicles, smuggled into the country. In a statement, the department said it took these vehicles during an operation against non-duty vehicles.

The total worth of these cars is Rs45million, the department stated.

FBR’s Comment on action by Customs: 

Meanwhile, FBR has issued Draft De Minimus Rules for Imported Goods vide SRO 886. The draft will seek objections and suggestions to the general public.

“Draft Rules provide for duty-free import of goods imported via postal and courier service, The invoice value of goods should not be not more than Rs5000,” FBR said.


Earlier this month, FBR impounded 19 luxury cars over suspicious documents. The Benami Zone of the agency probes unregistered wealth and anonymous accounts. 

The captured cars include BMW and Mercedes. 

According to media reports, the body confiscated these cars during an ongoing investigation about Benami accounts. “The vehicles do not have proper ownership documents,” FBR said. 

The board further said that the cars were registered on people’s names, working for real car owners. The confiscated vehicles include 2 Mercedes, 2 BMW, and other luxury cars. “These cars value between Rs120 to Rs150 million,” the body said. 

The body further said, it has given a seven-day deadline to the real owners to respond to the allegations. “Otherwise, the government will take legal action against them,” FBR asserted. 

Not the First Time: 

In July 2020, Pakistan Customs confiscated nine luxury cars imported by foreign diplomats. According to media reports, the vehicles, imported under the name of these diplomats and one ambassador, were under the use of private individuals.

The loss to National Exchequer: 

The reports stated this had caused a security risk to diplomats and a loss of Rs250 million to the national exchequer. The Foreign Office of Pakistan knows about this development and has sought an explanation from the foreign missions.

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