Daihatsu Move: The Perfect Urban Car for Pakistan

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From about last three to four years, 660 cc cars are in the limelight due to their fuel economy, advance features and comfortable drive. People are really loving their experience with these kei cars due to their compact sizes, features and fuel-efficiency. But, when we have to talk about the perfect urban car that can cater to all our city needs, Daihatsu Move makes it to the top of the list.

  • Urban Design:

 The design of Daihatsu Move like a perfect car for the city. The car is compact enough to let you freely travel on the narrow roads and busy streets and at the same time, it’s spacious enough to carry five people comfortably. The turning radius is just amazing which helps you to park easily on those difficult spaces. The trunk of the car is a bit smaller so that it is easy for the driver to drive freely. Even being a compact hatchback, the car has a small cargo area as well which is good enough for two medium-sized hand carry; or to make it more understandable, two 19 litre water bottles could be easily placed there. The ground clearance is good enough that you wont have any problem on the pathetic speed breakers in the city (unless you are carrying too much of weight). These are the basic things we Pakistanis look for, when buying a car.



  • Eco Idling:

Just keeping in mind the hectic traffic and idling of the engine, the engineers have employed the eco-idle technology, which stops the fuel injection when the car is idle. You can use all your equipment like the multimedia and other things which are powered by the battery. As the car is accelerated, the fuel injection starts again. This is one of the best things Japanese car have gifted to us as we have pathetic traffic jams in urban cities of Pakistan and immense of idling which costs us a great amount of fuel. Thanks to this Eco idling technology, the average of Daihatsu Move moves upto  20 to 22 km/ltr which is just amazing.


  • Traction Control: 

The car is also equipped with the traction control system.Traction control is a system that helps the driver to avoid wheel slippage and over spinning even on slippery services. Or in simple words we can say, more stability and more grip even in the slippery areas. You can drive freely and more confidently even in the monsoon season.


  • Acceptable Re-sale Value and Spare Parts Availability:

One thing that really makes Daihatsu Move a good entrant in 660cc imported cars market is its acceptable re-sale value. Due to good brand reputation, people trust the name of Daihatsu just like Mitsubishi, Nissan and Mazda. When it comes to spare parts of Daihatsu Move, they are available in all major cities of Pakistan and are in fact easier to find as compared to many other freshly imported 660 cc cars.



  • Perfect Package for Family:

In my opinion, this car is perfect for a family or I would say, a small family. The car is much better in terms of features, as compared to the local rivals in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. In terms of safety, the car is equipped with two airbags (for the driver and the front passenger) and anti-lock braking system with the EB. The car is equipped with power-steering and power-windows, which are hard to find in local cars of teh same price bracket in Pakistan. Just like our local hatchbacks, the air conditioning system is also quite good. So in other words, if you are looking for a car that comes with good looks as well features, I would suggest Daihatsu Move as the best choice.

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  1. German Ab says

    what to do with more ground clearance? can we raise? any solution?

  2. Eeg says

    while i agree it is an option to be considered…but why is this under automotive news category :/ ?

  3. Umar Ashfaq says

    its good but if you want more add rubber spacers of 1 inch maximum

  4. Ammar says

    I have the 2006 model of this car and the interior space is unbelievable for its size. The rear leg room is 3-4 times what you get in a city or a corolla. In fact under normal front driving seat position, there is enough leg room behind to actually lay down and sleep!

  5. Umar Ashfaq says

    Yes amazing leg room as well.

  6. Qandeel Janjua says

    Price kya hay iskay. Mujhe to koi fraud lag rha hay Pakistan may.

  7. Saad Arain says

    does this car come in manual transmission???

  8. Umar Ashfaq says

    No it does not.

  9. Akash Ravi says

    Well its perfect but what do u think about Nissan Moco (2013 above model VS Daihatsu Move

  10. Hashim says

    In another article you wrote about honda n series(appreciated it much), out of the 2 which is better Nseries or move?

  11. Guest says

    Are you sure?

    As per Autoblog, E140 Corolla has 3 feet of leg room, and E170 must have similar. This generally means the seat + footwell. In kei cars, they just reduce the size of the bench to make to cabin look bigger. As a result, the under-thigh does not get full support and it is tiring in long travel. In any case, not even Rolls Royce has the legroom 3-4 times that of Corolla.

    Suppose 2′ is the size of seat and 1′ is for footwell. Do you want to say it is 3′ or 4′ long footwell?

    It is true that newer cars have good space utilization, even Wagon-R is big on the inside while small on the outside, but what you are claiming is not only outrageous, it is impossible.

  12. Guest says

    Gatis (spacers) are useless, whether rubber or aluminum, they add nothing meaningful to ride height, and you pay the price of pathetic handling. Any gatis disturb the handling of the car by a great margin, no matter it is a hatchback or sedan.

    You are better off buying a small SUV such as Toyota Cami or Rush. Daihatsu Terios Kid would also do.

  13. Umar Ashfaq says

    actually the leg room is the same as of corrolla but it appears bigger because of the design. Being a sedan, Corrolla has more inclined seats as compared to Move.

  14. Umar Ashfaq says

    100 percent agreed but if you want more ground clearance thats the only solution otherwise drive carefully on those speed breakers when you have weight on

  15. Umar Ashfaq says

    Thanks for asking, I was really waiting for this.
    Honda N series is undoubtedly the future of 660 cc cars. And one who has N series is not worried about parts.
    But on the other hand move is more like a car designed to assure efficiency. And is more popular because it has been in the market from 10 long years. Honda N series was released in late 2012.
    Thats the difference.

  16. Umar Ashfaq says

    if you ask me my opinion or let me draw my personality for you,
    young, University going, who loves sportish features like paddle shift
    i will go for N wgn custom

    But if you ask some other person who wants it to be more pocket friendly yet satisfying the daily needs he will pick move as it is more efficient.

  17. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Just drive carefully

  18. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Move, N Series and Mira are all good options. We have lots of Mira and some Moves here in Hyd and the other day I saw 3 N Wgns at my friends showroom. Good times

  19. Basit Riaz says

    Move, Mira, Alto, wagon-R which is the better option in terms of fuel efficiency, cost and spare parts availability.

  20. Lazy Sapper says

    What’s the top speed?

  21. Bil says


  22. Aneef Izhar says

    What is the fuel mileage of this car when driven on Motorway at 120 kmph? Any ideas?

  23. Azfar says

    18km/litre as per its screen with full AC set at 24C
    this is for Move Custom 2015

  24. Azfar says

    I have installed 205/50/15 tires on my Move Custom 2015 and also installed spacers and also spacers of 0.75 inche in the springs.
    Have improved road clearance and road grip specially on the Motorways when running above 100km with a compromise of 4-5km less average as per its document.

  25. German Ab says

    actually ramp of my garage is slightly high/slob, Vitz (new shape) touches from bottom but Cultus don’t. any jdm car with good ground clearnce equal to Cultus? Move / N Wgn / Dayz / Ek. please suggest

  26. Anjum Niaz says

    Mira has more parts available. Mira is another name of Core, so most Core parts can be used in Mira… Thats why Mira is little expensive than Move…

  27. Anas Yusuf says

    If u think the other way round, try to get the ramp modified if possible so none of your cars will touch again

  28. Sahir says

    Can it travel on long routes at the speed of 120 kmh and above continuously?. Because 66cc has heating problems on long routes

  29. Bilal Saeed says

    Yes i drove it from lahore to pindi via motorway. And it gies to 110km pretty easily w8th economy of 22km/ltr

  30. malik mansoob khan says

    Dear Umar,
    it is good to ask you about ground clearance for N Box what i do for that and about reasonable price auto parts

  31. Umar Ashfaq says

    Well Malik, I think the N box has a fair ground clearance and will do good on most of the speed breakers. But if still you need more ground clearance you can consider using a bigger tire.
    And for the reasonable prices of auto parts you can checkout BILAL GUNJ Market. There you might find what you are looking for at a fair price. But if its not available you would have to ship it from Japan. If you are talking about the parts of N box than the chances of finding those parts are pretty less.

  32. atif gondal says

    Daihatsu move custom
    honda n wgn custom
    nissan dayz highway star

    which is better for period of 5 years

  33. Saad Bin Hasan Awan says

    Excellent Blog

  34. Umar Hafeez says

    I have Been using Daihatsu Move 2012 On Long Route from last 3 Years.This Car hasnot disappointed me single time.My Route is From Lahore To Multan.My City is In Between This Route.Total Distance From Lahore To My City Is 250 Km(One Way).It easily Gives Fuel Average of 17-18Km/L.In Extreme Hot Weather(Outside Temp.45°C Or Above) I have used this Car.Just Awesome Experience.Highly Fuel Efficient.

  35. Haris Amjed says

    All of them. I like highway start design and style thought…

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