Are We About to Say Our Final Goodbyes to Suzuki Cultus?

It’s been 16 years since the Suzuki Cultus went in to production and this car can easily be classified as the second generation of Suzuki to be bred and produced in Pakistan. It has been over 2 years, since a post at broke the news of Suzuki Cultus being possibly discontinued and the tentative date that was mentioned, hinted at 2016. So, now that the year in question has arrived and the first quarter is about to collapse after the budget announcement. It’s time to discuss the status of the prediction and what has Suzuki done in regards to this prediction.

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Originally, it was predicted that Pak Suzuki might be planning to phase out the Cultus in favor of a totally new model called Suzuki Celario, because let’s not forget that Cultus belongs to an old generation of design and now that the times have changed; people have started exploring the options available in the international market and compare them with the locally available ones. So, now the question is ‘Have Suzuki acted on this secret plan of theirs?’


The answer is ‘maybe’, you might have seen the limited edition badge on the back of the Cultus 2016 model, and the reason of that badge could be perceived as the beginning of the ‘Discontinuity Phase’ for the Suzuki Cultus. So it is safe to assume that this matter holds some merit of authenticity, further investigation might lead to “When?”


But now let’s talk about the probable replacement for the Suzuki Cultus. The car in question is called Celario and it began its journey in 2013 in Thailand and later debuted in South-Asian market in the February of 2014 at New Delhi.




This car is the epitome of urban transport vehicles and has been engineered by keeping the worsening global traffic conditions in mind. Hence, the reason this car is fitted with a 1.0 liter 3 cylinder -k10B engine; which is Suzuki’s award winning K-series engine belonging to the K-Next series.

This plucky little car was expected to be launched somewhere in the middle of the 2016, but the company’s resounding success with WagonR might have pushed the scheduled plans to be delayed further.

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WagonRHave you owned or driven Suzuki Cultus? Please share your Cultus stories with us in the comments section.

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  • Sporty man

    I remembered when first suzuki cultus was crashed at shahrah e faisal and ustad say “pata he is car ko mere pass kyon laya gaya he is ki wajah ye he ke is ke brakes totaly fail hain suzuki ko is ke brakes bananey aaye hee nahi .

  • Guy a Geek

    Kahan Chaltay … Tera Hero Idhar Ha…. The all new FAW V2 , 1298CC , 3 years warranty , AIR BAGS, ABS+EBD, IMMOBILIZER, POWER STEERING , POWER WINDOWS, COMPUTER SCANNER SUPPORT and Much More…. Book Your Test Drive Now, At FAW 3s Dealerships. for just 10 lacs and 49 thousands

  • KHAN G.

    There it is…. Use Common Sense…. FAW V2 is above par than WagonR and Cultus

  • Shani

    Bro , This LCD cost 17 thousands more , and Navigation +LCD costs 36 thousands more…..

  • ee

    This news has been floating since 2014…Even if Paksuzuki is bringing in Celerio in 2017 in Pakistan ? It is due for a model change in a year or two anyway..

    Does this company think Pakistan is a dumping ground for obsolete cars… 🙁

    When can we expect something modern “in line with international market” from this company ????

  • Ali Akber

    Suzuki can sell ‘limited edition’ for another decade.

  • Guest

    Khan ji, the cabin space of V2 is much smaller than Cultus. Cultus has independent rear suspension while V2 has solid beam.

    But the engine is bigger with the same tax bracket. Oh – the drags that are possible. And the A/c is better too.

  • AbdulB1

    yea and continue to the next 2 decades too.

  • AbdulB1

    faw v2 is made in China so its quality is good. Just wait and see when they start making it here it will also fail miserably.

  • Rana Mohammad Talha Tariq

    You are wrong here Bhai. Agar locally made ki bat hy to FAW jo locally bana rahi hai vo sub Pakistan k current competitors se best hy. Check their FAW CARRIER and also there trucks 🙂 Agar inme quality abhi tak locally made hone ke bad bhi sahi hai to FAW V2 se bhi acha expect kro 🙂

  • Shani Arain

    bhai kisne kaha v2 have rear solid beam ? v2 have independent suspensions , i own a v2 , i know it preety well.

  • AbdulB1

    it is china made and local products will be available at the end of the year. SEE THEIR FB posts.

  • Talal

    Someone give the author a medal.

  • Guest

    FAW V2 is much better than Cultus in this price range.

    Cultus is 1000CC while FAW is 1300 CC
    Cultus has NO ABS while FAW has ABS (saves you from accident/hit)
    Cultus has NO Air-Bags While FAW has 2 Air-Bags (FYI, GLi has no Air-Bag 😀 )
    Cultus has NO power steering while FAW has power steering
    Cultus has NO warranty while FAW has 3 years warranty
    Cultus is 11 Lacs+ while FAW is 10.60 Lacs

  • Talha

    Have you ever tried driving FAW V2 and Wagon R?

  • Khan Ways

    Test Drive bro.. Both of them at the same time with AC on……. One by One… Faw is no doubt a class apart..

  • Talha

    Interior quality of V2 is no good and if you drive a V2 after one year compared to Wagon R
    Wagon R still give it’s best where as V2 engine and body make noises