Pak Suzuki WagonR VS Imported Suzuki Wagon R – A Brief View Of Both Cars

When Pak Suzuki saw the increasing popularity of used import Wagon R, they decided to launch their version as well. The local WagonR went on sale in the April of 2014, and Pak Suzuki was able to sell 2,532 unit in FY2013-14. The sales figures doubled to 5,067 in 2014-15. Pak Suzuki sold more than 1000 units in January 2016 for the first time. The car finally has been able to attract the attention of Pakistani auto consumer, although the journey was not as smooth as Pak Suzuki had hoped for. It took Pak Suzuki almost two years to finally break into 1000 car a month club. (Figures – PAMA)

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As mentioned above, Pak Suzuki took the bold step of launching their own version of Wagon R after seeing the popularity of imported model. It feels like Honda Atlas has also followed the same model with the launch of HR-V after seeing the popularity of Vezel crossover. Importers have been importing Wagon R from Japan by 2011-12.

Suzuki Wagon R

Pak Suzuki Wagon R

Before we begin, it should be mentioned here that Pak Suzuki has named their car ‘WagonR’, whereas internationally it is ‘Wagon R’. So in the article where you see WagonR, we are talking about local model, and when its Wagon R, it is the imported model. The Suzuki Wagon R is a super small Kei car and was first launched in Japan back in 1993. It is a one of the most popular Japanese Kei cars both in its country and in Pakistan. Currently, the imported Wagon R is in its fifth generation (2012 – present). Although you can find a Wagon R as old as 1995, but most famous generation is fourth (2008 – 2012), and then fifth generation (2012 – present). Although different in shape, the WagonR launched by Pak Suzuki is also the fourth generation of the popular mini hatchback. This particular shape is available in Pakistan, India, Indonesia and couple of other countries. For the sake of keeping this blog short, let’s just compare local WagonR with the fourth generation imported Wagon R only.

Although imported Wagon R is available with 660 cc engine, the local version was launched with a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder K-Series engine. The imported Wagon R comes with an automatic transmission, whereas local Wagon R only comes with a 5-speed manual transmission.

There are currently two variants of locally assembled WagonR:

  • VXR – PKR 979,000
  • VXL – PKR 1,019,000

VXR is the normal model, whereas VXL is top of the line. There difference between VXR and VXL is mostly cosmetic, like silver and chrome bits and pieces here and other. But there are some more fundamental differences as well, like VXL comes with front power windows, keyless entry, security alarm and central door locking, which is absent in VXR model.

There used to be a bare bone VX variant as well but it has been discontinued. It lacked things like power steering, electric windows, tachometer, central locking and remote control locking, air conditioner, security alarm, and audio system, etc. All of these things, including few others, are available in VXL model. The basic model was a good option for people who were interested in a cheaper car with only basic options.

local suzuki wagon r specs

If you don’t want to buy a brand new local WagonR, you can purchase a used 2014 local WagonR VXL for the average price of PKR 1 million, or a bit lower, whereas 2014 local VX WagonR is available for around PKR 9 lacs and below. There is almost no difference in the price, but considering you will have to bear cost of freight and registration of a new car, maybe buying a year old WagonR is better for some. Or you can just get a brand new one.

Now let’s talk about the imported Wagon R options. There are eight variants of imported fourth generation Wagon R available in Pakistan. And those are,

  • FX Limited
  • FT Limited
  • Limited
  • FX Limited II
  • FX-S Limited
  • Stingray Limited
  • FX Idling Stop
  • FX

The good thing about imported Wagon R is that you get arguably overall better build quality than local cars. Secondly, there are usually more options in variants than local WagonR., and the third thing is the availability of options. You get a lot more in relatively less price. There are a whole lot of small difference in these variants like, alloy wheels, interior color, DVD back cam, push start, fog lights, immobilizer, etc. One major option available in FX Idling Stop is the eco mode, on the other hand Stingray is the sportier model. For details of the equipment options, click here. As the motor is concerned, the imported Wagon R comes with a 660 cc 3-cylinder engine mated to an automatic gearbox. According to company’s numbers, 660 cc Wagon R does 21.5 km/l under controlled environment. The real world numbers are of course going to be different. Many owners claim their Wagon R does around 15-16 km/l within city.

Suzuki Wagon R Limited

Suzuki Wagon R Limited Features

Suzuki Wagon R Limited Features

Suzuki Wagon R FX-S Limited

Suzuki Wagon R FX-S Limited Features

Suzuki Wagon R FX-S Limited Features

Suzuki Wagon R FX

Suzuki Wagon R FX Features

Suzuki Wagon R FX Features

As far the price of the car is concerned, the fourth generation Wagon R falls in the same price bracket of local WagonR. You can buy an imported 2008-2012 Wagon R for PKR 1 million. The good thing about the car is that even 2015 model Wagon R is available in the same price range of PKR 1 million. The cheapest fourth generation imported Wagon R you can find is for around PKR 8 lacs.

Import Wagon R Through PakWheels

But, if you don’t want to go for the typical Suzuki route, why not go for FAW V2? A brand new FAW V2 with a 1.3-liter engine will cost you PKR 1,049,000. V2 is a bit pricier than local Wagon R, but it is slightly longer and wider than the Wagon R; 3600 mm to 3760 mm in length and 1475mm to 1680mm in width. V2 is more powerful as well considering it has a 1300 cc 4-cylinder engine compared to Wagon R’s 1000 cc 3-cylinder. Also, V2 comes with alloy wheels, ABS, airbags, and keyless entry.


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  • Engineer Aqib

    Don’t you know, Faw V2 is more powerfull and Looker than 660 cc imported and 1000 cc local wagon R. why to spend RS-1040000/-(Showroom price) on a small and tight wagon R, which even does not offer ABS brakes, No air bags, no alloy wheels, lesser leg room, and power window for only 2 windows and you get a car having No look . Why not to spend RS-1049000/- (Showroom price) on FAW v2, you will get a car having all features you get in GLI……. I am using Faw for a year, NO trouble at all, it has a warranty of 3 years. and No parts issue. You will get a car you can feel proud when you are standing in big cars. Wagon R just looks like a RICKSHAW……. and believe me, suspension system of Wagon R is not good as compared to Faw V2. if you do TRUST me, go to FAW authorized dealership, get its test drive . and also test drive Wagon R, you will automatically feel the difference.

  • Sheikh Ahsan Shakeel

    I have seen some suzuki lovers, spreding rumors about Faw v 2. I am saying you , FAW V2 is a best car than Wagon R either local or imported. Yeh, Vitz is better than V2 , but since , Vitz cost 14.5 lacs for new BUT VITZ HAS NO WARRANTY AT ALL…… FAW is LIGHT ON POCKET, IT HAS A MASSIVE 3 YEARS WARRANTY…………3 YEARS, IT A LONG TIME………. I am going to buy FAW V2 tomorrow discaded my plans of getting wagon R . i test driven both , and found FAW V2 better in all respects than WAGON R………………….. kya car hai yar yeh to…………. i am lovi’n it.

  • Shaffi Naqi

    Yar wagon R bhi koi car hai– bilkul fazool–Ghatia suspension hai iss ki aur leg room bhi bohat kam hai, V2 Rocks. Japanese LUNDA MALL is always accidented.

  • Auto Wheels

    Huy guys, i have sold my Wagon R Rickshaw. i am soon getting brand new CHINA VITZ(FAW V2). Give a big hand to V2 and a big slap to PakSuzuki. Over priced Rickshaws and Outdated Cultus. Plus mouthfull abuses to Car importers, who import accidented cars from Japan and repair them here.

  • Dear Aref, could you please correct this sentence:

    “If you don’t want to buy a brand new local Wagon R, you can purchase a used 2014 local Wagon R VXL for the average price of PKR 1 million whereas 2014 local VX Wagon R is available for around PKR 9 lacs.”

    How the heck is it possible that a used Wagon R VX / VXL costs more than the new thing.

  • enthusiast

    wagon r have bad looks but v2s built quality is very poor espesially insulation and interior quality is just not up to the mark ,even mehran has a better plastic dashboard

  • enthusiast

    very biased comment.

  • Qayyum butt

    sorry but i dont find wagon r shape ugly at all infact it is better looking than many japanese imported cars we have roaming all over lahore these days with 0.6 cc engines and a bucket full of accessories

  • Qayyum butt

    you can feel proud ?seriously?? is that the reason people buy cars?? and feeling proud that u bought a chinese copy of swift that woud not be a very ”proud ” moment.

  • Umer

    Very Bad article literally. Its like you are anti Suzuki. Title is Pak Suzuki Wagon R VS Imported Suzuki Wagon R, but where does comparison is. Where do you discuss about locally brand new vehicle and imported old used vehicle. Biased opinions… i am not very fond of Suzuki cars, but you need to be atleast fair and unbiased about what you reporting.
    We are not getting any newer models for decades now, and when something is here we tend to discourage it.

  • Shah Zain

    I hate JDM impoeters. They are following strategy of Faraadis . They sale us repaired japanese cars for more than actual price. Believe me. 2006 to 7 models imported fron Japan are know causing engine and auto gear box troubles. Average Good life of imported used cars in Pakistan is around 70,000 kilometes. Beacuse Japanese people sale their cars when they do 90,000 kms on Odo and then our dealers import them , make their fake auction sheets which can never be verified , reverse their meters to 20 to 30 thousand kilometres and RIP our pockets. Also , if a new car gets accidented then they import here or get repaired from japan and sale here. Like if in 2016 , you get a 2014 or 2015 or 2016 model , it would be surely accidented and of repaired here will be cheper then the same model repaired in Japan. Because now in 2016 , a 2013 model vitz less milage and no major accident costs about 14.80 thousands. If will import that car then for what price I will sale it.? So I willl import a worst car which would be near to Gear Box , steering motor or engine failure . To have a profit margin. This is truth. That’s why I will support Faw V 2 . Atleast it has 3 years of long long warranty. …

  • Genious person

    Full chuti***pa hai faw v2… Kuch bhi karlo faw v2 aik bhi nahi dikhi aaj tak roads par… No one will buy chinese shit.. Dont compare china with japan… I warn you

  • Shani Arain

    who ever is saying that faw v2 is shit or bad , they are the people who think buggati veyron is the best super car of all time. kids grow up. first try the thing and then speak. i have been using v2 for over a year now. way better then dabba cultus and swift. luv v2. no issue watsoever.

  • M Salman Tariq

    Good Luck

  • Ahmed Shahir Usmani

    Its about opinion and usage. Many of my friends got JDM 660cc cars and they are enjoying the features and gadgets but I would always prefer local due to road conditions and poor quality of petrol/oil we use for our cars. JDM cars are meant to be driven in Japanese conditions and on their roads. I have driven Cultus for over 8 years and above 150000 KMS, changed its suspension two times for less then PKR 10,000 each time. Still it use to go soundless and trouble free before I sold it. Guess what would happen if I had to replace a Japanese car part, will it cost around PKR 10000 ? Suzuki cars are for practical people I believe. I am going for a Wagon R zero meter and I am sure it will serve me with low maintenance cost which I can afford. And one question have you driven JDM 660cc cars on bumpy highways ?

  • Super Genious person

    Only Idiot person can give such shitty remarks, or who is jealous of V2 over his engine trouble japani lunda or rickshaw Wagon R.

  • Hassan Ali Zaidi

    I have sold wagon R and bought V 2. For long travel wagon R is not suited. V2 is giving me average like my honda city.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    It is value for money so yeah one would feel proud.

  • Imran Baloch

    infact i have seen one on road, couple of weeks before

  • Guest


  • master


  • master


  • Muhammad Ammar Akhtar

    Faw V2 has revised their price and new price is 1,119,000/-

  • deltoid

    A) I have seen many FAW V2s.
    B) u wont see snytesla or lexus here which doesnt mean they are bad machines.
    C) you will see thousands of Mehrans on the roads which doesnt change the fact that mehran was/is and willl be a shitty product.
    dont you ever dare to utter any shit about china.
    jis thali ma khao usi ma chaid mat kro.