Toyota Corolla To Get A Lot Of New Options In Pakistan, Starting From May

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Toyota Indus Motor have increased prices of its vehicles from 20,000 rupees to 60,000 rupees depending on the model. These price changes will be in effect from May 1st, 2016. You can hop on over to our new cars section to see the updated Toyota Corolla prices. The price changes throughout the model range are done due to Corolla being given minor improvements.

The bigger news here is that the entire Toyota Corolla range is going to get new features that Toyota calls minor improvements. The range-topping Toyota Corolla, otherwise popularly known as Toyota Grande is soon going to get most of the new features. Don’t expect a facelift or any body-change though, but at an increase of 60,000 rupees, these are the new features Toyota Corolla Altis Grande is going to get from May 1st:

Auto-retractable side-mirrors, the kind that retracts when you switch off the car, jack-knife key, and dual-sided steering functions instead of single but perhaps the most notable features are the addition of climate control, Dual SRS Airbags, and the much awaited immobilizer.

Rest of the range of Corolla, including Gli and XLi are also going to get some updates as well if not all. Immobilizer for example will be available on the Toyota Corolla since Corolla is perhaps one of the most stolen vehicles in Pakistan.

In the world of Toyota, these are not done to give a push in sales. Toyota Indus Motor has already sold out Corolla for the months of March and April and are expected to sell as many vehicles as last year owing to the improved economic and security outlook. This is called ‘minor improvement, and these improvements are made to meet the consumers’ expectations, their feedback is received and implement to make them feel connected with the company. Facelift is where the vehicle gets an updated body design as well.

PakWheels own analysis indicates that the changes are in anticipation of the new Honda Civic. It takes seven billion rupees worth of investment to introduce a new model of Corolla in Pakistan, and it is estimated that Honda has already invested about 85 percent of whatever the amount they needed to invest in total to bring the Honda Civic 2016 here in Pakistan.

Honda Civic and Corolla are perhaps one of the oldest competitors in global automotive history and one without the other will make the car market look dull. The new Honda Civic has already claimed a lot of deposits internationally, and Toyota is also stepping up their game to ensure Corolla is ready to take on the new Civic for when it comes.

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  1. Geekpk says

    Looks like Xli would be only varient without immobilizer cuz no price change in it.

  2. Abdul Basith says

    any updates regarding civic’s launch date?

  3. Abdullah says

    Immobilizer is a very good addition…….it should be introduced in xli too………these changes would not affect the sales of new Honda Civic when it is launched…………Honda Civic has become the most popular car in the world and Toyota is no way near it…..the design and features of Honda Civic is awesome….

  4. Abdur Razzak says

    Seems like @ Babar bhai is more inclined towards toyota after they gave him a FREE CHOLISTAN rally PARTY…….lol…… article…”Toyota Indus Motor Begin Their Motorsports Journey(with Babar) In Pakistan With The 2016 Cholistan Rally”…..

  5. Ashraf says

    i hope they give the XLI and GLI a ENGINE UPGRADE and increase its fuel efficiency too which is terrible (i am getting 8km/litre within Karachi and 12km/litre) on highway……body is way too heavy…..

  6. Naeem says

    we need a ENGINE upgrade of XLI and GLI………Indus is selling very old engines…..

  7. Baber says

    Razzak bhai, ek simple report publish ki hay. Logo ki bhalayi k liye. How can you call me inclined towards Toyota? Call Toyota up and try to get this verified, they will deny. Even Toyota dealers do not all the information I have shared above. I am the only person who has made a stand against these people and in the process, made a lot of them angry by not being controlled in any way.

    Even in the Cholistan article, I did not praise the car or anything, in fact, I called their Corolla an ‘ecobox’…very disappointed in how you have jumped to conclusion. Do you know that test drives and reviews of cars that you read in global press are all fully sponsored by the car makers? They fly the journalists to the city where the press vehicles are arranged. We’re working to bring automotive journalism here and you are not being helpful.

  8. usama says

    Hope XLI would get power windows and ABS in these “minor improvements”

  9. Abdur Razzak says

    @ Babar Bro i am sorry……ur doing a great job……keep it up…..i think i was a bit jealous of u enjoying the free ride in Cholistan….lol

  10. Osama Saif says

    at this price growth rate a day is near when XLI cost more then 2.0 Million Rupees.

  11. Baber says

    They have said that such free ride events are also going to be arranged in larger cities. 🙂

  12. Adeel Tariq says

    Baber sahab will the new features be available in all Corollas delivered after May, or only those that are BOOKED after May?

  13. Haseeb Basharat says

    Please confirm the source of this information as I’m going to book grande.

  14. Baber says

    The price increase is from May 1st, so cars booked on the new prices will only be getting the new stuff. Features on Gli and XLi are not confirmed yet, may be some dealer opens up to you on what these two are getting but the dealer I knew, he knew wrong.

  15. Baber says

    Just go to the dealer to book your Grande. A few dealers we talked with didn’t know the entire features list but they’ll tell you enough to make you believe.

    The reason we will never compromise on our source is because companies fire the employees then, so sorry but we have never been wrong. Our sources are direct.

  16. Baber says

    Remember what Cultus Limited Edition got for 90K rupees, in comparison, Grande is a lot more valuable stuff for 60K.

  17. Adeel Tariq says

    Alright, thanks!

  18. deltree says

    I am still having a hard time swallowing the fact that the imobilizer and the retractable mirrors were not standard on the grande to begin with. I believe honda civics the vti’s probably saw the imobilizer and retractable mirror well in the beginning of the last decade and these guys are following up now 😮

  19. ch g says

    well whats wrong if they are providing now ? you people are so dumb, when it was not present you were not happy, now they are giving, even then you have a problem.. DUH!!!

  20. ch g says

    Spot on… now this explains all… @bab3r_khan:disqus accept it with dignity and tell readers that you are writing this due to free trip :D… and hell ye i am jealous as well 😀

  21. deltree says

    Nothing is wrong, I just assumed these to be standard features on any modern car that was placed as the second most expensive Pakistani assembled sedan.

  22. ch g says

    its a damn Toyota article…

  23. ch g says

    i agree, but pakistani market is never consumer / customer friendly, keep that in mind always. our pakistan is made to make rich more rich and poor to the extent of hunger. Sigh… thats reallity of pakistan

  24. deltree says

    We could become consumer friendly if the rich decide to just buy the imported cars. For example my 2006 JDM lancer comes EBD, ABS, Immobilizer, Retractable mirrors. We own the corolla earlier than the current model 1600cc wali and even it doesn’t have any of these features except ABS, even ebd is missing in that I believe. At less than 60k km’s it’s front and rear shocks on the left side are 100% dead. Mine has 180k of mileage and still has it’s still original shocks working, weaker but not completely dead like in the corolla. So you can imagine my feelings towards a corolla.

  25. Ahsan says

    Can the new features be installed in the Old Grande bought in 2016 ? Any idea

  26. Abdullah says

    They should launch the new improved cars without any price increase just like Honda did while launching the Honda City Facelift in Oct 2014 …..”So much more for nothing more”…….this would surely wipe out Honda City and Civic……heed to my advice Indus Toyota……just decrease your profits and in return you would completely wipe out a competitor like HONDA from Pakistani market…

  27. Abdul Basith says

    oh sorry i didnt know it was forbidden to discuss honda at all!

  28. Madiha says

    Are these features available in Altis AT 1.6

  29. Guest says

    You have now divulged that the source is (one or more) employee(s) of (any) company/companies.

    A good idea is to ask anybody who challenges your information to confront you in court. Newspapers face it all the time, people ask for their source and the newspaper requests them to file a writ for libel or defamation in the court. When the source is divulged in the court, it is because of the authority vested in his/her honour the respectable judge. It gets really authentic and the source can also file in the court to protect them from any harm.

  30. TWINCAM14 says

    The Corolla range starts from 1.6m and above. They should come with a damn immobilizer and airbags anyways. Now Indus is going to charge ppl more for the most basic of features that are standard all across the globe. We keep buying their shit and they keep charging us. Lanat hay. So they got customer feed back and decided to install these now…thats BS.

  31. ch g says

    its like asking india what is happening in pakistan…. leni hay nai kaka tu.. avin drama.

  32. X Auto says

    “The electric immobilizer/alarm system was invented by St. George Evans and Edward Birkenbuel and patented in 1919” (Wikipedia)…. and we are getting it in 2016 after 97 years of it’s invention… good work Toyota !

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