Honda Civic 2016 Will Be Launched In Pakistan In December 2016

2016 Honda Civic

Up until now, it was believed that the new Honda Civic 2016 car will be launched in the month of September of this year like it has been for previous generations of Honda Civic. But then there were rumors that Honda Atlas might move the launch to the end of 2016 or the start of 2017. And now, according to latest reports, Honda Atlas has decided to delay the launch of the new car by December 2016.

The delay can be attributed to the launch of Honda HR-V that was launched just a couple of months back in January. Maybe the company is focusing its full energy to market its new mini-SUV. But for now, there is no confirmed statement from Honda Atlas about why the delay has been proposed.

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The sales of brand new ninth generation Honda Civic had already lessened. But even in the used car market, the sale and purchase of 2014-15 Honda Civic has reduced due to the expected launch of the new model. Those who were interested in new or a year old Civic have halted their purchase in the anticipation of the new model. On the other hand, Toyota Indus Motors is also bringing several upgrades to their already quite successful Corolla sedan.

The Philippines is the first Asian country to receive the 2016 Honda Civic. The car has been launched with a naturally aspirated 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine (most probably a variation of the current R18 engine), and the new 174 bhp 1.5-liter turbocharged engine. There have been several arguments going around about the possibility of no turbocharged Civic in Pakistan. What Honda Atlas decides, is yet to be seen. Also, it will be interesting to see the impact of delay on the current sales of Honda Civic and its demand in the used car market.

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  • Sherry

    Honda atlas will not be coming up with the turbo engine. 1st the OMC’s aren’t able to provide the right fuel atm for a turbo engine. 2ndly Pakistani consumers will be happy with anything to be honest, we have been buying the mehran model which dates back to 1980’s.

  • Abdullah

    Who cares about the engine in Pakistan…..BODY ACHI HOO BASS…….u can put a mehran engine in a civic and sell in Pakistan………

  • Osama Saif

    Hope Honda Atlas lunch 6th generation city as well.

  • who cares about body in Pakistan? You can sale Merhan in Pakistan 😀 😀 😀

  • Jaipal Metai

    First of all they have made a blunder by still not releasing their new model which is the most awaited model in Pakistan hearing to the raging reviews. Plus they have just wasted one whole year just to cater the market towards the Hrv models. Their shouldnt be further delay to the new model as it has a brighter side to it and corrolla has been catching hold of the market pretty well.

  • Usman Ansari

    An ‘end of year’ launch doesn’t make sense to me. Most likely they will Launch it in early January or February considering the Honda Atlas past.
    6th gen Civic was launched in Jan 96
    City SX8 was launched in Jan 97
    6th gen Civic face-lift was launched in Jan 99
    City SX8 face-lift (PGM-Fi) was launched in Jan 2000
    7th gen Civic was launched in March 2001
    City iDSI was launched in August 2003
    City iDSI face-lift was again launched in Jan 2006
    8th gen Civic was launched in July 2006
    Current shape City was launched in Jan 2009
    Current Civic was launched in Sep 2012
    launch of HRV was again in Jan 2016

    majority of Honda vehicles in Pakistan have been launched in January apart from a couple of occasions when there was a mid-year launch. So perhaps a Jan 2017 launch makes more sense.

  • No my friend, it makes a lot of difference… waisay bhi new Civic main Earth Dreams 1.5 Engine hoga, Turbo to mushkil hai Pakistan main… khair, let’s see !

  • I doubt the LED Headlights and Touring trim options will also be available here… We’ll get a cut down version just a copy with lower quality, safety and options… 🙁 stil the price will be high !

  • Muhammad Khurshid Anwar

    lolz, that was a good one.

  • Muhammad Khurshid Anwar

    LED lights, touring TRIM, TPMS, 450 watts sound system, blind spot, intelligent cruise etc won’t be offered. it is not going to happen unless our ministry of industries wakes up and push the local manufacturers to keep up with rest of the world! I don’t think they will offer 17″ alloy wheels as well.

  • AAde Malik

    I talked to someone from them
    they said they will launch 1.5L turbo too in Pakistan (not sure in December but after that)
    but price will be different…..

  • Abdullah

    i wonder would they increase the ride height while launching the car in Pakistan??????????….Honda cars have very less road clearance and that need to be increased……even in pakistani cities people build speed breakers commonly known as “car breakers” where the Honda cars keep hitting from the underside….

  • Hashim Zuberi

    Any news about the new City?

  • Saqib Raza

    Launched in Thailand! Pakistan in June.

  • Muizz

    can’t wait to see it on our roads

  • Xubair Adeel

    Yar different blogs me confuse kar DEA he civic 2016 k bare main koi lagta he k same USA our Canada wala model ae ga Pakistan main our koi lagta he k nae ae ga
    Yar agar kisi k pass kuch cnfrm info he to plz rpl me

  • Xubair Adeel

    Any new update about upcoming civic?

  • Xubair Adeel

    Kab tak Pakistan main launch ho raha he

  • mani9999

    Here are some points to ponder:

    1. Honda is already recalling its all-new engine

    Turbo is a first timer in pakistan, it requires super clean air and a
    specific RON no fuel. we have neither. Will the honda warranty cover it
    if my turbo sucks up the dust etc that is usually around construction of
    metro bus etc. and burns up? not likely.

    3. Am I going to find good fuel without any mixing or adulteration?… not every time. this engine needs good fuel.

    Turbo spins at a very high rpm. it needs good oil to support that. all
    we have in pakistan is cleaned refurbished motor oil. nothing genuine
    even at dealerships. add to that the extreme ambient temperature, and
    that oil around the turbo is going to become water-like substance. turbo
    isnt going to last much.

    5. New technology , only Honda Stealership can handle? they are going to rip us off big time.

    1.5 litre has lower taxes for import, and honda sales people are
    already softening us up for 2.7m price tag down here in the comments
    section. not good.!

    7. Am i going to gamble that much cash on a
    car that has new tech/unsupportive environment here? no. I will wait
    and watch a few months while people do the real world test with their
    own money and provide feedback so I may make an informed decesion.