Japan Launches India-Made Suzuki Baleno With Two Engine Options

Suzuki Baleno

It was reported last time that India will be exporting the new Suzuki Baleno to around 100 counties, including the homeland of Suzuki itself, Japan. And now Suzuki has recently launched India-made Suzuki Baleno in Japan.

The new car has been put up for sale with two engine variants, a 1.25-liter K-Series DualJet petrol engine and a newly-developed BoosterJet 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. The 1.25-liter K-Series DualJet will be sold in Suzuki Baleno XG variant. Baleno XG comes equipped with a CVT gearbox. The car is rated at 90 bhp and 118 Nm of torque and reportedly returns a fuel average of 24.6 km/l in the Japanese JC08 driving cycle. Japanese Baleno XG is also loaded with features like ESP, hill hold and Radar-based autonomous braking system.

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Whereas the turbocharged engine, mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, will be available in Suzuki Baleno XT. The turbocharged engine is rated at 109 bhp and 160 Nm of torque, and you can have it with paddle shifters as well. The car is reported to cover 20 kilometers in a liter in the Japanese JC08 driving cycle. XT being the top of the line, has extra features lie 16” alloy wheels, leather upholstery, and also cruise control.

Pak Suzuki will be launching, at least, two new models in next five years. The company had quite a successful run with its flagship cars in Pakistan, the Suzuki Margalla and then Suzuki Baleno. The Liana couldn’t make an impact as its predecessors. It will be interesting to see if Pak Suzuki decides to bring this highly successful new Baleno to Pakistan. And if they do, will it be imported in semi-knocked down units or as fully assembled cars. But until then, let’s hope we get our auto policy soon so that we could clearly understand the path our auto sector will take as a whole.

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  • Ganja Shareef

    Japan launched Pakistan-Made Suzuki Mehran with Ac and Non-Ac options. ha ha ha ha…. Pak Suzuki and Auto policy can never be improved. … if you love new cars , buy a house in Quetta and smuggle this car…..

  • Kashif Akbar

    Yes sir. you are right. Our beloved Govt. takes 3 years in making an auto Policy. commissions, commissions, commissions. Nothing else in the vains of our rulers. its a shame to have 7 lac of rupees to waste a junkyard called Mehran. i ask why mr. prime minister do not use mehran as his official car to show people that its a sign of our national image. just a shame. no one could have thought that a car made in india can be selling in japan. but we can think that mehran will be the car for us in 2025. JUST GET UP AGAINST THIS HUMILIATION. pakistan has also become a junk yard of used cars coming from all the world and we are paying million for a 75000 kms done car. shame on the industries ministry from 210 million people.

  • Usman

    New civic has launched in thailand! Atlas follows honda thailand so let’s hope for good news coming soon..

  • وجاہت علی

    good specs.. now most of u ppl will probably say “WHEN IT WILL COME IN PAK” or bla bla bla.. so if by any means it accidently came in pakistan those ppl will say nai yaar mehran e theel h.. so stick to mehran!!

  • Shurjil Butt

    Baleno’s interior is a total copy of Hyndai’s Elantra. However, comparing that with our horse poop Suzuki cars, this baleno is a GEM indeed. Now coming back from dream to Shitland, even if this car gets announced in Pakistan, following things will happen:

    a. It will have the stupid 1.3L engine with pathetic mileage.
    b. It will be at least 15 Lac. hence people will put in a lac or so more and opt for Honda City.
    c. It will lack all features which these days are considered basic human rights while traveling 🙂 e/g.Audio controls in steering, ABS, Air bags, Immobilizer to name a few.

    d. It will be announced to arrive in 2019 when the Baleno in India will be having a makeover.

    We as Pakiz are doomed when it comes to a consumer enjoying good solid value for money cars considering the vehicle standards these days,… We have been fed with big 3’s crap all life hence this will continue … so lets stop day dreaming and wash our Mehrans now,, shall we?

  • Suhail

    The day is not far when made in pakistan will be bought in Afghanistan.

  • Atif

    Hi Jawad,

    Problem is this vehicle is modern and Paksuzuki only dumps globally obsolete cars with zero safety features in Pakistan. Even their top of the line 50 lakh rupee Kizashi has been launched in Pakistan after its discontinuation all over the world…
    I can’t expect anything good from this Japanese company until and unless I see it.

    From the historical record, they launch outdated, ancient technology cars in Pak