PakWheels CarSure v Other Car Certification Services – A Brief Comparison

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There are currently two car certification services available in Pakistan, first is Certified Cars program by local car manufacturing companies, and the second one is CarSure by PakWheels. Many people ask that when carmakers are doing the certification for their cars, why hire another service to do so? There are several reasons why PakWheels CarSure is better than other services, but we will be discussing few of the points below:

Completely Independent Inspection

Like any other company, our carmakers also believe their cars are better than other vehicles. No matter how tired are you with your Suzuki Mehran, the company is going to say their car is the best. And this is not only about new cars, but same is also the case with older models. They want their used cars to be sold at a good price in the market, keeping the overall price of the brand higher in the used car market. And this can lead to new customer buying an otherwise bad car and spending money to fix the car from same dealerships.

On the other hand, PakWheels CarSure provides completely independent and unbiased inspection services. Since PakWheels is not affiliated with any carmaker, there is no chance of us being biased. If you are a buyer, a seller or getting the inspection done before scheduled maintenance, PakWheels CarSure expert mechanics will provide you a detailed report regarding your vehicle. Our team goes through comprehensive 194 points check sheet to check key aspects of the vehicle. Our advanced online system then issues a grade to the car. The grade depends on the individual condition of the car and had nothing to do with the type or company of the car.


Like a used car, but not sure if its condition is good enough? Click here to get the car certified!

Certification Right At Your Doorsteps

If you are getting your car certified from a car company, you will have to take your vehicle to designated workshops or stations for certification. Not only will you have to be physically there at the workshop with your car and that can be time-consuming, but it can also be heavy on pocket as well. But on the other hand, PakWheels CarSure team will certify your vehicle at your doorsteps. In the cities of Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi, you can get your car certified in the business hours of 11 AM to 7 PM at just one phone call. In only 30 to 45 minutes, you will get your car’s report. The report then goes online in next 24 hours.


Coverage Of All Car Brands

The car companies that are providing similar certification services only entertain cars from their brands, and not other brands. And if there is no certification center in your close vicinity, getting the car verified can be an issue. And that is why PakWheels certify all sorts and types of vehicles, without any biases or favoritism. Either its used Toyota Corolla, Suzuki Mehran or Honda City, our team will certify your car for you. As mentioned above, the reports go online in 24 hours, so you potential buyers can view the report online wherever they are.


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Fair Inspection Of Used Cars

It has been seen that if you take your car at some other certification service provider, you will have to drop your car in their hands. Those companies claim that they have certified your vehicle after careful inspection by their expert mechanics after fixing whatever was wrong with the car. But if you ask them about the maintenance and inspection, they don’t have a solid answer. Something similar had happened to one of our bloggers when he gave his 1300 KMS Driven Suzuki Mehran for its first service at the authorized workshop. The car was kept at the workshop for 7 hours, and it was told that several issues have been resolved, but when he inquired about those issues, the officials at the workshop couldn’t come up with a satisfactory answer. And top it all, even after 7 hours, the car came out with misaligned steering wheel.

For the satisfaction of our customers, PakWheels certify cars in front of their owners. And the owner is notified of any issue, or a fixable problem right there. Not only CarSure mechanics are an expert in their fields, but they also understand the latest advancements in car technologies. And that is why customers feel relaxed and trust PakWheels CarSure program.


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  1. mohtshim says

    what are the charges and contact number ?

  2. Abdullah says

    How much does it cost to certify a car from Pak wheels in Islamabad???

  3. Salman Qureshi says

    Cost is 2000 Rs. per checkup i believe. But this is a blessing for people with no contacts ..!

  4. Sultan Ahmed says

    Frankly speaking, this article is so biased itself with no research work. Some of the points are: CarSURE does not provide any warranty, or after sales. It is just a certification or rather an inspection of your car. Other certification services provides warranty of minimum 6 months with free check ups / after sales, the cars are refurbished with ready to drive oil changes. Other services do not offer inspection / certification for sale, they are selling their own stock with complete peace of mind and sometimes even service history, guarantee of no accidents, meter tempering. It’s always better to buy a product from an authorized OEMs with complete backup of even used cars….why would somebody get their car inspected from Pakwheels and pay for the report when same inspection is done freely at OEM outlets????????

  5. Ahmer Shamim says

    “On Spot Inspections” is another company giving home service in Islamabad/Rwp .They are very professional and offer pretty good service in Rs 1800 and give you a fair overall report on a car whether you are buying or selling one.Its helpful in many ways i.e you actually know the original market value and real condition of electronics,true mileage,suspension ,especially when you are buying one ,On Spot Inspections is the deciding factor

  6. Waqas says

    My name is waqas
    Yesterday i was checked my car from your company concern person but today my car discover some issues so please contact me

  7. munib says

    Dude, PWCS is simply a “report” on condition of a particular car. Why they should provide warranty sharanty etc. ?

    PWCS is for all those who want a neutral opinion.

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