2016 Suzuki Ignis Hybrid Owner’s Review

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Before beginning the hunt for my next vehicle, I finalized the maximum amount I wanted to spend and the range bracket came out to be 1.8-2.2 million PKR. My certain prerequisites were; it had to be JDM, it had to be 2014 or higher model with no more than 10k on odometer and it had to be Grade 5A or better condition vehicle. After a detailed workup, I shortlisted the following options:

  1. Toyota Aqua 2014
  2. Honda Fit GP5 2013
  3. Suzuki Ignis 2016
  4. Suzuki Swift JDM 1.2L 2014
  5. Toyota Vitz 1.3L 2014
  6. Toyota Auris 2014 1.2 L
  7. Mitsubishi Mirage 1.2L 2016
  8. Mazda Demio 1.3L 2014

Making the right call wasn’t easy. Toyota Aqua and Honda Fit are full size hatchbacks and are among best seller hybrids but main deterrents for me were older manufacturing and below average ground clearance for sub-urban drives with passengers on board. Swift, Vitz & Mirage are more compact hatchbacks with duty structure on above 1.0L gasoline vehicles not making them value for money in my opinion. Mazda Demio 1.3L 2014 I really liked but Mazda’s presence here is almost non-existent. Suzuki Ignis Hybrid was a recent launch in Japan (Feb, 2016) and caught my eye last year in Tokyo Motor Show. So in reality, it was going to be judgment call and to many, a risk. But after careful workup, my mind and heart were set upon 2016 Suzuki Ignis Hybrid. More than anything else, I guess zero meter hybrid crossover availability in this price bracket with modern tech was the deciding factor for me in the end.


Suzuki Japan jumped on the environment friendly bandwagon in 2012 with the introduction of “Suzuki Green Technology” in their selected vehicles. Ene-Charge, Ene-Cool, S-Ene Charge, TECT body structure (more tensile strength but lighter in weight) & Idling Stop encompassed these technologies. The aim was to make environment friendly cars that are enjoyable at the same time.

2013 became the debut year for Suzuki’s latest Engine series “Dual Jet” which utilizes 2 injectors per cylinder resulting in higher thermal efficiency. In 2015, Suzuki decided to upgrade their micro/semi hybrid tech to mild hybrid form with the launch of SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki). In Japan, it was introduced in Suzuki Solio/Solio Bandit and in India it was introduced in Suzuki Ciaz, Ertiga followed by Baleno.

Suzuki Ignis was presented as a concept in Tokyo and Geneva Motor shows in 2015. On Feb 18, 2016 its sales started in Japan and the vehicle was given the latest SHVS and 1242cc Dual Jet engine.

Suzuki Ignis Hybrid 2016 (2)

Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki Japan is categorized into mild hybrid system category (for reference Honda’s previous IMA in Insight, Civic and last generation Fit are most familiar examples of mild hybrid system).This system differs from Full hybrids in the sense that the vehicle is unable to run on EV mode alone, primarily there is Motor assist (in engine restart as well as acceleration), Regenerative Braking and Idle Stop functionalities achieved with the help of a separate Li-Ion Battery. Motor assist in Ignis is achieved by a modern Integrated Starter Generator (Motor) which adds 50 N-m torque and 3Bhp (can assist engine up to 100kmph and for a maximum duration of 30sec before recharge). For details please see the video below:

Now thankfully, after having owned and driven 2016 Suzuki Ignis in various conditions for almost a week, here are my detailed personal impressions about this car for all who are or might get interested.



Crossover category has recently started seeing sub divisions; Sub-Compact crossovers. The recent worldwide success of Crossovers has been a testament to the acceptance of this design category. Sub-compact crossovers are categorized on vehicle length; these are less than 4m in length as compared to the compact crossovers which are over 4m in length. If we compare the dimensions with Honda Vezel Hybrid, Ignis is 2m shorter in length but has almost the same height, width and ground clearance as that of Vezel Hybrid.


Call it funky or flippin’ ugly depends upon subjective perception, but one can’t argue with the bold approach taken by Suzuki to stand out in a crowd. Fusion of modern and retro is evident. The front is beautiful. Chrome lined grill, Exhaust shaped vents at the outskirts of bonnet to give it a sporty look, Fog lamps, LED headlights (only in MZ trim), SUV styled fenders, every inch of designing detail has thought put into it and it shows. The back certainly is inspired by SUV’s with LED stop lamps. Fender arches on the rear fenders give a beautiful aggressive look to the exterior. Most of all, as a package, the road presence is there. 16 inch black alloys which come as standard complement the package aesthetically. To say this is one of the best designs Suzuki has come up with in recent years, won’t be an overstatement but of course is completely subjective.


Parallel rear view from a distance is a letdown to me personally with the roof narrowing too much at the top for my liking. LED headlamps are only being offered in top trim (MZ) and should’ve been standard in at least 2 out of the 3 trims available. Also, full LED back lights like the concept should’ve made their way to production model.



The moment you open Ignis’s door and step in, you can’t help but feel that you’re witnessing a truly refreshing and modern interior room. Dual color tone is standard in top 2 trims. The steering is well designed and very comfortable in daily driving. The climate control panel is a piece of art that resembles a jet cockpit panel. The self-illuminated meter, I-MID and gear lever all beautifully designed. I-MID functionalities are great. Quality of seat fabrics, interior build materials and their finish is top notch for its category. Leg space and overall cabin space is good for its size and although 3 average adults can squeeze easily on the back but in all practicality it is a 4 seater. Magic seat system comes in real handy when one wants even more space for cargo or leg room. Trunk space is more than decent to carry 4 passengers’ luggage on the go. All in all, Ignis’s interior design fuses together the personal feel of a coupe and the comfort of a minivan at a high level.


The piano finish around the gear console and In-Car-Entertainment screen is a bit prone to micro scratches and swirls so use and clean with care. Also, like Vezel, rear center seat is not the most comfortable in long drives for the fifth passenger.

Suzuki Ignis Hybrid 2016 (29)


Suzuki Ignis Hybrid is equipped with a 1242cc DOHC Intake and Exhaust VVT Engine, Suzuki’s Dual Jet Technology coupled with Suzuki’s SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle System). It has Continuously Variable Transmission with 7-speed paddle shifter option in MZ trim. Mileage figures for MX, MZ trim are rated at 28.0 kmpl as per Japan testing cycle, and personally I am getting 18-24 kmpl with ac in Lahore with ease depending upon how I drive. Total Horsepower with motor assist is 92 Bhp. Few people may be wary of the fact that Ignis could be underpowered, but what we must also take into account is that it only weighs 880 kg (almost 120kg lighter than Suzuki Swift, thanks to the new TECT platform) and therefore you get great weight to power ratio, with 0-100 kmph time of 10.8 seconds. (For reference, 1.8L PKDM Civic prosmetic 9th Gen does 0-100 kmph in 10 seconds). Top speed is 188 km/hr.


This is arguably, the most important aspect in a driving machine. It could be beautiful and have all the perks, but if it doesn’t drive well, then that’s a serious drawback. Fortunately, for Suzuki Japan, Ignis passes the drive test with flying colors. Right from standstill, it is smooth as silk in drive and acceleration. Engine sound is almost non-existent at lower RPM and even in throttle very pleasing mild roar is there. Extremely quiet engine restarts after idling (due to Integrated Starter Generator) makes the whole drive experience absolutely sublime. Motor assist surprises you with the added torque. Switch to “Sports Drive Mode” and it’s really nimble and swift and comparable to 1.5L gasoline counterparts. Road grip and handling around corners has nothing to complain about, in fact surprisingly good for a sub-compact crossover. Traction control is there but personally I found the drive and handling to be better with it turned off as there was occasional under steer with default mode traction on. High speed stability is comparable to heavier vehicles and ring road test run in Lahore was a joy to experience. It has a very quiet cabin due to excellent sound proofing, again a hallmark of modern JDM’s. At 120kmph, I couldn’t hear any road or outside noise. Suspension feels ideally tuned for the design it has, though it is softer than Vezel yet slightly stiffer than hatchbacks and sedans which is understandable for its design category. The sleek beams on driver’s sides are very well placed and limit the issue of blind spots very efficiently. Rear view visibility is excellent. Anti-Lock Brakes with EBD do their job as they should and make you feel completely in control of the machine. Air con performance is powerful. Safety Package is available as a manufacturer option for all the trims (for extra PKR 150k) and includes extra Airbags, Lane departure warning, City collision assist, Park assist, Dual camera brake support, Emergency stop signal, False start suppression function, the preceding vehicle start notification system and Stagger alarm function.


Steering could’ve been a touch shorter in diameter. Paddle shifts should’ve been standard in all trims. There is occasional under steer with traction on.

Suzuki Ignis Hybrid 2016 (14)

Standout Handy Modern Features

  • Safety package (Details above: under Drive section)
  • Vehicle Stability Assist (Traction Control )
  • Adjustable Head Lamps(MG,MX), LED Auto Head Lamps(MZ)
  • Push start, Airbags, Climate Control, Multimedia Steering, Cruise Control(MZ)
  • 5:5 split retractable rear seat with slide and reclining mechanism (Magic seats)
  • Suzuki Smart Keyless Entry System with Immobilizer
  • Hill Hold Control
  • Hill Decent Assist and Grip Control for off road safety (AWD only)
  • Front seat belt shoulder adjuster
  • Suzuki Eco-Cool tech (keeps ac fan air cooler on idling stop)
  • Rear heater duct
  • Heated driver’s seat (passenger heated as well in AWD)
  • Heat absorbing and UV cut function glass

Suzuki Ignis Hybrid 2016 safety


The all new 2016 Suzuki Ignis Hybrid is probably Suzuki’s boldest effort in some time. Its modern styling makes it evenly attractive to younger generation and its practicality will more than satisfy family people looking for a comfortable daily ride. With ground clearance comparable to Crossovers like Vezel, Ignis can be taken to rural or northern areas with confidence as well if so desired. An access not only to comfy economical urban drives but also to off roading in this price bracket surely has to be appreciated. Availability of spares, as with most foreign vehicles will always be a point of concern but this is the trade for quality and safety one makes. With the JDM options at our disposal in this price range, Ignis Hybrid is surely a welcome addition and a complete standout. Next year with costing falling under 2 million PKR for slightly used Ignis Hybrid, it could make an even better value for money and also since no Hybrid Sub-Compact Crossover competitor is presently faced by her.

Overall 8.5/10

(2016 Suzuki Ignis is available in 3 trims; Hybrid MG, Hybrid MX and Hybrid MZ with option of AWD as well)

(Self-Import Costing estimates for zero meter Ignis Hybrid 2016 as per current yen/dollar Aug 2016;  MG: Approx. PKR 19-20 lac, MX: Approx. PKR 20-22 lac, MZ: Approx. PKR 22-24 lac) (Pearl white & Titanium Silver Metallic the most expensive colors)

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  1. Zuhaib Khan says

    Now that`s a refreshing review. No half page essay`s on what could, should or would be. Info that`s a refreshing surprise to read and not what I already knew. Thank you doctor for enhancing my knowledge to an option that seems worthy of attention. I think this model should gain traction over the next few months. On paper it has nothing to loose. If only Pak Suzuki had half the brain to launch this in comparable price I might add (and not get greedy in marking it over 2.5 million!)

  2. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thank you so much for the kind words. Yup I agree, coming months with sub 2 million costing, its got all the value for money one needs and very practical.

  3. Aqeel Zia Nayyer says

    suzuki hybrid! Never!

    front of this car is really so aggressive and beautiful but i guess they have spend so much time designing the front that they forgot that a back design is also needed. so hurriedly, they googled and come up with the pictures of Revo. and old old charade made some changes and here you go.

  4. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    If only their technical staff used tactics like ours :p respect your opinion bro, in fact I myself have mentioned in my review that I’m not sold completely on that as well but to say that Japanese overlook things so casually would be lil harsh 🙂

  5. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    I Knew it, if anyone would import this car it would be the Legendary Dr. Zac !!!! i envy you so much Doc i envy you so much !!!! I haven’t read the review yet but i envy you !!!

  6. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    When i was thinking about this car, the biggest let down was the engine to be 1242cc missing that 1200 cc range on the hybrid duty by the slightest margin .. Can you do a cost breakdown ?

  7. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    First of all, thank you so much for the kind words. Jazak Allah. Bro trust me if this car was under 1200cc two things would’ve happened. One, either it wouldn’t have been declared as hybrid by customs or two, our policy would’ve been revised :p Costing approximates for zero meter self import i’ve mentioned in the review.

  8. Billal says

    Salam u forgot to mention one more car that is Suzuki baleno 1000cc Japan 2016 same price as vitz but much more elegant and with good ground clearance

  9. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Wasalam brother. Nope didn’t forget Baleno 🙂 Its Made in India and exported to Japan for sales. Its definitely bigger and may even be better than 1.0L JDM hatchback competitors but price right now is very high (higher than zero meter vitz even) and secondly ground clearance is much lower than Vitz & MIrage ( Max @ 120mm ). Nonetheless, Baleno might be an interesting option next year if costing goes down 🙂

  10. Aqeel Zia Nayyer says

    yea i know that can be but design really looks like this. that could be the best hatchback if they have designed it slightly curvy like the front. those lines are way too much bold. those sort of lines suits on G-63 or defender but not such a lil hatchback

  11. Guest says

    Fuel consumption figure of 18-24 kmpl is questionable. For one there is a big difference between 18 and 24. And how can someone come up with a fuel consumption figure within one week of purchase? How many km has it been driven in one week? 200 km? 1000 km? That’s not enough. Please drive at least 50,000 km, record each and every tankful using copy pencil, not the car’s computer which is usually wildly off , use the car everywhere, in all conditions of tuning and all conditions of load, and then come up with a figure of fuel consumption which would have only one number.

  12. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Salam. Jazak Allah for sharing your views brother. Fuel consumption average will always be a range rather than a single number since various factors will influence it every time ( terrain, car maintenance and condition, driving habits ) hence I gave a range. If you have a “heavy foot” per se and traffic is usually cramped and stop and go in your daily route, then it might drop to 14-15 kmpl even but comparative non hybrids may drop to below 10 kmpl in same conditions which usually would be higher. The main point I wanted to communicate was the Hybrid and lighter chassis edge that will always be there.
    Secondly, in my experience of last 5 years using various JDM’s, I have found the computer average readings to be 95% or more accurate.

  13. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Bro, Baleno’s ground clearance is 170mm. Checked the official website just now.

  14. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Yes brother I just checked again. Indian specs rated @170 mm it is excellent, unfortunately, Europe and Japan Specs show @120 mm, I don’t know the exact reasons for this. Also, as per our current duty structure, costing at the moment above 2.1 million PKR for a zero meter 1.0L booster jet variant. Hopefully next year, it becomes an excellent option in budget

  15. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    5 to 6 fuel tanks are enough for a person to calculate how much fuel a car will consume under his usual driving. most people here change their rides at 50,000 km. and I’ve found car’s computer to be accurate generally usually the difference is in points but that is understandable as some of the fuel is wasted during fill up, pressure relief, fuel return systems when car is parked in different temperatures, the key is to reset it once you get the car for the first time, then never reset it again as some people do to showoff that their 1.8 litre car can do 18KM/l which isn’t sustainable over longterm.

  16. Ali says

    Agreed with both usman and zeeshan. 5-6 fuel tanks give you a good idea of the “range” of fuel consumption number. there is “never” a single number. Please do tell what is the argument behind single number fuel consumption “average” ? And I have been driving my JDM wagonr for over a year with calculating the fuel avg manually on paper every time and yes that is almost same as given in meter by computer atmost the difference is withing 1 to 1.5 km/l .

  17. Ali says

    Absolutely loved the review and also the fact that you are not the ones to follow the resale bee-line 🙂 I really love the look . The interior is good but I would say little bit ‘old-ish’ school but thats subjective.

    I see you went to ahmed yar for detailing 🙂 did you get the glass coating too ?

  18. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Jazak Allah for the kind words. Yes although resale and easy spares availability is important but AlhamdoLillah never preferred them over quality and value for money and In Shaa Allah never will 🙂
    She’s no doubt a pocket dynamite that’s what ive come to call her after a couple of weeks driving :p
    Yup went to LuxeAutoSpa to Ahmad Bhai and limpid glass coating also done

  19. Andrew Palmyre says

    I noticed that the car laguage in in Japanesse… Is the system inerface language changeable? Especially that of the main console…

  20. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    All JDM’s have non- changeable language in main cluster and navigation systems and I’m afraid cant be changed.

  21. Andrew Palmyre says

    Thanks Zeeshan… What if the whole console was changed to an english system, say Pioneer… Do you think it would affect major features or functions of the car?

  22. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    That can be done for in car entertainment system with no issues but car cluster language in odo will remain the same

  23. Awais Yousaf says

    One thing to be corrected is that Ignis is not 2m shorter in length than the Vezel infact it is 595mm shorter which is 0.5m. Secondly its width is 1660mm compared to 1770mm that of Vezel’s. Only thing which is similar is the ground clearance.

  24. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Jazak Allah brother for the corrections. Yes 2m was a typo 🙂 and definitely width difference is significant.

  25. Roshan Imran says

    Breaking : This car met with an accident and this car owner Dr Zeeshan Ashraf died at the moment
    This is a very sad news ? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/22280abffcb8fee24dec462d5d6d4e4b424ef7db27033334665279073e21c82f.jpg

  26. Bilal Nadir says

    Assalam Alaikum Dr sahab…..The government is offering a tax rebate on hybrid vehicles. But then i found out that there is a classification of hybrid vehicles i.e. medium hybrid and full hybrid and that the tax rebate is only on full hybrids. Now i am a bit confused as to whether the suzuki SHVS hybrids are categorized in mild hybrids or full hybrids and whether they are eligible for the tax rebate. Specifically if the latest wagon R hybrids 660cc are eligible for tax rebate or not.

  27. Mansoor Ahmad says

    Ina lillahe wa ina ilaihe rajeun.
    Allah maghfirat ata farmaye.

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