Suzuki Ciaz Can Be A Real Threat To Honda City In Pakistan

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The automotive industry in Pakistan isn’t that diverse and has little to offer to its customers. The three giants have hardly had any disturbance from any other competitors, as whoever came in was washed out due to various factors; lack of after sales support, less know-how of mechanical and electrical systems, low resale value, etc. Toyota, Suzuki, and Honda, all Japanese origin do share similarities and have offerings almost alike. Suzuki (Pakistan) being more of a small cars expert, like Mehran, Cultus, and Wagon R to suit the needs of middle-class families whereas Toyota and Honda have always been in competition.

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Toyota Pakistan has competed with Honda City and Civic with its highest seller, Corolla. Though Toyota Corolla (Grande/Altis) does make sense competing with Civic, Corolla XLi/GLi doesn’t seem to go head to head with City, primarily because one car can’t perfectly compete in two different categories/classes. But it still seems to work this way in Pakistan at least. Although Suzuki has not stepped up after its not-so-popular Baleno and Liana against City and Corolla, it can still compete with Honda City if they bring their newest addition Suzuki Ciaz to Pakistani market. The all new Suzuki Ciaz looks pretty much like the New Honda City (2016-17) in shape and has decent features. It comes in two variants (petrol and diesel), with 20-28km/l fuel efficiency, 1.4L and 1.3L engine capacity, respectively. It does look pretty classy and has a great set of features to offer, at least in India.

    Suzuki-Ciaz-9 Suzuki-Ciaz-8 Suzuki-Ciaz-7

Suzuki Ciaz could also prove to be a sneaky competitor for Toyota Corolla XLi and GLi. In Pakistan, when it comes to choosing Honda City and Toyota Corolla (XLi/GLi), the decision is made primarily on the basis of personal choice, but that decision is backed by a number of factors as well. For Instance, Toyota is known for solid suspension, overall durability and generally cheaper maintenance, whereas Honda is known for better engines and features. However, Suzuki Ciaz could fit in amongst the rivals and can create better competition for its class.


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  1. MySchizoBuddy says

    If it is as good as you say then someone will import a used one from japan,

  2. jaffer says

    any news from toyota indus regarding new hilux?

  3. Rajesh Kaur says

    Nothing will happen, This is Pakistan. A land of Idiots.You people do not use your resources in Balochistan,you people and your politicians, all are corrupt , including Shareefs party and Imran’s party….You cannot beat us , beacuse your country is a perfect example of INDEPENDENCE MIS-ADVENTURE (silent message from India). Look how we are growing in our education, industry and technology, 70 percent of your people are Drug addict , your literacy rate in decreasing day by day. Your country has almost been sold to IMF.You cannot progress, but will lay down against INDIA and ISRAEEL.

  4. Lol says

    Lol you better search your own poverty rate before pointing out others. So stfu and stop barking. Change is obvious. Better you learn how to spell. You are a pure example of an indian illiterate. Now look who is talking lol

  5. prado says

    ***********but will lay down against INDIA and ISRAEEL************

    RE: this guy cant even spell straight….

  6. Qasim57 says

    “Independence misadventure”?

    Muslims voted for Congress in 1935, rather than Muslim League/Jinnah. Then Congress tried “ghar wapsi”, forcing Muslim children to recite Hindutva slogans and Hindu chants in schools. My Grand-ma remembers being told to sing “bande-matram”. Muslim children were rebellious though, used to change it to “bande mootaram”(man urinating).

    1935 was the first time we saw what Hindu rule would be like. And after that, Muslims everywhere voted for Muslim League, even in UP and provinces with tiny Muslim minorities, who had no hope of joining Pakistan.

    Baloch are patriotic people who chose to join Pakistan willingly. An Indian-funded insurgency has been CRUSHED there, and BLA leaders can’t even visit Balochistan, they can only talk talk talk in New Delhi, they have no power in Balochistan.

    India is not one nation. It has over 300+ languages, unlike China, the PM in New Delhi cannot even be understood in all of India, regardless of what language he uses. In southern regions, they didn’t even let Modi make speaches in Hindi, they told him to either speak to them in English or Tamil, but not Hindi, such is the level of hate. India is not only oppressive towards every single neighbor(from Nepal to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh to Pakistan and China), but also very oppressive towards it’s own groups. They desecrated the Sikh Golden Temple, the Muslim Babri Masjid, and numerous Churches.

    These days they’re trying to “ghar wapsi” non-Hindu groups and force Sikhs, Christians and Muslims to convert “back” to Hinduism. Just makes India very ripe for civil war. Pakistan is way too nice, Benazir Bhutto decided to help her classmate Rajeev Gandhi, and Benazir sent Aitzaz Ahsan to India to give a list of Khalistan movement leaders, and helped India overcome that. If India funds TTP terrorists who bomb schools and parks in Pakistan, Pakistan should help India feel the burn by funding Khalistan and Maoists in Chattisgarh and the “seven sister states”, not to mention the south where there is immense resentment against Indian heavy-handed oppressive measures.

    If India wants to be strong, it should treat it’s own people better. Otherwise, their frustrated people would be ideal candidates to recruit by foreign agencies.

  7. Kashif Akbar says

    Mr. Rajesh , have you forgotten how indra gandhi screwed you people in your province. you also tried to have a INDEPENDENCE MISADVENTURE, but you people could not do so despite of your full efforts. just ask your relatives who come Pakistan to panja-sb, and how they find and comment about us. atleast Mr. Kaur you must read the history of your own tribe in india. we can take care of ourselves very well. dont worry about us.,look into your own province. only a group of a few soldiers from PAK take hold of kargil in few days and your nations cries aloud about it., and its USA who saves you. come on , dont be a child , grow up and face the realities….

  8. Haroon says

    This guys looks up set.. I think his husband left him.

  9. Rehan Tariq says


    Indians are so dark even their shadow gets confused.

  10. SSG says

    @ Rajesh

    This reminds of a story. When I was in Abu Dhabi I met a Indian who complaining about how badly arabs treat them. I said dont worry the arabs mistreat Pakistanis also.

    So he quickly became happy and said really?

    I said yes, because the arabs confuse us for you indians.

  11. SS says

    Haha…take it easy guys…I am an indian..though I don’t share the same opinion as my friend here..I do think the Pakistani automotive industry is lagging behind ours…taking for here has a lineup of almost 11 different models all being updated from time to time…though I don’t know the intricate details of the policies..I think if in the future trade between the two countries will be possible for y’all to buy newer, better cars at an affordable price.

  12. Mohammad Mobeen Ashfaq says

    I love India 1st country then I love others….2nd we have our emaan and wwe r Muslim we don’t need any more things for our heaven and I m not saying u bad but in India I don’t like 2 things 1 alcohol is open in ur country 2nd sex is open in ur county like raped……….etc sorry bro u r Indian or wt ever I love India

  13. Pak Warrior says

    No future trade with India is possible till India

    1) Stops terrorism in Baluchistan & Karachi

    2) Settle the Kashmir dispute

  14. No abuse says

    Indians get abused more. Filipino and Bangladeshi too.

    But many abusers (could be Arab or non-Arab) behave well with Pakistanis because Pakistani don’t take abuse. It is nearly impossible to abuse a Pakistani in any manner without suffering retaliation. Many managers prefer Indians, Bangladeshi and Filipino because they tolerate a lot of abuse in the form of overwork, verbal abuse and even physical beatings, whereas it has been seen that they behave well with Pakistanis or even refuse to work with (because they know if they get out of control in a tantrum, Pakistani is going to stand up to them).

  15. Smokingaces says

    Please Pakwheels, I am so fed up of “this could be a real threat” and “that could be a great alternative to that car” type articles. Please give us some real news if there are going to be any new car launch in Pakistan anytime soon.

  16. Hassan says

    Fair Enough what you said, but you forgot to mention one thing about India i.e “Growing in Rape”

  17. Shahid Mehmood says

    true i agree with you, come on there are thousands of best cars in the world. they can be a threat to any car in Pakistan from Mehran to Civic. But where we are standing, this never gonna happened what so ever is posted in this regard on Pakwheels. so its Pakwheels responsibility to eliminate these posts in future.

  18. Arshad says

    Not all cars in India are of High quality. There is always a big difference between Pictures and Reality. Pakistan is producing quality…. Even our cars have no advancements, but still what is it, is quality. in 1980 Mehran was a quality and still it is ..But it is having no insulations and cosmetics. Just change interior in Mehran , and introduce it’s automatic version , ABS and power steering, Mehran will get up a huge applause for next 20 years. I have seen trend of people preferring FAW V2 over Cultus, Wagon-R and 660 cc cars.

  19. Fazal says

    But the price tag should not be more than 14 lacs. A usual middle class family can afford a car of 14 lacs in Pakistan. after savings of 3 years.

  20. Fazal says

    EAST and WEST, Pakistan is Best , India should be divided into independent countries.

  21. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Yep, that’s why cars made in India are exported to more than 100+ countries around the world!
    You keep counting how many Pak cars are used around the world other than Pak!

  22. AmmaRz says

    Gay pride

  23. Shahid Mehmood says

    Do you really think Mehran is a quality car? My friends Mehran’s speedometer got faulty just within one year. you call it quality list can be go on and on. Mehran is an overall outdated design should be changed now. the specs you told for mehran with these specs PakSuzuki will ask for 14 lacs for Mehran

  24. Ahmed says

    No it will never be a threat because this car will never be launched here haha

  25. Salik says

    Khiyali Pulao ……Very common at Pakwheels….lol

  26. Momin Fakhar says

    itni khubsurat ye garri nhi jitni khubsurat is ki price honi hai… :p

  27. Momin Fakhar says

    sadke bhai ap k aur ap ki mehran k… *faceplam*


    I am an Indian and I don’t support his views. Nor do I support views of Pak Army(your virtual govt) and ISI….. but this guy seems like a fake profile or too much of an extremist

    And no, not all Indians hate all Pakistanis..

  29. Fareed Shahid says

    This is meant to be a vehicle discussion blog and not some warzone where ppl come to make comparisons and have cheap arguements. Let this forum be what it is meant to be.

  30. waseem says

    Liana (a.k.a “Na Laina”) with new makeup!

  31. Asimzmn says

    care to elaborate “100+ countries” claim mr india?

  32. ZEESHAN ATTA says

    Hahahah Rajesh Good Knowledge but dont forget you peoples still drinking GAOOON MUTAAAR HAAAHHAAHAHAH

  33. ZEESHAN ATTA says

    Mirchi To bohaat lagay gi Rajesh But dont worry thodaa GAOON MUTAAR pee laynaa Kum hogay gee

  34. Muhammad Yasir says

    no Automatic Transmission ?!
    and price ?!

  35. H__3 says

    Pak Suzuki has not announced that they are launching this car (for that matter any car for now) in Pakistan. The whole article is based upon one big “IF”

  36. H__3 says

    Do you really want him to list down 100 countries for you? He is right btw.. I have seen Indian automobiles and bikes in at-least 6 countries in Africa. Bajaj bikes and Tata trucks especially are quite popular. Finally, a message from a Pakistani truck :”Mehnat Kar – Hasad Na Kar”

  37. Noble Intellect says

    You worry about your evil hindu stupid nation, Today there was disgusting report about your national sport of raping women, some poor woman was raped by a hundred hindu fundamentalists, your politicians are criminals.

  38. Asimzmn says

    i know einstien india exports cars, but to definitely not to 100 countries. there is a difference between being confident and arrogant ahole. sadly quite a few indians are suffering from later. tell me another message from pakistani trucks.

  39. H__3 says

    Well.. that I can agree to 🙂 Another Message: Ameero kii zindagii, biscuit aur cake pr. Driver kii zindagii, clutch aur brake par

  40. Asimzmn says


  41. Shahid Mehmood says

    haha yup, i guess the author just saw the adv on tv and run to write a blog over pakwheels 😉

  42. Muhammad Yasir says

    damn … well , we hate em anyways

  43. deltree says

    Jis kachray ko aap quality bol rahay ho uski factory say headlight aur body panels bhi sahi balanced nai hotay bhai.

  44. deltree says

    I am a Pakistani and I hear this kashmir nonsense. I don’t know a single kashmiri who wants to be part of Pakistan. They want to use Pakistan to get their independence and then make their own little bangladesh. For over 60 years we have fought for a people who want to do nothing with us. Give them kashmir so they can handle those thankless bastards. Spend your money on education. Aap k paas balochistan hai wahan hee kuch kar laytay? nai pahari ilaqa chahyay uski zameen say tou jaisay tail aur sona nikalta hai! If we give kashmir both countries could prosper in unimaginable ways!

  45. Sanjay Natarajan says

    These are the countries India exported automobiles either in CBU form or CKD form, though literally not 100 as I said earlier but 94 countries!
    In 2015-16, India exported 35,73,806 automobiles in 2014-15, exact numbers for 2015-16 are still not yet officially released. The numbers are expected to go up by atleast 7-9% over previous year.
    India is the third largest automobile exporter of Asia beating China.
    A little googling won’t hurt fingers! 🙂

    P.S – I apologize if have hurt someone’s feelings here!

  46. Sanjay Natarajan says

    List of countries!!

  47. Kashmiri says

    Mr. deltree, Kashmir tumaray baap ki jageer nain aur tum Kashmirion ko thankless bastards” kehtay ho kuttay ki aulad, Kashmir ki 7000 saal purani history hai aur tum Pakistani kuttay abi 100 saal kai bi nain howay- Pakistani kutto Kashmir ko chore kiun nain daitay, agar itna chubta hai to

  48. deltree says

    Abay choot k bhoot yehi tou bol raha hon, tum jaisay kanjoron k peechay itnay saal lagayay. Meri tou yehi dua hai k tum loug aglay saath hazaar saal India ki ghulami mein raho. 7,000 saal ki tumhari history hogi, abhi bandook ki nook par kiss kaam ki. Asal mein hamari fauj ko keera hai kashmir k naam par itna paisa jo allocate hojata hai. Aur rahi baat galion ki, mujhey daynay ki zaroorat nai kashmiri quom khud hee itni bari gaali hai naam laylo kaafi hai! Iss waqt india baap hai tum logoun ka isi ki chatar chaya mein chup chaap jeetay raho!



  50. Cruise says

    Billi k khawaab mein “cheethray”.
    Roz aik nai blog post hoti hai aisi… There are literally thousands of options to replace our entire vehicle setup. But we all know it’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Maybe we can keep pinching our government for a couple of year to make an impact on their shitty policies.

  51. ciitronian says

    There should be a healthy competition in the automotive industry to provide the best vehicles to its customers of all kinds. Other brands, Volkswagen, FIAT, KIA many others should be in Pakistan, but these BIG three (Toyota, Honda, Suzuki) do not allow other brands to get here…………… So THESE type of CARS and not for PAKISTANIzzzz … Pakistaniyooo tum loggg pechly 20 saaal sy aaj tk aik hi jaisee mehran k laiq ho 😉

  52. munib says

    After Sanjay provided the list, its quite obvious who look like an ahole here.
    Typical pakiz. Argument for the sake of argument.

  53. Saghir says

    Papoo Yar Tang Na Kar…….


    Your reply is dumber than his argument…

    India lies on the Indian Plate, the northern portion of the Indo-Australian Plate…The country is situated north of the equator between 8°4′ and 37°6′ north latitude and 68°7′ and 97°25′ east longitude.

    Point being, the expanse of the country is quite wide and the intensity of suns rays which determines the melanin content of the skin, which in term determines the darkness varies across length and breadth of the country…

    Point being, not all Indians are dark.

  55. Asimzmn says

    munib BC, i can copy paste a list like that , no source listed , typical indian IT con job. and the exports you aholes are braging about are from 100% foreign owned companies using india as a cheap production base, since you slumdogs will work for any thing. MC brag when “Indian” car companies are exporting to “100+ countries”. Hyundai , Nissan, Toyota, VW etc, since when these are “Indian” companies??? MFers want to argument just for the sake of argument!

  56. Raja Azeem says

    ajaye gi Ciaz koi 10 saal ke baad.

  57. AbdulB1 says

    oh bhai yeh cheap indian indian bakwas na karo pls. it maybe true they live in slums but their banya is very clever. it has gotten most out of poor average indian. but last not least they r sincere to their country not like noora who has factories in india but loves to be a pm of pakistan.

  58. AbdulB1 says

    yea true Pakistanis due to beef eating habit behave differently.

  59. AbdulB1 says

    well some indians I met are gorray like we have in our country but others from south are dark as african. India is such a huge country so it is expected.

  60. AbdulB1 says

    thanks but no thanks I would prefer to avoid indian imported ckd. why? because india has protected its own auto industry by that measure. they dont care but put 200% tax on import of any vehicle new or used.

  61. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Ha ha, can’t help but laugh! Typical ego problem again. I can list atleast 15 Indian automobile companies, but can you just name one Pakistani automobile company in which all R&D is done in Pakistan let alone export to any other country? Importing from china and rebranding is not considered.
    I’m not asking for car companies, just 1 automobile company which has full fledged R&D and production line in Pak!
    The answer will be a big NO, right? Then STFO and mind your work!
    Oh you want source – check in SIAM website idiot!

  62. Muhammed Ovais Alam says

    How could they know whether a manufacturer is going to launch a new car or not?

  63. Asimzmn says

    Gandu, you were bragging, so stick to the point. and about ego, you assholes cant get over Pakistan since 47 thats why regardless of what you MF’ers do you have to compare it to Pakistan. i caught you loud mouthing and bragging and put your slum dog ass to you place, and then you could not find any thing better and started comparing Pakistan. way to go dickhead. i mean dot head.

  64. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Ha ha ha…who is bragging here MF? Its pakis like you are comparing yourselves with us ineach and everything…. I asked can you list a Pakistani company, and you were blabbering something stupid.
    Just name a automobile company mother fucker or else shut the fuck off and keep bragging!
    If you don’t have even a two wheeler company, then admit it loser!

  65. Asimzmn says

    BC no one is comparing Pakistan to india u dumfuck! i caught your “indian companies exporting cars to 100+countries” bullshit and now you rand is running around like head less chicken. I did not compared Pakistan auto industry to india in the first place bharwe! gottay nikal ankh see and read my comment chutiya sala!

  66. Sanjay Natarajan says

    You read my comment properly you blind idiot. I said cars made in India, and not Indian car companies which means subsidiaries of all multi national and Indian car companies who have manufacturing plants in India.

  67. Asimzmn says

    BC abh aiah line pe tu.

  68. Sanjay Natarajan says

    I was meaning this only from the beginning BC! If you can’t understand properly, then I’m not responsible!!

  69. Asimzmn says

    kutay ki dum….BC! carry on.

  70. Smokingaces says

    They know, they have direct contacts with Honda, toyota and Suzuki in Pakistan.

  71. Abid says

    Bhai hamain bhee koi achay models ke cars bhej doo….im sick of local variants…..

  72. Naeem says

    No abuses dear bro…..very sad…..

  73. Naeem says

    No abuses dear bro…..very sad indeed…….control tempers….

  74. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Yep… Controlled it:-)
    That’s why I didn’t reply again!

  75. syed says

    but uncle , thn y they are vitamin d deficient ? lolz

  76. Adil Saeed says

    does anyone have idea with new launching of new Honda City model ?

  77. Danial Lodhi says

    Only if they come up with an interior like that they could actually make a mess out of Xli and Gli as well they should come up with a 1.3 and a 1.5L variant.

  78. Kamran says

    Suzuki Ciaz will be in Pakistani market by next year (2017)

  79. Alpha Bravo says

    It’s been said over last couple of years that Ciaz is coming Ciaz is coming.. Jub aajaye to comparison kar lena bhai

  80. Shazil pervaiz says

    Ab price per depend karta hai ke agar aae gi tou
    Kyn ke agar ye bhi around 14 ya 15 lac Ki hui tou log prefer Honda city he kare gy ko he kare gy
    Isko price around 10 honi chaye m

  81. Shahid Mehmood says

    آپ کی سوچ کواکیس توپوں کی سلامی جناب۔ سوزکی کلٹس جب 11 لاکھ کی مل رہی ہو، سوئفٹ 14 سے اوپر کی ہووہاں آپ کا خیال ہے کہ یہ کار 10 کی مل جائے گی۔

  82. SirahManzoor says

    In India its Price is 8.12 Lakh … So in Pak it will be arond 12.5 – 13 lakh

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