Pak Suzuki Will Be Replacing Its Suzuki Cultus With The All New Celerio

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Last weekend, there was a news floating around the internet about potential new car launches from Pakistani Big Three carmakers. We published a blog regarding possible Honda HR-V launch in Q1 of 2016 by Honda Atlas in Pakistan. You can also find the link to the said blog below. Also, Toyota Indus Motors is pondering upon the option of locally assembling and selling Vitz and Toyota Vios. Along with those two, Pak Suzuki might also come up with a replacement for its Cultus hatchback. We here at PakWheels have a love/hate relationship with the mighty Cultus. But as much as we love Cultus, we won’t hate to see it finally leave, albeit in favor of the new Celerio.

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Suzuki internationally has used the ‘Cultus’ name for its various cars. But the one we have here in Pakistan is basically a Suzuki Margalla without a boot. It was launched in 2000, as a replacement to the much-loved Khayber. From 2000 to 2007, Cultus was offered with carby engine. From 2007 onwards, Pak Suzuki launched the hatchback with an EFI engine.

Now prepare yourself for some useless Pakistani Cultus trivia.

Carby Cultus variants:

  • VX – 2000 to 2005
  • VX CNG – 2002 to 2005
  • VXR – 2000 to 2007
  • VXR CNG – 2002 to 2007
  • VXL – 2002 to 2007
  • VXL CNG – 2002 to 2007

EFI Cultus variants:

From 2007 to 2012, two variants were offered, and CNG was offered in both variants.

  • VXRi
  • VXLi

From 2012 on-wards, Euro II Cultus was offered with just one variant and now we have CNG for Euro II Cultus as well, although no CNG in Punjab province. You can use this absolutely useless information to impress ladies. Moving on!

The end of the year 2015 means Cultus has been with us for 15 years now. The change surely was overdue. So it is only normal that the news that Pak Suzuki is replacing Cultus with Celerio didn’t make us go ‘wow’, but ‘finally!’. These are the sales figures of Suzuki Cultus over last five years.

cultus cars sold
Source: PAMA

You can see the numbers have been pretty much consistent throughout the years (except 2010-11). So considering the car was selling at a constant rate, no wonder Pak Suzuki didn’t bother to upgrade. I guess we confused a silver color Cultus with a knight in shining armor. However, these are definitely not the best years of this car. The Cultus has seen some epic sales in FY 2006-07 (29,837 units) and 2007-08 (27,563 units).

Celerio (1)We already have a relatively modern Suzuki hatchback in the form of Swift, although in my opinion is it in much need of a refresh/facelift as well. Celerio is meant to be a relatively cheaper version of the Swift. Currently, Celerio is being made in India and Indonesia. It is a five-door hatch that is classified as a ‘City Car’. It would be great if Pak Suzuki starts its local manufacturing. Importing completely built units (CBU) or semi knock-down units (CKD) from Indonesia will make the final price of the car jump upwards. Local manufacturing will not only keep the price low but will also help turn the cycle of local economics.

Celerio was launched in 2014 and has been doing well for what it’s worth. Suzuki has employed it 3-cylinder 1.0-liter K-Series engine for Celerio. K-Series engine is also available in the locally sold Wagon-R. The engine is Wagon-R produces 67 BHP and 90 Nm of torque. The engine in Celerio is supposed to be the updated version of the normal K-Series. So there’s a possibility it will make more power or be more fuel efficient than the local Wagon-R. Celerio itself weighs just around 1250 kg. That will play an important part in its fuel efficiency as well. In India, there is a two cylinder diesel version of Celerio available as well but I doubt it will be sold here in Pakistan. Petrol engine Celerio is available with both five-speed manual and a five-speed auto transmission.

Celerio (3)Internationally, the Celerio comes quite well equipped. I mean even in the base version found in the UK, you get six airbags and keyless entry along with the whole bunch of accessories and functions. That, of course, is not going to happen here. And we can’t blame it all on Pak Suzuki. They need to keep the price down for cars to sell. And all the ‘luxuries’ add to the final price of the car. The taxes local manufacturers have to pay for each sold car are huge. No wonder the final price of a top of the line Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla ends up around 2.5 million PKR. In the UK, the Celerio is available from as low as £7000 for a base model Celerio to £9,800 for the top of the line version. There is no point converting those prices to Pakistani Rupee considering market of UK is on a whole new level compared to Pakistani market.

Needless to say, we are excited about the potential new car from Pak Suzuki. It is small and fuel efficient, looks modern and can be a perfect small city car. There were rumors that plans for launching Celerio in Pakistan have been binned, but let’s just hope that didn’t happen. I am pretty sure if Pak Suzuki play their cards right, Celerio can be a hit. Wagon-R is priced under PKR 1 million. If Celerio is also priced under a million or tad bit over, and comes equipped with a bunch of accessories, I think people will prefer buying Celerios instead of all the 660 cc imported cars. Celerio will be launched in late 2016 or early 2017. For now, let’s wait and see.


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  1. Abdullah says

    Which price bracket and consumers would they target from Celerio launch????????????????

  2. Abdullah says

    How can we get cheaper cars when govt is taking 5 lakhs as tax on a Honda City and almost 3 lakhs on cultus????????????????????????

  3. Geekpk says

    “There were rumors that plans for launching Celerio in Pakistan have been binned, but let’s just hope that didn’t happen.”

    misleading headline of ur blog when nothing is certain. Pakwheels should improve their blog section.

  4. MSUH says

    Celerio is expensive than WR in india also, in pakistan it will be placed between price bracket of WR and Swift. It will get the same engine K10b. That for sure it wont be launching in 2016. It may be launched sometime in 2017. After that we can see that same era of Alto and Cultus but now with WR and Celerio!

  5. Fahad Limbada says

    I went to Suzuki showroom, the rep told me celerio will be available here by the end of summer 2016. But that’s NOT the car I want. What bout alto? What will be replacing alto since it has been discontinued by paksuzuki?

  6. Atif says

    “It would be great if Pak Suzuki starts its local manufacturing. Importing completely built units (CBU) or semi knock-down units (CKD) from Indonesia will make the final price of the car jump upwards. Local manufacturing will not only keep the price low but will also help turn the cycle of local economics.”

    To the Author U need to clear your concepts on how the auto industry works. CKD’s for cars are imported and then assembled here. Paksuzuki does not have the capability to manufacture engines or even modern transmission systems. for e.g. CKDs for wagon r are procured from Indonesia and then the car is assembled here using a mix of local and imported parts.

    CKD does not mean nothing is made here or car is not assembled here.

    Please research properly before writing to avoid creating confusion among readers.

  7. alfa_whsky says

    May be its a typo error, as semi knocked down is SKD whereas CKD is completely knocked down units. i guess the author meant SKD as both CBUs and SKDs have higher import duties and taxes as compared to CKDs.

  8. alfa_whsky says

    As per my discussion with an authorized dealer of Suzuki, Wagon R is the replacement of Alto in Pak.

  9. Fahad Limbada says

    Not the best replacement then. Guess I’d have to go with reconditioned mira

  10. Muazzam Ali Kazmi says

    Aref, I have a great idea for Pak Suzuki and I hope you’ll read this comment of mine.

    As everyone knows, the Cultus has been one of the best selling cars in Pakistan–and it still is. What if they introduce the Celerio with the name-plate “2017 Cultus”–instead of “2017 Celerio”? It’d surely be massively successful, wouldn’t it be? I’d like you to convey this message to Pak Suzuki. I’m already trying to get in touch with them. Please do write issue about this, here on the blog, and to Pak Suzuki.

    The Pakistanis will really like the new “Cultus”!

  11. Kamran Lashari says

    Probable price of Clerio in Pakistan would be 12 Lakh 50 Thousand, plus Rs 5000 for Metallic Color and Rs.25000 for Advance income Tax (less 5000 for filer), and after registration Metallic color Celerio might cost RS.13 Lakhs 10 Thousands. That’s it.. you guys…

  12. Ahmed says

    What’s new in this article? All speculations and wishful thinking with nothing concrete. We have been hearing about these cars from 2 years now.

  13. Smokingaces says

    “Celerio will be launched in late 2016 or early 2017. For now, let’s wait and see.”. That’s a long long wait. Very long wait.

  14. Smokingaces says

    Totally agree.

  15. Guest says

    There is no point in launching the Celerio. It is almost the same as Wagon R.

    When Alto and Cultus were present in the market, they were two different cars in two different price ranges catering to two different types of customers.

    Alto was very small on the outside and inside was cramped interior. Cultus was roomy but much larger on the outside too.

    The new Wagon R is roomy. Consider the point that Celerio will be launched with the same engine and nearly the same price, what would be the product differentiation?

  16. Guest says

    Why cant we Pakistani’s have more than one variety in the same class? If you look at maruti suzuki they have a lot of cars and varieties.

  17. Engr. Mohammad Afzal Khan says

    I own Cultus in Pakistan since 2008, however it was to my surprise, that I saw Chevrolet in Saudi Arabia as copy of Suzuki Cultus.

  18. Another guest says

    Because for Paksuzuki the market (volume of sales) is very small. But for Maruti the market is very big.

    A few countries with small market like New Zealand have decided to entirely rely on imports. (They do not have any military ambition also).

  19. Ahsan Ahmed says

    Alto. Small. Cramped. Pathetic fuel hogging engine. Based model from 1990s

    WagonR. Still small but roomy. Very fuel efficient engine. Recent 2011+ model base.

    WagonR is an upgrade. Not a replacement. You might as well get a Mehran if an Alto is your choice of a good car.

  20. Lazy Sapper says

    If you people look at Suzuki Pakistan’s official facebook page and check comments, you will see how people now curse Suzuki for selling same decades old scrap Mehran and Cultus. May be it’s the time for Suzuki to get out of its snoozing cocoon and introduce something new. I would say if they love Cultus so much, they should continue producing it but also launch Celerio as then people will have more options to choose from. Besides Wagon R is slowly becoming a hot cake despite of its “not so good” look. People are seeking change.

  21. Lazy Sapper says

    Only morons like you go for thrown away refurbished scrap. Most of the time, this is an accidented but repaired scrap that you buy for high prices. There is a reason why Japanese auction such cars and dump the cars for kinds like you living in third world countries.

  22. AbdulB1 says

    it will fail to dent sales of second hand imports. why? because no safety standards in local made suzuki, no turbo engine, no airbags, no automatic transmission, overly priced junk!

  23. AbdulB1 says

    Toyota Indus Motors is pondering upon the option of locally assembling and selling Vitz and Vios… well it has been pondering for ages…………………………….

  24. Adrifza says

    Totally misleading title. Probably the author was drunk or wishing to attract readers to increase traffic through such misleading titles.

  25. Fahad Limbada says

    Why you so mad ? Lol. The is a reason it’s selling like hot cakes. Almost double than wagon R. Not everyone wants a 1000cc car. 660cc is enough for home to work, work to home use. Now don’t bring mehran here, Pak Suzuki haven’t upgrades that car since 10+ years. No design change, no performance upgrades. It still looks like a box of matches.

  26. Fahad Limbada says

    Yes, that’s why I’ve been wanting an alto upgrade. 800cc one would do, 660cc is still good enough for some people. With Wagon R, it is indeed roomy and a great car but it’s just not for me. Also its thin tires don’t go with its long height. A friend bought one, I enjoyed driving it. It’s not bad at all, and a good upgrade for most people

  27. Raja Maja says

    why you need cheaper car, one cheaper isn’t enough “Mehran”? check out the quality of the product. on the other hand if you cry on tax then how the Govt. will run their expenses and even after these taxes you see more and more cars as compare to previous year so what do you thing are we poor? No not at all, if you are not in a condition to buy you have the option of public transport. even why do you complain, go for the “Bicycle”.

    problem is with us, we show the face of the people who even can’t afford the cycle and ask of tax reduction or subsidy of Govt. of HONDA CITY?

  28. Usman Ansari says

    No, just google Suzuki Cultus, Chevrolet Sprint, Pontiac Firefly, Geo Metro, Holden Barina.. you will find same car.. its not copy, its because GM was a sister company of Suzuki back in the 80s when the MK-II Swift was developed, hence the similarities.

  29. Gast says

    Well this celerio is being sold in india for under 4 lacs INR so something around 7 lac PKR. But will be sold here for more than 11… This huge difference in similar economic markets is unjustified and mainly attributed to the higher tax percentage.

  30. Engr. Mohammad Afzal Khan says

    Thank you so much

  31. Syed Hunain says

    but it is suzuki at all!
    everyone knows that the car was not comfortable and no gud in fuel Consuption.

  32. Ahsan Ahmed says

    Seriously you are measuring a car based on cc ? 800cc is not a standard engine size and so you will not get it. Japan manufactures either 660cc Kei cars, otherwise cars start at 1000cc. Alto was 1000cc aswell so I dont know what you are talking about as an upgrade.

    You can change tyres. That is one of the stupidest reasons to not like a car.

    Ok I understand you dont like the WagonR. But for gods sake … ALTO ? It looks stupid, the engine is pathetic, drinks fuel, comfort is awful, size is puny, brakes make you cringe, you cant sit with comfort even in the front unless you are small and thin.

  33. Sanjay Natarajan says

    you are absolutely right….celerio demands a higher price tag for what it offers… the sales for celerio is not that much good in India as well despite having petrol, CNG and diesel variants….
    People here wanting a hatchback at that size either go for Wagon R or the Hyundai grand i10…the grand i10 is selling like hot cakes!

  34. Baba Corolla says

    I want an opinion …I have 1 million budget should i go for FAW v2 or Wagon R?

  35. nauman says

    i want to inquir about suzuki baleno 2016 model will suzuki bring it to pakistan what will be the price? and performance of car

  36. cbing says

    Though I wish PS will bring the new Baleno here, but I am pretty sure it ain’t gonna happen. Because India is the only production base for the new Baleno for all the markets including Japan. So we can just say directly, by our current import regulations with India, Baleno will not be sold here. That is a sad truth.

  37. hammad says

    If you are a hoarder (Don’t like to get rid of stuff) and don’t get into a lot of accidents then you should get a FAW. It doesn’t hold the resale value Pak Suzuki holds but it’s a way better car. The interior isn’t of my taste but it’s not really that bad. Wagon R? It’s a disappointing car, unless you’re going for the imported one. That’s the bomb. So many options like heated seats and what not.

  38. Muhammad Yasir says

    no use … will cost an awkwardly HIGH price :/

  39. Muhammad Yasir says

    @AbdulB1:disqus , hey bro !

    spot on tho … we are really REALLY lacking some good , cost-efficient cars locally :/

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