Dewan Farooque Motors All Geared Up to Make a Return!

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Dewan Mushtaq Group (recently rebranded to Yousuf Dewan Company) is the parent entity behind Dewan Farooque Motors Limited, Dewan Motors Private Limited and Dewan Automotive Engineering Limited. Due to Yousuf Dewan’s company-wide crisis, currently, Dewan Motors Private Limited which is the distributor of BMW and Mini car in Pakistan, serves as their only functional automotive company.

Now though after years of silence and months of speculation, Dewan Farooque Motors Limited formerly responsible for the distribution of Mitsubishi and manufacturing of Hyundai and Kia cars looks to be on its way to make a return as an auto manufacturer in Pakistan. However, due to a shift in Hyundai’s global policy and Mitsubishi’s financial turmoil, Dewan Farooque Motors may not carry the same brand umbrella as it did in the past.

As far as the latest reports go, DFML has requested relevant government departments to grant permission to resume production on its defunct manufacturing facility previously accountable for the manufacture of the all famous Hyundai Santro and Shahzore among others. In addition to reviving their existing plant, Dewan has expressed its interest in locally producing cars of Daehan, SsangYong and KIA to the Board of Investment (BOI) and Engineering Development Board (EDB). Their investment received the full support of both BOI and EDB leading to an official meeting last week.

Dewan’s revival in the arena of locally produced cars is a win-win for the newly implemented Automotive Development Policy (ADP) 2016-21 which promises a great deal of incentives for both the revival of auto manufacturing units and newly established production facilities. More locally producers would ultimately yield in a much-needed competition in our market which may well end the big three auto-monopoly of Pakistan’s Auto market!

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  1. Sporty man says

    Great news atleast

  2. ali haider says

    sounds nice….!!

  3. Chacha Ramzan says

    Lets See What Ghandhara Nissan & D.F. Motors Offer!!
    Looking Forward For Datsun Go & Redi Go & May Be Santro!!

  4. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Yep, If they launch the Redi-Go there, it will be a befitting reply to the quarter-century old granny Mehran! In India it costs between 2.35 – 3.25 lacs INR which will convert somewhere around 3.7 lacs – 5.1 lacs PKR!
    Mehran will suffer for sure! 🙂

  5. Shurjil Butt says

    I don’t think Suzuki will let that go easily 🙂
    if you know what I mean ..

  6. Najam Sethi (Qad) says

    Suzuki, Honda and Toyota will give Kizashi, Swifts, Xli’s, Civics to TOP RANKED LAWYERS, JUDGES, GOVERNMENT OFFICERS to STOP the IMPLEMENTATION OF NEW AUTO POLICY via COURT ….. You will see it…….

  7. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Yahan sirf baaten hoti hain…

  8. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Amidst all odds, Yamaha entered the two wheeler market ans surpassed the age old suzuki two wheelers, right?
    So, something like that I wish happens! 🙂

  9. Bitter_truth says

    Baatin thoknay se bachay paida nai hoty mery dost.

  10. Zohaib Kanthai says

    getting some great news after long time.. Hope thing go well for them and for us..

  11. Munir Baluch says

    Hyundai Accent, Elantra and KIA Rio, Cerato, Optima have joined among top selling brands around the globe. They can reap success in Pakistan market too.

  12. Guest says

    I hope they do not resurrect the Santro. While it was just good enough for its time, it did have a cramped interior, slow accelerator (the computer was dead slow, and responded approximately half second after pressing the pedal), the plastics of the dashboard and steering wheel was not durable and discoloured much sooner than comparable (read: equally pathetic) locally assembled Japanese cars. Needless to say all the Santros broke apart and few are on the road now.

    They are welcome to introduce the i20.
    Otherwise they would repeat the same mistakes done by Chinese manufacturers. Chinese manufacturers make lots of beautiful cars, but they introduced butt-ugly Kalash and Gilgit micro-trucks. Needless to say they failed in the market. They (or their Pakistani partners) must go to actual Kalash and Gilgit to realize that by naming the ugliest microtrucks as such, it is an insult to the most beautiful valleys on earth. They should have been sued for inflammatory speech.

    I do hope they do not resurrect the Shehzore without certain upgrades such as RPM meter, ABS, 4-wheel disc brake, radial tyres, projector headlamps, LED taillights, electric fan for radiator and an improved front suspension. The front indicators were also mounted in a location where they were easy to break. Needless downtime for commercial vehicles, and if broken, endless bribes for the policemen.

    I remember there was a DMMC – Dewan Mushtaq Motor Company – that used to market the Mitsubishi. And that DFML – Dewan Farooque – had Hyundai and Kia.

  13. Zuhaib Khan says

    As good as it sounds, that will unfortunately never happen. The car pricing comparison with India never works out in Pakistans favour… but I might add, I would gladly pay 1 million for this car… If it comes in automatic gear or for that matter any locally manufactured car with auto transmission and an updated engine that gives an updated fuel economy!

  14. Zuhaib Khan says

    Would love to have KIA and Hyundai to give the older local manufacturers a run for their money.

  15. AbdulB1 says

    Cars in Pakistan are cheaper to produce but priced quite high due to taxes.

  16. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    whenever I criticize Pakwheels bloggers they activate approval from pakwheels on my account, isn’t it unfair?

  17. Muhammad Yasir says


  18. Muhammad Yasir says

    mehran will die for sure…

  19. Muhammad Yasir says

    well… THIS SUCKS !

    y so many taxes ?!

  20. Yasir says

    @ADAN can you check if government has issued approvla to Dewan Group to start production ?


    it is true news that dewan farooq motors working start with Kia motors

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