FAW Pakistan Plans To Assemble V2 Locally In The Next 12 Months

FAW V2 Pakistan

With the introduction of V2 in November 2014, FAW set foot into the already monopolized passenger car segment of Pakistan. Prior to V2’s launch, FAW had been selling heavy and light trucks, commercial vans and pick-ups and family vans for almost a decade in the Pakistani market.

Despite the negative perception towards new entrants and Chinese origins, the FAW V2 became an instant hit amongst the Pakistani consumers who were desperately looking for affordable and better alternatives of the locally assembled cars. Before November 2014, if you had a budget of 1.0 – 1.1 million, you only had 2 options that too were under-equipped to say the least.

The trend in Pakistan has been that people usually do not trust new entrants because in the past other entrants have packed up and left the country due to monopolistic nature of the vendor industry and without its support, no new entrant can sustain in the Pakistani market.

Even in those circumstances, FAW Pakistan is doing pretty good and is actually planning to setup an assembly line in Pakistan for its passenger cars. It is worth mentioning that FAW already assembles light trucks and commercial vehicles locally in the country.

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“If things go according to the plan, we will start the assembly of V2 within the next 12 months,” said Farhan Hafiz, Deputy Director, Marketing Division at Al-Haj FAW Motors. “We are currently in talks with multiple vendors for localizing the parts of V2”, he added further.

According to Hafiz, the Pakistani market has potential and there are buyers who are willing to try different auto brands, given the brands meet certain quality standards. The new entrants must display forbearance as the Pakistani market takes time. It took years, even for the existing automakers to make their name in the market. With patience and determination, nothing is impossible. He added that it took them 8 years to enter the passenger car segment after carefully planning their strategy. They did not want to make the same mistake other automakers made by entering the market under-prepared.

He also said that they carefully evaluated their options years before even selecting the car for this market. Now all that years of planning is finally paying off in terms of sales numbers and time has come for them to finally start the production locally for the FAW V2.

He also told us that in addition to the 1.3 liter engine, the Pakistani assembled V2 will come with an option of a 1.0 liter engine as well. FAW Pakistan is currently exploring its options for the 1.0 liter engine as the V2 in China only comes with a 1.3 liter engine. An engine from Daihatsu is under serious considerations, the same engine which comes in the FAW Xiali – the Chinese version of Daihatsu Charade.

An hour spent with Farhan Hafiz made us believe the future of Pakistani auto industry is very promising and with huge plans like these, we are convinced FAW is here for the long haul. However, their long term success depends on the upcoming auto policy.

Do you think FAW will bring the much needed change in the auto industry or will it fell victim to the monopolistic practices of the Big 3? Let us know in the comments.

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Notable Replies

  1. They can seriously beat the crap out of mehran by selling their car in 8 or 8.5 lakh margin .also I am amazed that Pakistani assembled faw v2 is pricier then Chinese made because when you factor in taxes and with holding tax it get pricier . So if they want to beat suzuki they should up their game

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  • Kashif Sheikh

    No doubt faw has all the ingredients to succeed in this market. The only problem I see is with our corrupt policy makers. If they continue to make policies in favour of Big 3, I will feel sorry for faw and many others like them.
    Over all, the biggest losers are common Pakistani in this process…

  • alfa_whsky

    Wishing the best to FAW for their plans which will certainly be a gust of fresh air for Pakistani auto industry and the ultimate beneficiary will be the ordinary Pakistani.

  • Fahad

    I wish they launch faw oley in Pakistan 😐

  • Fahad

    Bro as I mentioned 1000cc coming in Pakistan but no any news of AT still now

  • alfa_whsky

    I wish they also launch AT version of V2. I am double minded between used city or new V2. I guess I will have to be patient for a little while and wait for V2 in AT or some sedan to be launch within next 12 months time by FAW

  • Automatic transmission will launch along with the 1000cc. They will not launch AMT, just the conventional automatic transmission.

  • alfa_whsky

    Okay, I thought they will be launching AMT as the flagship V2 (1.5 ltr) in China has AMT

  • Shani Arain

    looking forward to FAW after buying their v2 . simply the best a person can have in 10.5 budget. They;ll surely do a great business.

  • Fahad

    AT pak ma 1st preference ni ha loogoo ki abi iss lia wo ni launch kar raha ha….me also wish faw launch variety of cars…agar ap ko yaad ho last year faw na phla 1.5 s80 launch ki thi than v2…iss dafa b yahi faw ki policy ho gi faw ki phla 1.0 v2 than in sedan in year

  • Fahad

    I don’t think soo, they launch auto in 1.3 v2 this year

  • Rosh

    Though I wish them success but corrupt nature of our politicians will minimize this chance. Current big 3 will offer political leaders some bribes and certain favors and it will end up another story.

  • Salman

    I was looking to buy a hatch back and decided to consider FAW V2. I went to their showroom and I was very disappointed with the poor build quality and cheap materials used in V2. Yes it is at a very low price, but it looks and feel cheap too. Further the sales people were not at all interested in convincing me to buy V2. I’ll go for the Wagon R.

  • Shahid Mehmood

    yay the most awaited version is now coming… i will be soon replacing my Cultus with v2 1000cc 😉

  • If they keep it quality up to the mark we shall support them.

  • Khurram

    I pray for their success, but I have only ever seen their trucks in very great numbers on super highway, while going to Hyderabad. And not a single V2 is seen within Karachi or Hyderabad or any other city of Sindh, though recently their carrier and van sales have gained momentum Mashaa Allah.
    Any way, I hope that they soon introduce a sedan / station wagon (Probox type) or a car below 1300 CC, only then I can convince my father for these.

  • Ikram ullah

    According to my understanding, way to success in our automotive market is to ensure availability of cheap spare parts, and the ease with which our mechanics can learn to fix this thing. Only these factors can ensure the Resale value of the car (another important factor) and the trust level of the consumer. It is going to be a clear NO for V2 if the buyer knows he is not going to get back reasonable cash after 1-2 years.

  • Shahid Mehmood

    very true agreed. but unfortunately our mechanics are all angootha chaap they dont even have a diploma or basic knowledge of using tools effectively. they all experience on our cars and then they learn about the specific car. Unfortunately, I have seen this even in company maintained workshops. This is uncontrollable factor for an auto manufacturer. Resale can come with time, remember santro made its good resale after 8 years of its launch and then it stopped its manufacturing due to political instability.

    And the Suzuki sells spare parts at very high prices. Dipper assembly of Mehran and Cultus will cost you 12,000 and 17.5k Respectively. Cultus tail light is for 8.5K for single side (not pair). Single Parking light/SIde Indicator will cost you Rs.1800+ if you buy from Authorized Dealers or Showrooms.

  • kk

    the shape is just not good enough. canot be compared to toyota or honda hatchbacks.

  • Shahid Mehmood

    Bro, you are in a country where only available hatchbacks(local manufactured) are, Coure, Alto, Mehran, Cultus, all shapes are more than 2 decade ago. Coure and Alto are stop manufacturing and Cultus and Mehran are selling like hot cakes. In this situation, if some manufacturer comes with this shape of V2 then we should definitely appreciate the effort 🙂