The Fear Mongers Of Pakistan’s Traffic: A Corolla Lurks Behind You With A High-Beam

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The choices that people make defines them. It creates new stereotypes, a reason to disgust or envy. There is no irrational threat to someone’s liberty of liking or disliking a particular thing. The beauty which defines our culture; which a lot of Pakistanis say there is none, but the diversity is this country’s beauty and some times, the problem too.

They say that firangis used the divide and conquer strategy in the sub-continent before this great nation came into being, the land of the pure, but keen observers would say otherwise; its our political parties which use the divide and conquer strategy to lure in votes because there is nothing else in their resume to get votes on.

There is always a reason behind hate. You may disagree and get them killed but its just difference of opinion which is not cool in Pakistan. You have to agree or you have to die. Fear mongers dwell the urban cities, casting bullets against people with a pen, or a voice or a keyboard.

Founder of PakWheels, our esteemed leader, who united the automotive enthusiasts around the country, while girls thinking of setting up a Tinder profile and a lipstick business on Facebook, PakWheels was bringing together brothers since a long time.

But! This is an automotive website, if you’re with me till now, I have a problem and a irrational hate for the Corolla drivers. The Chaudaries of Pakistani streets.

If the fear mongers have guns and bombs and a will to kill anyone who opposes them, these Corolla drivers have their high-beam. Oh yes! You better fear for your eyes when an uncle tailgates you at 80KM/H with their high-beam on. (This is not a comparison between the two; one’s a serial bloody oppressor while the other is just a Corolla driver who are the fear mongers of our daily traffic, and this a tribute to them.)

Often, I confuse the high-beam moving behind me in traffic in my puny little hatchback for a signal to ‘MOVE OUTTA THE WAY PEASANT’, but after moving away and rubbing and washing my eyes, I see it is their habit to keep the high-beam on.

And thus I started guessing, every high-beam that I saw incoming, I guessed the car before the lights came close to a recognizable distance, and alas! almost every time I was right. It was a Corolla. The car became so consistent with my guesses that any other vehicle that wasn’t a Corolla with the high-beams on, was presumed that the driver is actually a Corolla driver.

There was almost no diversity like our country has. I wish there was.

God. Country. Family. Right?

And when you’re in traffic, its: !@#$%. Corolla. High-beam band ker. *swerves out of the way*. Get behind them. Tu bhi kha.

I do not hate the car. I like it. It is better than the Honda City and Civic combined and the resident editor of PakWheels will soon be breaking the hearts of many who just bought a Civic, but it just is. And I drove one, just to see is it some sort of visibility problem from the car that everyone drives with the high-beam on. I was staggered and cried on the side of a lonely road as I struggled to maintain even the safety aspect of keeping the high-beam on which many Corolla driver put up in defense. It is rather selfish, it makes me so angry that I thought of logging in to my email and send Express Tribune an angry text message which they would’ve published as an article and then I would have to spend the night explaining and calming down commenters until my self-esteem was completely wasted.

Nevertheless, trust yourself and bet some money and play this game. Bet on the next high-beam you see coming towards you from the far end of the road, and bet on the Corolla and share some of the fortune with me.

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  1. Aamir Bashir says

    Yes i agree with ya 100% its the corolla driver all the time with their high beam on and when u r on motorway and move to fast lane to over take then try to push u out of the lane … I myself drive a fat-ass 2014 civic imported from UK personally and it has a very powerful halogen lights so whenever i am in bad mood then i make the corolla driver cry to tears … he then try to let me go but i don’t lolzz …. Govt. should put a good figure penality on the high beam light, sometime i leave early when i travel somewhere far to avoid these lights to be honest

  2. Aasif Latif says

    95% corolla drivers use high beam i want automatic guns from 007 cars to hit high beams if anybody know where i can get these please do let me know.

  3. saqibrazzaq says

    90% its the Corolla. I get really really surprised, if I find a non-Corolla on a high beam.

  4. Khurram Altaf says

    Lovely write-up Baber!

    A rational reasoning for the matter may be that corolla is more of a rural favorite – unlit paths where ditches, streams and carcasses of stray beasts demand keeping your high beams on.

    Hence the majority corolla owners get accustomed to the habit and don’t tend to drop it even when they civilize.

    On a separate note, corolla’s, especially 10th Gen’s lights at high beams were stunning – in literal meanings. So tell me, why does a dog lick its….?

  5. Rehaan says

    I Strongly agree with the writer and happy that I’m not alone by guessing : who the Hell is high beamed and I guessed it right” lol,…Now even my kids can easily identify the high beamed car. I know this is not the fault in car but a particular mindset behind the staring.

  6. Umair Khan says

    If only i had some feature in my car to show them a digital finger.. and leave them in my car`s smoke.

  7. MuneebHanif says

    Hahahahhaha…”Get behind them. Tu bhi kha” is what i do

  8. Muizz says

    the reason behind this is people who drive corolla mainly Xli are illiterate thats why they do mal-practice like this the biggest proof of their ignorance is people spent 1.7 million to roll down their mirrors manually like mehran you might have noticed that well-learned people got civics and cities like doctors etc etc I agree with you 100% that most of these dumbs are of corolla drivers but -ve on your view that “It is better than the Honda City and Civic combined” its not a better car than city and civic its worse than city and Civic is simply out of the criteria to be comprise with corolla in every aspect e.g driving interior, features,fuel economy, if corolla is better than civic and city than why Pakwheels has given Civic and City “CAR OF THE YEAR AWARD AND MOST FUEL EFFICIENT CAR OF PAKISTAN” respectively merely sale figures doesn’t make a thing better people just buy this expensive piece of crap because they dont know about the right and wrong this is the main problem of this nation it believes on the dogmas instead of fact finding.I’ve even witnessed the corolla drivers who dippers from behind to get way even on the single road.

  9. wasiflaeeq says

    exactly 😀

  10. Haider says

    I think its 99% Corolla drivers. The moment they sit behind the Corolla steering, they start envying that the roads solely belong to them, and the cars ahead of them must be killed with high beams. Usually I not let them go easily, but it led to almost road rage, so I opt to be aside, even in a better car I drive……

  11. Yasser Mehmood says

    good read… i totally agree with your thoughts. The problem here is education. Most Corolla drivers don’t even bother to flickering high beam at them. In my opinion they would rather blame us for flickering at them, maybe we are annoying them. Do we?
    rightly mentioned the choaudaries of roads, the driver class, who would probably not read this article nor the comments associated to it. I doubt it would change anything. 🙁 we would have to live with it for the rest of our lives sadly. Unless Corolla can go back to a single beam model or disables the high beam. Maybe a campaign on TV and radio can educate some. I am hopeful for things to get better, but till then we must have the eyes of Superman 😀

  12. Baber says

    That’s the thing. Its not just the drivers who roam around with high-beams on. My friend, graduate of LUMS, working at an MNC while also studying at IBA here in Khi, just last week he drove every where with his hi-beam on and we all noticed it and did push him to not do it, to which he brought in his safety aspect. It gives me better visibility and then there was a lot of noise from everyone in the car of him putting others at risk.
    Even uncles doing 40-60 KM/H in the fast lane are running with hi-beams. And I am sure they have the same reason. It’s just selfish.

    Aise baypardagi hoti hay Mehran mein jab Corolla ki full hi-beam perhti hay, it is as if the poor family is out on a bike.

  13. Badar Shehzad says

    I moved to Lahore in 2012, and ever since then not one night has gone by when atleast 80% of the cars I saw on the road were at high-beams so after reading this article yesterday I decided to do a survey. I went out last night and took a lap around DHA Lahore, mind you it is one of the poshest areas of Lahore and you would imagine well educated, anyway I encountered 104 cars in total ranging from Mehran to Mercs and only 7 cars had their lights set on the correct setting, the rest were all high beams, that means over 93% of the cars were on high beam. With this big a problem naturally I have a solution, the only way the other person is going to stop blinding you with his triple HID headlamps is if you start blinding them too…Start a high beam war and if the other driver has an IQ over 70 he will realise it was his fault to have his HID’s blinding you in the first place and will lower his beam…

  14. Baber says

    I do that myself too, as written in the article. I think there should be enforcement of some sort because tit for tat can only lead toward escalation not solution.

    I do however signal people as some forget turning it back low and they do oblige. But most don’t.

  15. Badar Shehzad says

    I do the “Tu bhi kha” thing too, but the thing is our Traffic Police is so lazy, just the other day a truck in front of me violated a traffic light and although I pointed it out to the Policeman sitting in his booth thing, he couldnt be bothered to stop him, so I dont really think they’ll be bothered to get off their lazy asses just because someone has one extra bulb lit in their headlamps

  16. Khurram says

    There is no doubt in Corolla being better than Civic and City. Just try it on highways it’s grip is better than Honda cars; they will be tinkling from every corner inside in a month, moreover their suspension is not as shock absorbent as Corolla so you will not be able to take Honda cars above 100 kmph, for fear of ripping car floor’s exterior.

  17. Shahid Mehmood says

    Yeah I am agreed with the writer that 100% ok 99% of Corolla driver do the same thing, and what i have found that other drivers eg: Mehran, Cultus, even Civic also do the same thing so its just not with corolla its with every other car but yeah as u know Majority is Authority, there are way more Corollas on the road than Civic or City, then offcourse u will experience that only Corolla driver would do it.

    I myself always drive with normal/low beams and when i come across with a high beam driver on Highway i just give him way instantly and then turn on my high beam and tease him for some minutes.

    Next thing i am thinking to do for these drivers, is putting 4 HIDs in my Cultus’s phatta or near the rear number plate.. kindly suggest me what would be better 😉

  18. Muneeb says

    The FACT, tried using highbeams on a Honda civic (2009) and a city (2010), Suzuki swift and a cultus, they are not that much penetrating as compared to a corolla (2009). So whenever you are going to notice, it will obviously be a corolla.

  19. Danish Umair says


  20. Danish Umair says

    paindu k paas jo marzi gaari ho … apny munde ki baraat wo chitti ya kaali XLI pe he leke jae ga

  21. Shahid Mehmood says

    hahahaha nice idea i hope i could do it.. here in Pakistan we always have a fear of Re-Sale. I have seen a video of Barina(cultus) on Youtube and its bonnet was opening with a motorised mechanism 😀

  22. Shahid Mehmood says

    dont know about the current model of corolla(2014) but corolla 2001-2007 also have the worst high beam

  23. Syed Ameer says

    so good article. i have like a big problem when these dumb guys come in my front on the opposite side of road. i am like blind for a little time and sometimes i even press the brakes because i fear of crashing to the divider because i live in village and the divider is frequently cut off by people for their local purposes than real U turn. Now the best solution for this problem is that the government shall make it a law for automakers that all cars shall be equipped with intelligent high beam. secondly what i do is with the drivers is that i never give them way and press the accelerator hard. But my dad always scolds me for it still knowing that it is his mistake. but simply i think Toyota shall focus more on the intelligent beams than dirty nav sats which most don’t even know how to use and secondly most watching movies with it. But please lets make a petition for it if possible. But wait I am in Pak not in UK where we used to make online petitions.

  24. وجاہت علی says

    I literally hate them.. I am a biker.. well a low end biker.. to damn low end.. i owned a METRO MR70. Well ok coming to the problem every time i go out in night i just pray.. YA ALLAH KOI COROLLA WALA OPPOSIT SIDE SAY NA AAYE.. The most f’tards ppls in pakistan owns a corolla with a obsession of using high beam & honking where u dont even need to. Well as a low end biker i have to use roads some what & when ever i dare do drive on a highway some f’tard with a corolla honks from a millions miles away & keep doing that like i am a khud kush bambaar & gonna explode.. & if u observe same goes with the ppls in mehran.. IF I WAS IN ANY MINISTRY IN GOVERNMENT I WILL PUT A LIFE TIME BAN ON COROLLA OWNERS & BURN ALL COROLLA’S THATS HOW MUCH I HATE THEM!!

  25. وجاہت علی says

    I can tell like a hundred miles away “YE COROLLA WALA H” 😛 😀

  26. Shahid Mehmood says

    NOt a life time ban but we should adapt some more practical example like China, We should tie them up and then put them in front of their own vehicles with headlamps turn on (at night). At least for half an hour, then they will realize how much disturbing it is for the persons on road 🙂

  27. وجاہت علی says

    i am loving ur comment (NOT U) 😛 Just kidding!!

  28. وجاہت علی says

    why digital finger give then a real one 😛

  29. Shahid Mehmood says

    haha you can make one its easy now a days. Use LED Strip light and arrange them in a digital finger shape (in your rear windshield) then power it on with a Manual Button :p so whenever a high beamer approach u, light it up 😀

  30. Shahid Mehmood says

    yes it was a practical in China, so not my own idea 😉

  31. Shahid Mehmood says

    and as far as your screen thingy is concerned, i can do it with LED strip lights shaped with this text in the rear windshield 😉

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