Ghandhara Nissan to launch Datsun Go in H2 of 2020

Ghandhara Nissan will be launching three Datsun models in H2 of 2020, reports a local media outlet. Last year Ghandhara Nissan launched a full range of Renault trucks in the local market for its customers. 

As per details, the company will be assembling 1200cc Datsun Cross in July of 2020 whereas 1200cc Datsun Go and Go+ will be rolled out later in 2020. Note here that Ghandhara has already signed a manufacturing and licensing agreement with its automotive partner Ghandhara Nissan Ltd. for local production of Datsun models.

The company has also selected over 20 vendors which will make parts for its cars. As reported by earlier, the company also held an event for parts suppliers on 7 Feb 2019 where it shared the plan for local parts suppliers skill sharing and training. Furthermore, Ghandhara Nissan Limited (GNL) has also notified Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) of procuring a plant and machinery for its Brownfield Project, a manufacturing project. 

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The company is committed to achieving 40% localisation of its cars in the next three years. Nissan’s entry in the local market will provide Pakistani customers with a fresh and desirable lineup of cars that are designed and built of modern Japanese engineering.

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Notable Replies

  1. So an already old car(launched in 2014) will be sold to us towards the later half of 2020 when it's successor would already be on the way. Outstanding move!

    We don't ask for much Nissan, just give us the duster at 15 lac.

  2. lets hope they keep their prices in favor of customer.

  3. this car scored a 0/5 in the euro ncap safety tests... i find it disgusting that they find it suitable to sell this car here like pakistani people's lives matter less. and whats even more disappointing is that people here wont even care its a death trap

  4. ab123 says:

    Instead of giving assemblers the license to loot.. government should adopt UN directed vehicle safety and environmental standards.

  5. Rugal says:

    This car was not meant to be introduced in developed countries. This was, is and will be a car for developing / 3rd world countries. Where keeping the costs down are more important than money.

    We as a nation don't care about safety. We love the Mehran, which we all know is a death trap. Why? Resale. Cheap parts. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

    It's not just cars though. Go through a factory or a construction site. See any hard hats, gloves, ventilation systems, etc at most of them? Emergency exits? Go to the old city areas or even the newer developments. Most don't have fire or emergency exits. There's no L shaped space between buildings to protect against earthquakes.

    Don't blame Nissan for being a greedy corporation that intends to screw us over safety. Blame our own priorities and that we like being screwed.

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