Nissan Datsun Go Spotted Testing In Pakistan

Looks like the coming years will be really exciting for the automotive industry in Pakistan. The new Auto policy somehow has given a hope of entry to the new car assembler. Nissan and VW are already working on introduction of their cars, although no timeline is known at this time. We at have been reporting about it for quite some time. It seems like we will have something new very soon and we will see new car assemblers with their products for Pakistani market.

Nissan had been in Pakistani market in the past and was assembling cars under Ghandhara Nissan Limited until late early 2001, with Nissan Sunny being their most popular car in the country. Over time, they couldn’t compete against Suzuki, Toyota and Honda, and the sales number could not justify their operation the country. Still we can see their footprint in shape of Datsun 120Y and a few old Nissan Sunny models on our roads. Re-entry of Nissan in Pakistan is under discussion for a quite some time as Nissan already had an assembly plant in Karachi. Now seems like things are heating up. Today, a respectable community member Mr. Omer Nasser spotted two Nissan cars near Sahiwal and later near Okara. We really appreciate Mr. Nasser’s photographic work as it is clearly bringing a ray of hope for people of Pakistan, who are really looking for some new carmakers to enter the country.

Two cars; one in black while the other in silver, were spotted with tape used to hide the emblems on front and back. From the pictures, we can clearly make out that the two hatchback-style cars are Nissan Datsun GO. A fellow blogger at Mr Aref, posted a detailed article about these specific cars quite some time ago. Nissan has released GO & GO+, under its sub-brand Datsun. The Datsun Go is an entry-level hatchback and is available in two styles. A Datsun GO which is a regular 5 seats hatchback while the other is known as Datsun GO+, which in fact is Datsun GO with extended length and provides two extra seats in the rear to make it a 7-seat MPV.

Read: Nissan May Launch Datsun GO And GO+ In Pakistan

The spy shots show us both the Datsun Go [Silver] and Datsun Go+ [Black]. This crudely means that Nissan will launch both variants for Pakistani market. GO nameplate is currently being sold in India, Indonesia and South Africa by Nissan. Due to its versatility, the GO+ is very famous in our neighboring India. Both Go and GO+ are powered by 1.2L DOHC, 3 cylinder engine with 5 speed manual, front wheel drive. The small engine produces around 68Hp and 104 NM of torque with an impressive fuel economy of 20.6 km per liter, as per Nissan India. There is no automatic transmission option at this time.

Being an entry level economy car, one should not expect very high-end luxury inside, but it’s far ahead of our currently sold cars like Mehran and Cultus. Both GO and Go+ share the same interior features with simple dashboard design and are equipped with basic features with spacious interior. Actually it looks better than most of the Kei box shaped cars. The front speaks Datsun with its huge honey combed grill, which is basically re-imagined Datsun brand.

interior view front seating

The car comes Standard with air conditioning and a single din head unit with 2 speakers; optional power windows are also available. Remote tail gate, remote fuel lid as well as immobilizer are standard as well. Overall, GO can be all set and GO for Pakistani market where an entry level hatchback and a MPV is really need of the time. Buyers either have no option but the Suzuki products or the imported used Japanese Domestic Models. A brand new locally assembled Nissan Datsun Go with dealers’ sales and service network would be a very good start.

Lets hope we see Nissan back with its operation and we wish that other carmakers like Hyundai and VW also start their operations soon in Pakistan.

Please cycle through Spy Shots below. [Photo Credits: Omer Nasser]

Datsun Go

Image result for datsun

Image result for datsun go


Datsun GO Plus

passenger side view with family

Fazal Wahab

I am Civil Engineer by Profession and have love for High Rise Towers, Underground construction and Carbon Fiber Composites, automobiles is my first love. Its my passion to know and share about anything new in automobile industry.

  • Waqar Raja

    Nice mom van. -__-

  • Uzair

    There is no car with the above registration number registered on the excise dept website. Let’s hope it all points to something good.

  • Smokingaces

    stop speculating. These are just 2 imported cars, any one can get any car here in Pakistan if he/she is willing to pay. As for as Nissan Datsun cars coming to Pakistan is concerned, well I would sugeest don’t get your hopes too high as it won’t be before at least 3 years ( and that too if everything goes as planned) that these cars become available here officially. We all knwo how there were specultaions that Suzuki is going to replace Cultus with Celerio or some other model in late 2015 (October/November) and here we are in September already and still no signs of any new model launch by Suzuki. Heck even that specualted new Mehran/Alto (which has even Ishaq Dar pictured in it) has been delayed (for reasons best known to Pakistani consumer: yeah yeah blame us) till 3rd quarter of 2017.
    Sher bano sher!

  • Zuhaib Khan

    All I can say is, B +ive bra… Gandhara was/is not Pak Suzuki.BTW I think you mixed up the other minnister with Ishaq D… For one thing they can`t afford to wait 3 years or even 1 for that matter. Its a better package all and all if we were to compare it with Cultus/ Wagon R. Price wise its supposedly same as the basic Wagon R in Indonesia so we should expect it in the same bracket as VXR Wagon R, (if not less). First few hundred just might be imported units so can be on shore and roads in under 6 months… Yaay!!!

  • smart gear

    These spy shots are mostly spread by companies on social media sites , Take the cases of HONDA , WAGONR, new Mehran and FAW V2 , all those spy shots are spread by companies themselves as a teaser… And yes , hopes must be too high…..

  • smart gear

    Confused… Should I wait for DATSUN GO +, or should BUY FAW V2 , because i dislike imported cars and WagonR

  • Some One belongs to FAW

    Datsun Go is a flopped car in India , If they sale it for not more than 8 lacs then Go can make market in Pakistan …. Go plus should’nt be more than 11 Lacs , Beacuse FAW is all set to launch Oley , B-50 , B-30 in Pakistan with unbelievable prices… FAW Oley Sedan would be of 11.75 lacs,FAW B-30 would be of 13 lacs FAW B-50 would be of 14.83 lacs IN PKR , Chinese Engineers are working day and night here… Best of luck you Datsun…. Faw V2 1000 cc is coming with tag of 8 lacs in Pakistan side by side to Suzuki Celerio…

  • Ali Tahir

    Off topic… But funny how an ‘a’ instead of ‘o’ can change the whole meaning of the word… drastically

  • Abv

    To fatal bhai is ki launch thread Jan a ragi ha, since civic ki thread is near dead.

  • Abv

    To Bro 2 months main a jai gi?

  • XPlaneUser

    Wait … sabr ka phall, you know !

  • Zuhaib Khan

    Haha… Well Bra, it can be taken as Desi, as well as Valayti slang for Bro…

  • Guest

    Different markets, different results. It is easy for a car to flop in India because 20 offerings in one segment. 3-4 are successful and 3 or 4 are failed rest are average.

  • Sanjay Natarajan

    The silver one is Go and the black one is the Go+.
    But still wondering why they haven’t imported the redi-Go instead? That would draw more customers towards the new brand than these cars because of the affordability factor.

  • Speedoholic

    Just a thought…
    Whats the need to test run by company itself in Pakistan…
    Havent they ever tested on similar roads..

  • deltree

    FAW can launch all they want, there’s a long way for chinese cars to go. Already the leasing is problematic for FAW as shown on one thread fresh on PW forums. Nissan is a failed brand in Pakistan but it’s brand is still leaps and bounds more powerful in Pakistan compared to FAW. You have to understand not a lot of people who can afford it want to be scene with a virtually unknown car brand, perception goes a long way. Owning a FAW means when on eid your relatives come you have to justify to everyone why you bought a faw, while any jap parked car would not get anyone to bat an eye or doubt you.

  • Ehs

    These are Economy Cars by Datsun/Nissan meant for emerging markets. They’re much better than Mehran, and Cultus which they are going to compete against. They do have much modern engines in comparison to ancient technology of Mehran, Bolan, Cultus and Ravi.

    News has been floating in Dawn, Business Recorder, etc since mid 2015. about their launch

    Assembly line of Sunny and Chevrolet Joy will be utilized by Gandhara for their assembly.

    Expected launch is going to be late 2016/ early 2017 as per news sources.

  • munib

    [ Owning a FAW means when on eid your relatives come you have to justify to everyone why you bought a faw ]
    so you going to throw your 1/2 lac rupees extra coz you have to answer some relatives?

    mashallah what a logic !

    And no FAW is no more “unknown”. Its been 4 years now.

  • deltree

    it’s still a uknown unless you consider rural pakistan not part of pakistan. And that 50k I spend will be there to help me through the resale when I am stuck with the car 5 years down the lane trying to sell it. At that time this would still have the worst resale compared to any jap car I buy. So no im not spending 50k plus with a jap car, I am paying 50k so when the time comes I can get 1-1.5 lac higher than what I would get with a faw 🙂 I don’t give a rat’s ass about relatives I am telling you about common buyer perspectives.

  • Gemini

    Ooh man seems like truck drivers and heavy duty vehicle owners have used their mind in a better way as they all are using FAW nowadays. But our people will stuck in mehran and cultus forever because they think “Paidaari hee sab kuch hai”

  • Our society has big ‘image’ issues, i.e. we like to be liked with the stuff we have. The name ‘datsun’ won’t sell very much because its associated with old noisy rickety, almost-breaking-apart taxis. The name ‘sunny’ doesn’t sell that well either.

    What is with the marketing guys in this country? Cant you build good brand names? Everything affects sales, inch by inch, bit by bit. Fuel efficiency, a good auto tranny, and competitively priced good looks will beat all other factors hands down – its just the way people’s brains work in country.

  • AW

    What about auto transmission?

  • Usman

    I’ve heard that faw is soon beginning local assembly of v2 so prices will come down…so it’s better to w8 if you can live with the w8,

  • nCer

    No difference between ‘Sher bano y balay se pito”.
    At least the new auto policy has some room for new entrants and even window of revival for defunct units. We all know they are assessing the possibilities, so hope for the best.
    BTW i have not seen any imported car with covered/tapped logo! have you? ppl here love to show their unique possessions rather then hiding it.

  • ragingflares198

    Bro if FAW sells the 1000cc V2 with tag of 8 lacs in Pakistan having all the features present in the existing model, then i’ll be buying it on day 1 of release. And no way will Suzuki launch the Celerio below 11 – 12 lacs price bracket. These prices you mentioned for the FAW and Celerio are sadly just wishful thinking.

    Think logically, new brands like Datsun GO etc would set their price tags along the lines of roughly 10 – 11 lacs, as they know our awam happily pays 7 lacs for zero meter Mehran, so it will easily pay much more for these newer model / brand cars no matter how unjust the profits are.

    The only way to break market monopoly is not by having japanese but multiple chinese auto manufacturers like Zotye. Because the chinese in almost every economic sector capture the market by introducing products at insanely low rates. And low priced cars are better for us no matter they being chinese.

  • Ehs

    Sir Suzuki neither has auto tranny in Mehran, Cultus, Bolan, and Ravi and nor does it offer good fuel efficiency due to decades old engine technology and designs…yet it is the market leader here

    Unfortunately, in Pakistan consumers are obsessed with resale and do not give much priority to important things like safety, fuel economy, emission standards, and modern technology. However, the good thing is with the passage of time compared to the past now people are slowly realizing the importance of airbags and fuel efficient engines…but it will take some time to change the mindset…

    Gradually with more options in market consumers will slowly adopt other brands…look at FAW everyone stayed away from the brand initially now there are some growing sales…esp with XPV and V2..

  • Guest again

    Each environment is unique. E.g Japan is a predominantly cold country. Pakistan is cold in the north but the rest is as hot as gulf countries but the sand is much finer which leads to dusty environment and early clogging of air filter.

    So on so forth.

  • Guest again

    Are you sure about the FAW?

    I see more UD, Foton and Daewoo prime movers up and down the highways.

  • Guest

    Do not wait. They will come. They will import. They will launch. Nothing concrete. All future indefinite.

    You may as well be waiting fro 2-3 years or forever.

  • Fazal Wahab

    its not available.

  • وجاہت علی

    i saw these today going towards pir sohawa islamabad.

  • Nissan is Welcome

    does some one recognize this restaurant/ place? or SkyWays Bus route , then we can have cctv footages of drivers , then from Nadra database , we can reach them , and ask the reality… By the way I think company is invloved in this article write up ….

  • Guest yet again

    “Fatal” bhai ! Which Fatal bhai? Any lethal agents around?

    [Just kidding. You should turn off predictive text before writing Roman Arabic].

  • Guest yet again

    Do you think the driver would have CEO-level knowledge?

  • Guest yet again

    “brand new locally assembled Nissan Datsun Go with dealers’ sales and service network would be a very good start”

    The most important sentence with respect to marketing strategy. A large service network is not easy to build, and is the reason of failure of many brands in Pakistan. Instead, they can do it the classic way i.e teaching the independent mechanics through certification programs etc.

  • Researcher

    Nissan DATSUN Go Plus 1200cc is attractive , I may buy this if it would be priced 12.50 lacs to 13 lacs , else USED CITY would be a viable option.. Company should remember the fate of Toyota PROBOX , Fielder and NISSAN AD available in Pakistan… A single penny more than 13 lacs will cast a negative impact on Sales of GO plus.

  • Researcher

    This is Nissan Alta Electric Vehicle , they made in 1997. World is moving towards hybrids and electric vehicles , and we are stuck to #Cultus #Resale #we live for the guy who will buy our used cars.. Pakistani People are Psyco indeed

  • Ehs

    I hope this resale obsessed mindset goes away..
    what’s shocking is people give little priority to safety features and even fuel economy isn’t highly important.

    Anyway, it’s a good news. I hope someone else also joins small car segment…Paksuzuki’s monopoly in the small car/hatchback segment needs to be broken immediately for consumers benefit.

  • Those old models sell primarily because they have a monopoly in that small-vehicle-cheap-maintenance market segment. Like with all products, and as evidenced by the majority chunk of imported used vehicles being small sub 1.0L automatic vehicles, consumers will shift if they have an alternative.
    Its all about realising demand, where it is, and anticipating. As cities get more congested, more people migrating to metropolitan areas, women empowerment & employment increases, and disposable incomes become available to the new entrants in the middle income class – all factors combined, you have the perfect demand for small autos.

    Business opportunities are there, people just need to realise them.

  • Khurram

    Excuse me mister to us 13 km per litre is not bad with we being able to grind the car for 10 to 15 years and with low maintenance. I am talking about Toyota you can literally drive the car miles without changing oil or air filter and it will never dis-appoint you. Can you claim the same for Honda Nissan VW Audi Mitsubshi? No, because you guys can afford to spend thousands on after sales.

  • Khurram

    Making trucks is a different thing, besides these people do not sell them after five or ten years, do they? They keep it around for more then 20 years at the least and at the time of sale they are normally in worn out condition. But car market is obsessed with engine and suspension life. F.A.W will take some time to give serious competition to the Japs.
    And you know well that like Haier is no match for Hitachi. So is true for F.A.W and Toyota.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    how much will it cost ?

  • Muhammad Yasir

    damn shame !

  • Muhammad Yasir

    is redi-GO MOAR cheaper ??

  • Muhammad Yasir

    @disqus_8mwlxYscZb:disqus ur a car enthusiast too :p ?

  • Sanjay Natarajan

    Yes, the redi go costs from 2.35 lacs for the base model costs 3.5 lacs inr for the top model.
    Whereas the GO costs between 3.7 to 5 lacs. And the go plus costs 4.2 to 5.5 lacs inr.
    So, the redi go would pull more customers toward the brand, so more Datsun cars on road equals more free publicity for the brand.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    fair point.

    i wonder why they skimped on the redi go import and went for the EXPENSIVE version instead :/

  • Jishnu Manohar

    Go+ will soon be available with AMT, AFAIK.

  • Jishnu Manohar

    Pretty sure redi-GO will just destroy the Mehran’s monopoly.

  • Jishnu Manohar

    GO+ is exactly that.

  • Sultan Kiani

    This is Nissan AD van and it DOES NOT have 3rd row seat

  • Sultan Kiani

    Thank you Fazal Wahab for such a great news but Mr.Omer N (the spy photographer) really deserves an OSCAR for spotting the car. We hope that we’ll get Nissan Go soon BUT . . . Nissan should keep 3 important things in mind before launching Go series in Pak:

    1. Price is the most important thing. Offer it for less than 700K with driver’s side airbag and you win! (you can increase price later but introductory Price should be as low as possible)
    2. Spare parts availability and good after Sales Service (remember the fate of Kia Pride & Classic, Fiat Uno and Chevrolet Joy)
    3. Marketing does matter, if you launch and advertise it like Ravi Piaggio Storm 125, you’re gonna crash and burn in no time!

    We’ve spotted a test mule but don’t raise your hopes to high, there’s no guarantee if Datsun Go/+ is made available for public. If I’m not wrong, I remember Honda Jazz and Fit were brought into Pakistan for testing but Atlas Honda dropped the idea of smaller cars and they introduced CR-Z and CR-V later.

  • Old junk is market leader because thats the only thing available in that segment. You provide better than that junk and old junk will become – trash. That requires a vision of the future. Unfortunately most people in leadership positions cant see past yesterday.

  • fed up

    “Paidaari ” in suzuki brand??????????? what happened?

  • fed up

    come on man !! FAW is on the way, suzuki goes. FAW has just increased the price of v2 ,20,000 for what? and some stupid saying FAW is going to launch 1000cc in 8.o lakh , decraesing price??????????. Al haj motor looks not professional, taken some advantage of suzuki crapy cars that people have encouraged them against suzuki and thinking V2 has a good response?. It is just for short time may be, but when newer model will be available , people will forget about V2 or FAW.

  • fed up

    Gandhara nissan plant was idle since 4-5 years. They need not to start from scratch , only need some jigs and fixture and here you go. GN already announce production in 2017. Wait patiencly and dont buy junc , no need to mention suzuki LOL!!!!!!!!