Golden Chance. Gift For Suzuki Mehran Lovers. Dream Come True!

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“Golden Chance. Gift for Mehran Lovers. Dream come true”

There are so many wrongs in this tagline which mind you, I haven’t made up myself during the eventless loadshedding hours. I have actually come across the ‘Gift for Mehran Lovers’ expression on car selling websites more often than not, and it has always left me wondering about quite a few things – most importantly, has my life been a big fat lie?

Gift, I have always been told ever since my spaceship landed on this gola (planet), is something you get for free. It is something intended for you, presented to you out of sheer love, gratitude or pride. It is not something you have to pay for. Yet, when I click on the ‘Gift for Mehran Lovers’ ad, I see a 5 lakh rupee price tag. What sorcery is that? Why is he putting a price on a priceless ‘gift’?

Correspondingly, gold has been dear to humans for centuries. Their love for this uselessly soft metal is unconceivable by logic yet, economies are based on gold reserves of countries. Hence when we say “Golden Chance”, it implies impeccable, unblemished, bewildering and breathtaking once-in-a-life-time opportunity which if missed, leads to an eternity of repentance, regrets and What-if’s. And I always wonder how can missing a used Mehran, a few thousands of which we come across every day, be such a preposterous mistake? What is so exceptional in this particular Mehran that literally a Million other Mehrans are deprived of? Unfortunately the ad’s description always leaves this secret unrevealed.

I have socialized with a lot of humans since my arrival on this planet. They lead a short 60 earthly year’s life, but accumulate goods and chattels sufficient for a dozen such lifetimes. They dream big. I have met millionaires from palaces to homeless living in slums, and one thing is common – yes, they dream BIG. I am yet to come across someone who has 5 lakh rupees, and yet he dreams of a Mehran. Every. Single. Night. Mehran is never a dream. It is always a compromise, a compulsion, a constraint.

Please don’t get me wrong, it took me 5 years to work my back side off (yes, we have that on our planet too) to afford a bike. I have utmost respect for hardworkers and people with legitimate source of income, irrespective of how big or small. I just fail to fathom the ulterior motive behind erroneously glamorizing a drab item of utility…erroneously glamorizing like ““Golden Chance. Gift for Mehran Lovers. Dream come true”

Alas, earthlings go lengths in overselling their belongings. It startles me to see them regularly making an absolute fool out of themselves in this process.

I know a person who buys and sells cars. He eyes a target car, goes to the sellers and starts aggrandizing the tiniest of issues with that particular model – “Civic tau aajkal bikti hi nahi. 1800cc ki tau registration hi 3 lakh hai, itni heavy body hai, 6 ki average deti hai, iss color ki tau market hi 9-10 lakh hai. Iss say purana model ab bhi behtar bik jaata hai”. Once he buys the car, those grave issues vanish and it instantaneously becomes the best Civic Honda has ever produced. It jumps to 1.3 million in value because ‘saaf garee kay achay paisay hotay hain’ (nope, not while he was buying, just upon selling), the fuel economy improves rightaway from the earlier understated ‘6 deti hai’ to 12-13kmpl. Amusingly, it never worked for him. He was the same miser whining about money 10 years ago as he is now.

Why then? Why humiliate yourself in this worthless pursuit of deceit? Why can’t the ads state the truth? Wouldn’t it save the buyers as well as sellers’ precious time and energy if the seller presented the car as it is – without the glorification?

Have you guys come across someone jumping his socio-economic class just by selling his car 20k more expensive than it deserved, or buying a car 20k cheaper than the market price? That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works…even on my planet.

I have made quite a few friends in the process of buying and selling cars, and I haven’t bought and sold many. And they, trust you me, have proven to be far more precious than any 20k I would’ve made extra on sale/purchase of any of those particular vehicles.  They all had one thing in common – they were not willing to lie/exaggerate/glorify their ordinary cars in order to sell it to me at a slightly higher price.

Phrases like “in use of an army officer/Banker/govt. servant”, “Ghar ki chali hui”, “selling because going abroad”, “CNG installed but never used” accompany every alternate ad nowadays. And to be honest, this trick has been utilized to an extent that all these statements work more as deterrents than seduction. I personally click that red x button on the top right corner as soon as I see any of these in a car’s description…as soon as I hear any of such exalted claims, I understand that saala wrong number hai.

Are there any claims by the seller which work as an anti-click for you? What are the things which tick you off from buying a car right away? What are the phrases which make you stop looking at the car and just walk away?

Don’t believe me? Just look at some of the Suzuki Mehrans posted on and see for yourself.

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  1. Ali says

    “bumper to bumper geniune hai ji “

  2. Arsalan says

    – Used as a third car
    – 15 year old car but mileage only 30k kilometres
    – dealer pretending to be owners brother or cousin or something

  3. Eltaf Janjua says

    Stylish and Reliable

  4. Fahad Siddiqui says

    “Lady Driven”, Grinds my gears.

  5. Saud Ilyas says

    I remember, when i bought mine from PAKwheels .. “Gift for Honda Lovers” “No need to spend money, just buy and drive” “Car in perfect condition, no foolish offers”

  6. Saud Ilyas says

    The car is under use of an army doctor. its bumper to bumper genuine with no touching. price is slightly negotiable. The reason for selling is the owner has been posted abroad. It’s parked in my house. LOL

  7. Khurram Altaf says

    Spot on!

    Used as a 3rd car in a 30 person household.
    Mileage under 30k, but steering and cliutch/brake pedal worn off more than Choburji monument
    Oh and regarding dealer pretending to be brother, I present to you a buying technique : “main nay ghar k liye leni hai.”

    Bhai aap garee ghar pay chalao, ya route pay. Once I have sold the car, Na mujhay apkay ghar garee chalnay say koi faida ho ga, na route pe chalnay say karaya milay ga. So do whatever you want with the car, just give me right offer for it.

  8. khuram says

    Let me tell you my story from back in 2012. I was young and didnt know jack shit about cars.
    I saw this ad on Pakwheels about this guy Khawar Wahla selling a cultus.
    I went there and looked like a good car. Nice, clean (detailed obv).
    The man described in the article is exactly what I saw. The car had everything.
    He is a govt officer grade 17 and uses it to go to office. Keeps it clean, never lets even his children inside. Bla bla bla.
    I bought the car around 20K more than market as article suggest. 🙂

    1. Car was on CNG. Second day I tried petrol, it wouldnt start. Turns out its fuel pump was dead along with gauge. Had to have it done in 5k.
    2. The car was OK but in 2 months time, the engine started blowing. Turns out, he had changed ring instead of whole overhaul and never told me.
    3. No backup key.
    4. The mats he provided were cheap n torn. Like he had sold the mats separately.
    5. Meter tampered as well.

    So guys, please please beware what you buy on Pakwheels and beware of this piece a shit Khawar Wahla. I didnt contact him ever because he’d again use that gift of gab and I’d end up feeling worse.

    But becareful.

  9. Zain Cheema says

    well written

  10. Sheraz says

    What the hell is this doctor driven or army officer driven vehicles. I believe these army men always keep their free slaves provided by Army to keep rubbing the vehicles body and brushing the tires, which actually deteriorate the paint. They have no sense of detailing and just make sure there should be no dust on the car and wheels should shine like their own boots .. lol. And doctors are worst people to maintain the car. I used to talk to my doctor cosine who always have odd shifts and hardly clean the car on weekends.

    I don’t know how this two verticals add value to your vehicles :).

  11. Sunny Hunny says

    I got back to pakistan after good 5 years and didnt have experience buying a car, so i came across a couple of Honda City’s 2005 model. This guy from Iqbal Town, Lahore was asking for 650k for its 2003 car which i thought is good as it was 1st Ramzan of 2012, I didnt care about repainted pieces as i was from the UK. lol..i was like in Lahore wear and tear is normal as it is in London specially the bumpers…i asked the guy as long as it doesnt have major accidents i am okay, he assured me like “Bhai mai likh ke dun ga koi masla nai hai gari mai no accidents and all that crap” Eventually i ended up buying a “rolled over” honda city. Na ab sell hoti achi price pe na kuch…so anyone telling you “Bhai likh ke dun ga koi accidental nai hai gari” never believe him….yahan samnay banda mar do koi poochta nai police walay uska kuch nai kar sakte hum tou phir gari buy kar re…hamara kon waali waras? lol

  12. Arfi says

    My father has been in this car buying selling bushiness for ages & in the main market. He never made fool of anyone always told them this is the car .so & so is the condition buy it or leave it. whosoever wished to get the car checked by dent mender /painter/mechanic. He always welcomed them. I don’t understand why dealers people lie. Even i sold many cards through my PR & pakwheels. I always told them this is a machine never take it for granted. Get it checked before buying for satisfaction. That’s so stupid of anyone to lie & keep taking gaaliyaan all over your life.

  13. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    Doctors know Jack*** about cars(petrol heads forced to study medicine are an exception), they are doctors not engineers, yet i have to come across an ad saying engineer maintained car. :/

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