Ever Wondered What Big Countries Like China Do With Their Old Cars?!

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China, one of the world’s economic superpowers with a population around 1.4 billion, accounting for almost 20% of the world’s population. Which is why with such a large population in china, a person buys a brand new car every 2.7 seconds! That is an incredible stat to get your head around. So in the time it took you to get to this point in the article, around 5 new cars will have been sold in China.

So it begs the question as to what China does with all the old cars that are no longer compliant with emission standards and are turning scrap. They just dump them. Instead of recycling, they simply just dump them in massive junkyards and the same goes for bikes that are no longer considered eco-friendly.


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It really is a sight to behold. Hundreds of thousands of cars piled on top of each other with most of them probably being in useable condition, just dumped because there CO2 emissions are too high. What are your opinions on how China disposes of its cars? Do you think it would make sense if they were brought to and sold in Pakistan for reasonable prices? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.





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  1. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    the dumping of cars in this manner doesn’t make sense. they should refurnish them and import them to other countries.

  2. Fawad Hassan says

    This is absolutely the right way to do it. Recycle old used cars when their engines starts producing more CO2. Environment should be our first priority no matter what!
    As combustion engine gets older, it produces more CO2 and hence affect every living creature on this planet.
    Even for the new cars, the gov should tax not based on the engine size, instead how much CO2 it produces. For example Prius produces less CO2 than Corolla 1.3 or Honda City 1.3, then its tax should be less than these cars. Another example is Cultus vs Wagon R. Wagon R is way more fuel efficient and hence produces less CO2 than Cultus, so tax for Cultus should be higher than Wagon R.
    Another important point is tax should be less for new cars and it must increase each year based on the CO2 it produces.

  3. tetra_four says

    Well it does not make any sense at all to import vehicles that have been dumped by the Chinese authorities for high carbon dioxide emissions. We are all well aware of how adversely carbon dioxide emissions
    effect our environment, so why should WE contribute to air pollution no matter how usable these vehicles are.

    As far as their method of disposing off vehicles that do not meet their emission standards is concerned, I am pretty sure that these scrap heaps are used for recycling purposes. There is no point of just storing/discarding metal just like that. There are many state of the art material recovery and recycling facilities around the world that offer customized recycling solutions all depending on the needs of that specific geographic region.

  4. usman niazi says

    the point of the article was that they are NOT recycling them in the first place…

  5. Areeb Shaikh says

    Nashukra pan 😀

  6. blankMind says

    It might be a good business to extract parts of such vehicles and then sell these parts.

  7. Trax says

    Ohhhh so thats where they keep getting the old gas guzzling engines they put in our local cars!!!!

  8. Faizan Khalid says

    i must say pata nahi kia sooch ke yeh kartay han yeh china mai population control karnay k liyay steps liay ja saktay haan aur jo land zaia ho raha hai…………………they might want the biggest car collection :p

  9. Haseeb Ullah Khan says

    Well the world is trying to have pollution free living and we Pakistanis are trying to fetch money out of it and have more pollution in our country more contamination and more diseases. Come on bro its not nashukrapan but a revolutionary step for better living and healthy societies. Seriously we are totally illiterate if some one offers us free treated sewerage water our people would launch it to the market for profits.

  10. Xain says

    70% of the ENVIRONMENTAL polution is caused DURING the PRODUCTION of a New Car.
    So please at least know before you blab.
    Thank you!

  11. sohaib says

    sad to see that the iq level of us pakistanis have got so low that we can’t understand what recycling means in first place. if china is dumping them why should we import? what the heck! if these chinese vehicles are giving 100 co2 we should not import it but rather run our 90 mehran and 70 corolla who give 1000 co2. Also smaller engines though they have bad emission readings will still be able to produce less carbon than 5700cc land cruisers and 2400 cc kazashi. No body asking to ban their import or atleast off road 90s pajero cruiser or surf models.

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