Good News: Fuel Prices Remain Unchanged

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Previously, we posted an article which stated that the fuel prices would increase from the 1st March 2015, but now, we are delighted to inform you that the fuel prices will not be increasing on the 1st of March as the summary requesting for the increase in petroleum products sent to the ministry was rejected. The confirmation came on Friday when Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar confirmed that prices will not be increased.

Earlier, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) sent a summary to the federal government, recommending an increase in the price of petroleum products by as much as Rs12.62 per liter.

via The News

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  1. king nawaz's loyal subjects. says

    Long live nawaz our leader and saviour. Pakistan is in good hands. Proud to be Pakistani.

  2. Aslam says

    The summary sent by OGRA suggested an increase of Rs. 4 per litre, not Rs. 12.62

  3. Asad Malik says

    Troll post alert.Low fuel prices are a result of fall in global crude price drop.P.s your king Nawaz slapped tax from 10 to 27% on petrol..It would have been around 60 if not for that tax hike.So troll more and choke around.

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