‘Government should obliterate taxes on Hybrid Cars’

In an interesting turn of event National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Climate Change has urged the government to obliterate the taxes on Hybrid cars. The main aim of this proposal is to clean the environment of the country and to check air pollution.

Pollution and Global warming are of great concern for all human race, and that is why almost all over the world efforts are being made to curb carbon emission and to find renewable sources to generate power for the country and vehicles. China, India, and Paris are the leading countries to make effective policies to change fossil fuel based vehicles and power generators.

A meeting was held on Monday in which it was discussed to increase the fine whoever is violating climate/environmental laws made by the government to protect and maintain the quality of air. Furthermore, in the meeting, it was also discussed what type of measures Ministry of Climate Change and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) have taken to improve the quality of air.

Secretary of ministry, Syed Abu Ahmed said that a project was made in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency back in 2005 to give a boost to air monitoring system. However, the project became dysfunctional in 2010, and no progress was made further, but Environmental Protection Agency has revived it again after spending PKR 1.8 million.

Moving onward, an official of Petroleum division said that in order to clean the air and to improve its quality we had imposed fine on oil refineries that are not meeting the Euro-II standards. It is to be noted here that according to the Minister of Climate Change, Mr. Mushahidullah Khan Pakistan is generating almost 35 percent of its electricity through renewable sources. In my opinion, this is indeed a great news for Pakistan’s environment.

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  • JUTT

    Tax should also be abolished on all electric cars.

    After completion of new power projects, Pakistan will have extra electricity and we should use it to power our vehicles. Good or environment and consumers.

  • JIT

    All taxes & duties should be abolished on cars, except only sales tax.

    Also ban all cars more than 25 years of age. They shouldn’t be street legal.

    Ban all used car imports, allow only brand new cars from the list of approved countries.

    No car from India should be allowed to import. No comfort, No Business for Enemies of Pakistan.

    Overseas Pakistanis should be allowed to import 1 new car every 3 years as long as they pay for that vehicle directly from their country of residence. No pressure on Pakistan’s foreign reserves.

    Strict safety, fuel and emission standards from US & EU should be slapped on all local and imported cars.

  • Alpha Bravo

    Good move if taken.

  • mohsin malik

    Not going to happen.

    The GOP is already started to discourage import of used cars, a SRO was issued on Dec 04, 2017 which makes it very difficult to import.

    How will the GOP survive if it makes cars duty free?????