Govt. Dismisses Audi’ Plan to Enter Pakistan

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In a recent development Board of Investment has turned down -Germany’ Premiere Auto Manufacturer- Audi’ investment plan.

Chairman BOI, Shah Jahan Shah remarked, ‘Audi representatives visited Pakistan and wanted to invest in MKD (medium knocked down) model with only vehicle assembly in Pakistan. It is against the current auto policy,’ to a group of journalists on Tuesday (March 28, 2017).

‘Although we encourage new entrants, our primary goal is to ensure the growth and strength of Pakistan’ vendor base and dealer network, besides creating employment.’

The rationale behind this new Auto Policy 2016 is to tackle the bad emission standards, promotion of local investment, besides discouraging the booking of cars against full payments with delivery dates extending as far as six months.

Sources report that the Audi Representatives have been conveyed to come up with a fresh proposal while considering key points of the new Auto Policy 2016. Considering the government’ rigid stance on this auto policy, it should not come as a massive surprise that Shah is hailing this policy as the reflection of consumer welfare and a catalyst for quality improvement & enhancement in safety standards.

(This news was originally published in The Express Tribune)