Heatwave In India Is Causing Roads To Melt

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It is so hot in India that roads are melting, and I mean literally. Temperatures were as high as 46 Celsius. Temperatures get as high as 50 Celsius in Pakistan and India. But let us hope we do not see melting roads in Pakistan. Fatal heatwave has always claimed innocent lives in both countries, unfortunately.

The photos of melting road, that looks like you’re looking at a zebra when you’re on an acid trip, was taken in India’s capital, Delhi. Months of May and June are typically two of the hottest months of the year in Pakistan and India.

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If you come across any melting roads, please do share the photos with us. Let us know how you’re dealing with the scorching heat and its aftermaths, in the comments section below. Keep safe and keep hydrating.

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  1. Talib Haider says

    There is a term for it. Its called thermal expansion. The roads are not melting. Differents parts of it are just expanding in different ways. You would be surprised to know the temperature required to ‘melt’ roads. Simply put, humans would melt before that.

  2. rashid says

    That’s just an expression!

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