Here is How Suzuki Ciaz Can Propel the Launch of Honda City Facelift in Pakistan

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It is quite obvious that Pakistan’s Automotive Industry is showing signs of life after the implementation of new auto policy 2016-21. Considering the recent activity from Pak-Suzuki and IMC, it’s natural to question the plan of action from Pakistan’s 3rd automotive manufacturer. After all, Honda Atlas had launched Civic X last year. So, what about their top seller, Honda City? As it turns out, I was thinking on this same topic and following is my attempt to hypothesize a scenario, which could take place after the launch of Suzuki Ciaz.

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First things first: Why would people want to buy Suzuki Ciaz instead of Honda City?

The answer somewhat lies in the question itself. Think of it in a more local context; Honda City is one of those cars, which have a high ‘Own rate’ for the entirety of a year and then there is a fact that it has the lowest depreciation value. Suffice to say, if you go out to buy a used Honda City, the prices for 09′ model start from PKR 1.1 million, which is a lot. But you might be wondering, how am I going to relate Honda City with Suzuki Ciaz? Admittedly, there isn’t much to base a hypothesis, just some hints from PW sources that this car will be priced in the range of City Aspire 1.3 & 1.5. The question of selection thus falls to value for money (features) and build quality. Let’s not forget that Honda Atlas has not launched a major facelift of City since its introduction in 2009. Ciaz, on the other hand, will be imported and built on Suzuki’s latest platform. Likewise, Ciaz is likely to feature all the safety and amenities according to European standards. Thus Suzuki Pakistan will be planning to capture the market by offering a lucrative product at very nominal rates.

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Okay, but what about after-sales service?

Frankly speaking, this is a point where CBU’s tend to take a beating. Localized cars like Honda City offer much more easy maintenance and parts availability as compared to CBU’s. This situation can be related to JDM cars, which albeit offering a lot of amenities to consumers, lack in the after sales. This statement can be further argued by the presence of Suzuki’s 3S dealerships across Pakistan. However, the primary influencing factor all comes down to the price of maintenance and parts availability.


In a nutshell, how is Suzuki Ciaz going to propel the launch of Honda City in Pakistan?

Since its launch in Pakistan, Honda City has remained a top contender in the 1300cc car category, which is supported by its popularity, performance and lack of price depreciation. So saying that a new upstart from Pakistan’s largest and only small car manufacturer, may seem a bit outlandish on the surface. However, considering the scale of operations and efforts Suzuki Pakistan is putting in to advertise this suggests that company is opting for a very aggressive campaign to enter the market fray, which means increased competition in the 1300cc category. This action could not only propel Honda Atlas to ensure its dominance in this sector, but can also push Indus Motors Company to consider revising its Toyota Corolla line-up. In the end, this shakedown of Pakistan’s automobile industry, which started at the beginning of the current fiscal year is showing results. Although this increased movement is also attributed to the success of CPEC, nonetheless, the results are promising, which spell out good news for local consumers.

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  1. Salman Ahmed says

    hmm . Atlas will skip current city generation and only launch when the next city comes worldwide

  2. Guest says

    “Ciaz is likely to feature all the safety and amenities according to European standards”

    Unlikely. Consider Swift, which has the added advantage of being cheaper due to local manufacture.
    Another point-of-view to consider is that Liana had a lot more features and and specs compared to its competitors in a lower price, but still it failed.

  3. As says

    There is no further Honda City Face lift for the current generation offered in Pakistan.

    Honda City is due for a new generation/shape, not a facelift.

  4. Sanjay Natarajan says

    No, honda launches a new city every decade and a mid life facelift every five years. If things were to go by this schedule, honda will be launching a facelift in 2017 for the city which was originally launched in 2012 around the world.

  5. Khurram says

    This article is a pure lie and the writer seems to be being paid by the Honda to promote its expensive to maintain cars.
    Who says that a Honda is the least depreciated car, this fact highlighting article has a basic hitch, which casts the professional skills of the writer in question as well, in short, he should have compared like with like. Instead in his haste to promote Honda and earn money he compared 11th gen Toyota instead of the 10th gen. with the car that was launched in 2008 and under different economic terms. If some one uses his wits to recalculate he shall find that Toyota beats Honda City by a considerable margin.
    Furthermore the price of a Honda spare parts is not only double but, their life is shorter too as compared to a Toyota and even Suzuki’s Baleno.
    Last but not the least check the underside of Honda and it shall answer your question about value for money.

    P.S Pakwheels team please stop helping bloggers in promoting Honda City.

  6. Asif says

    You guys have current gen city Pakistan is on the previous generation City. The situation is different here. Face-lift for 2009 city was already introduced here in 2014 (instead of a new model). There is no further facelift for previous gen city.

  7. Auto expert says

    I think FAW B-30 can give tough time to city and this Ciaz, because FAW B-30 is selected to be priced at 13.75 lacs , with 1600cc volkswagon engine and automatic transmission. while ciaz is to be around 18 lacs in Pakistan.. See how things will turn up in 2017 mid.

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