Here Is An Update On Suzuki Cars Delivery Time

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Earlier, we told you that the prices of Suzuki cars in Pakistan have increased. So, we thought to share the updated Suzuki cars delivery time with you if you want to book any of them.

Suzuki Alto 

As per details and Suzuki dealerships:

  • The tentative delivery time of Suzuki Alto VX is 150 days, meaning 5 months.
  • Meanwhile, the tentative delivery time of Alto VXR is 120 days (4 months)
  • The delivery of Alto VXL (top of the line variant) is temporarily suspended.

Suzuki Wagon R

The tentative delivery time of all variants of Wagon R is 120 days (4 months).

Suzuki Cultus

As per the dealers, the booking of all variants of Suzuki Cultus is temporarily suspended.

Suzuki Bolan and Ravi 

According to the company:

  • The tentative delivery time of Suzuki Bolan is 60 days (2 months).
  • The tentative delivery time of Suzuki Ravi is also 60 days (2 months).

We hope that this article will be a good help for our readers and help them book Suzuki cars. As we mentioned earlier, the company has increased the prices of its vehicles. Suzuki took the step after government-rather surprisingly-imposed 2.5% Federal Excise Duty (FED) on cars up to 1300cc, the segment dominated by Suzuki.

The small cars by Suzuki are one of the most popular in the local market as the middle-class section of the society is the primary buyer. In the last three decades, the company has dominated the 800cc and 1000cc cars category. After the launch of 660cc Alto, the company is dominating the section too. The love for Alto is apparent from the sales numbers.

In the month of December, Suzuki sold over 9,000 units of Alto, which is the highest-ever since the launch of the car. This shows, despite high prices, the Alto is one of the most favorite cars of consumers in Pakistan.

What do you think about these Suzuki cars delivery time? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Haleem Arshi says

    my bank has submitted PO to Suzuki on 03 August 2021 while Suzuki has issued booking letter for delivery of 06.01.2022 and still no sign of delivery by the dealer. can any one has information of delivery AGS ALTO in coming month.

  2. Munib says

    It is ironic that public is made hostage to Suzuki and no media or tv channel is bothering to cover this story.

    Suzuki has taken billions from Public and enjoying profit from banks but not willing to compensate public.

    If they cannot fulfill their commitment why they accepted the sale/purchase?

  3. Zeeshan says

    It seems like these Govt is sleeping and these useless companies are free to suck people money

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