Honda Atlas announces its first price hike of 2020

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Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited (HACPL) has announced its first price increase of the year 2020 by up to PKR 100,000 with effect from 16th January 2020.

Honda Atlas price hike of 2020

The Japanese auto manufacturer has issued a notification in which it has raised the prices of all its cars at the cost of some additional offers on some models. However, there is no certain reason mentioned in the circular as to why the company has revised the prices of its products. According to the details, all the variants of Honda City have now become costlier by PKR 20,000, while the price of Honda Civic Turbo RS is raised by PKR 80,000. Similarly, the price of Honda Civic 1.8L I-VTEC CVT and 1.8L I-VTEC CVT Oriel is increased by PKR 50,000 and PKR 30,000, respectively. On the other hand, the automatic variants of Honda BR-V observed a price revision of PKR 50,000, whereas the manual version of BR-V will now cost PKR 100,000 more than its current price in the local market. All these price revisions will come into effect from 16th January 2020. For booking orders until 15th January, the old price will be applicable if the deposited instrument is done, latest by the 15th of January. However, the existing back-orders as of 7th January 2020 will be delivered on the old price if the full payment is received at the latest by 31st January 2020.

Have a look at the company’s official notification for further details.

Honda Atlas Price Revision

Note here that all these prices are exclusive of with-holding tax, freight, and insurance charges. At the same time, the automaker has also offered some additional features on some of its cars at the cost of this price hike. Honda Civic I-VTEC is powered by a push start and smart entry feature now. However, both the 1.8L versions of Honda Civic will be available in the warranty period of 3 years or 75,000 km (whichever comes first). The company is also offering the same warranty period on the Turbo RS variant of Civic as well, along with a one-year free periodic maintenance for a limited time from January to March 2020. It covers oil filter, oil, air filter, and brake pads under no labor charges. The same maintenance offer is valid for all variants of BR-V as well.

It is worth mentioning here that Pakistani rupee has gained value against the US dollar in the past few months, and still, the auto manufacturers are increasing the prices of their vehicles in a market that is already facing a massive downtrend of sales. In January 2020, the other Japanese auto giants Pak Suzuki and Toyota Indus have already jacked up the prices of their cars and now joined by Honda Atlas. The regulatory body of the government needs to look into this matter as it certainly requires attention.

What are your thoughts on this price hike by Honda Atlas? Let us know in your feedback and stay connected for more updates on the automobile industry of Pakistan.

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