Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Launches Sportier & Bolder Accord 2016

Lahore, 17 December 2016 – Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited sets a new benchmark for an executive sedan with the launch of the all-new Honda Accord. The redesigned 9th generation Accord offers an attractive package with premium features.

The Accord, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, is a flagship model of Honda. Since its introduction, the Accord has been consistently an executive’s favorite sedan due to its DNA of quality, refinement and premium. After being launched in the Pakistan market in 2005, Honda Accord has maintained its position as Honda’s flagship and has become the symbol of Honda automobile brand’s core values.

The 9th generation New Accord was built to set a new benchmark under three new enhancements: Advanced – Fun – Environment. Honda Accord 2016 is more elegant and luxurious, redefining the premium sedans by delivering the feeling of “Ride into the Future” to its customers.

The New Accord has been redesigned to offer a sophisticated yet masculine exterior with new front bumper design, stylish LED headlights for both front and rear, plus two-tone black and silver rims to complete the dynamic outlook. In order to meet the lifestyle of modern day executives, the New Accord has been fitted with a 7-inch Touchscreen Advanced Display Audio unit with I-MID, Hands free Telephone Control with Voice Recognition and Mirror Link features that complete the ease of communication and entertainment on the go.

The all-new Accord offers more premium, and class-above features, including Smart Entry, Push Start Button, Sunroof, Cruise Control and Econ mode. Dual-zone automatic climate enables separate temperature settings for left and right zones. To ensure climate comfort of all occupants, rear air vents provide cool air to rear passengers. The roomier cabin features redesigned seating, including an 8-way adjustment’s driver seat with memory functions and a 4-way adjustment’s front passenger seat with a power adjustment switch.

The New Accord comes with a 2.4-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine with 4-cylinder and 16-valve that provides 175 horsepower at 6,200 rpm. The powertrain is with Honda’s revolutionary “Earth Dreams Technology”, and offers an exhilarated drive yet better fuel efficiency. The model comes with a 5-speed automatic transmission and paddle shifters.

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With safety being always vital to Honda, the all-new Accord is equipped with six airbags; Dual i-SRS, i-Side Airbags, and Side Curtain Airbags. Honda Lane Watch is also included in the New Accord’s comprehensive safety features to help improving visibility of the driver’s blind spot. It can be activated by engaging the right turn signal or, for a constant real-time display on the vehicle’s i-MID screen, by pressing the Lane Watch button on the turn signal switch.

The New Accord’s wide array of passive and safety features include Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Multi-view Reverse Camera, Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), and front and rear sensors.

The sales of the all-new Accord will start at Honda’s authorized dealers from December 17, 2016 with a suggested retail price at 11.25 Million Pakistan Rupees. The Accord is available in five colors; White Orchid Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic, Lunar Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, and Brilliant sporty blue. For customers’ convenience and peace of mind, the New Accord comes with 2-year or 50,000 km warranty.

Honda Pakistan is confident that the styling, premium features, and outstanding package of the New Accord will extend its popularity in the Pakistan market.

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  • Usman Ilyas

    US$ 115,000 for a mid level sedan. You have GOT to be kidding me!

  • Smokingaces

    that pricing though.

  • Azeem Waqar

    This is Pakistan……..Bas yaha par sirf beghairat ban kar zindagi guzaro

  • aliqadri

    25% car price + 75% (tax, duties) – car is good @ 28lac

  • aliqadri
  • Ahmed

    LOL @ the price. Good luck selling even a single unit here haha. This can be imported at more than half the price.

  • Sif sli

    Its really expensive for Pakistan market if someone going to buy this medium sedan at this price then other best options lige toyota crown and audi A4 and A5 is there.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Taxes 🙁

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Kya bakwas hai… banda thori used import karle aadhi price mein I encourage anyone who wants to buy this. #price #bloodytaxes

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    why you people are so offended with the taxes. those are good for local manufacturer growth. besides all these, kitny log import kar k 5M main accord chla rahy hain???

  • Danial Khan

    Agr 1 cror me y car leni he to 75 lac me brand new AUDI A6 mil rahi h pakistan me jo is car se bht zada achi Hi tech h. accord audi a4 lavel ki h or audi a4 58 lac ki h koi pagal he hoga jo y is price me le ga

  • Azeem Waqar

    Is liye to 20 saal se Mehran chala rahe hain local manufacturer ko aur tahfooz do inshAllah 2050 main bhi mehran chalai ge…..

  • Jayy Khan

    well said.

  • Xain Shah

    well said !

  • Usman

    From the posted video from Honda look like the car owner forgot the exit of his house and moving in circles searching. LooLz

  • Waqar

    I’d rather buy a house.

  • Shurjil Butt

    Stupid bullshit government rules n duties. A 30 lakh car is 1 cror plus here. Why should one buy this and not buy Merc E class ?

  • Capt Faraz

    Excellent ???

  • Kifayatullah

    Better cars are available in market in far less price.

  • Virk

    $35,000.00 in Australia

  • Imran

    local industry ko tahafuz detey detey Mehran 8 lac plus ki ho gai…USA mein isay koi 1 lac mein bhi na khariday….Pakistani logon ko bewaquf bante bante 35-36 saal hogaey….Mehran jun ki tun hay….wohi shakal wohi interior, wohi kamanian pichlay 26-27 sal say….8 lac plus ki gari kamanion kay sath….sari dunya mein garion mein spring istamal hotay hein, comfort kay leay aur hamari brand new mehran mein kamanian lagi hoti hain….uss per bhi log baray khush hotay hein….sahi ka ullu bana rahey hein, Suzuki walay….alto ka bhi yehi haal hay….jun ki tun….dunya chand per pohanch gai aur hamari Mehran ki kamanion se jan na chuti…Amazing

  • Tahir

    Mid sized in non-luxury segment. What a joke.

  • Salman Ahmed

    Honda’s Accord is going to end up as Suzuki’s Kizashi that is lame, over-priced and no buyers. Why would anyone buy this when you have an Audi starting at around 3.5 million.

  • Bbstts

    You know what the funny thing is? Everyone is commenting on how stupid it is to buy an accord for 1.15 crore when you can buy audi for same price…..hey what about all the ppl who buy 2 crore Toyota Land Cruiser over Audi Q7???? Does the same not apply there?

    there are far more land cruisers on the road than any (cheaper ) German suv.

    This accord will sell like hot cakes, more ppl will buy this over an e class or 5 series….why? Same reason why this country isn’t going anywhere…..backward ass mentality and thinking!

  • Hashaam

    civic is better than acccord

  • Tahir

    No it’s not.


    The price of this car even in a high-tax rate country like Canada is less than half of it’s proposed price in Pakistan.
    Same is true for Toyota Camry that predominantly used as Cab/Taxi and is sold at around equivalent to PKR:3 million only.
    I wonder for how long Pakistani consumers will continue to be fleeced & exploited so ruthlessly.

  • Tahir

    Why would you compare Q7 with the land cruiser. They are different category vehicles. Q7 is midsize SUV/crossover in the luxury segment, while the land cruiser being full size SUV in the non luxury class. Compare the Land Cruiser with qx80, lx570, Range Rover, Suburban/ Yukon xl( luxury counterparts). Anybody would prefer the later vehicles over the tech deficient Land Cruiser. (IF YOURE THINKING OUTSIDE OF MAINSTREAM PAKISTANI MENTALITY)

  • Umar Khan

    Hain… 1 caror for this car ? Bhai pakistaniyoo k pass bara black money hy aap ko yea car lhr isb or karachi mai nazar aa jaye gi. pehly zardari tax lagta tha now GANJA tax lagta hy awam par..

  • AbdulB1

    you dont know about taxes??? Pakistanis pay 100 percent tax on local made and 200 on imported vehicles.

  • AbdulB1

    bhai hain log jo sirf show ke liye is ko kharedein gai

  • AbdulB1

    yevi nahe america pakistan se agay

  • Mohammad Zeeshan Fahd

    a perfect slap on honda’a face ……

  • Khurram

    Land Cruiser is the best in its class across the globe.

  • Umz

    LOL. Instead of showing features of the car, Honda Atlas has come up with this cheap video where the owner lives alone in the middle of nowhere and gets lost among trees. 2 x LOL.

  • Umz

    There are classless people here who just want to show that they have shit loads of money. The car does not matter.

  • Inam

    How Honda Atlas will sale this in Pakistan with 11.25 M price ?? This is the only question who ll kill this Product for Pakistan against the German Brands Audi A6 & Merc E-Class.
    This car’s sales will definitely match the sales of Suzuki Kizashi

  • § }{

    even the outgoing Mehran can outrun this accord….granted I am only talking about when the cars are pulled by a donkey, the accord is too heavy compared to the Mehran…true story

  • Hashaam

    in which century you live ? 1)America 2)india(ALL INDIAN DEVELOPERS IN American TECH COMPANIES PAKISTAN REJECTED ALL TIMES ) (1000 to up)Pakistan.

  • AbdulB1

    not in pk nor in us

  • Aamir

    Nice review except the biased POV towards a brand. Sets a new benchmark? really? have u even studied the competition with which its competing? Above class features? The features u mentioned are the very features our Reconditioned market is based on(The point being that these features are quite common in other countries, in smaller vehicles). But yes its a very nice vehicle with phenomenal road grip, very nice new design. And Please consider my criticism as constructive, no offense

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    first we need to stick to the local manufacturers. is ka sirf aur sirf humain hi faida in the long run as per nation.

    Secondly, mehran chalana totally humari regulation authorities ka masla hy. we have’t been came with proper auto policy up till now. we should strict the rules of introducing the cars in Pakistan. same like we have now the policy of immobilizer and corolla introduce it within 3 months after that. for which we are crying like babies for ten years.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    too expensive ?

  • Ghayyour

    All of these features .. even more are available in US Civic …. !

  • Khan1

    If I have this much of amount I prefer merc e class… but these companies knows that in Pakistan haraam ka paisa buhat Hai….

  • WAK

    Only chumps will buy this car at this price, while you have better options available at half of the price.

  • Salman Ahmed

    couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Salman Ahmed

    true, there are idiots that will buy it only because they can

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    reason is not the thing you mentioned. its because less competition