Honda Pakistan To Further Delay The Launch Of New Honda City

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Honda Atlas broke many hearts when it launched the Minor Model Change (MMC) of 2009 Honda City (5th generation) instead of 2014 Honda City (6th generation) and many Honda lovers, who were expecting the new shape, moved their loyalties from Honda Atlas to Toyota Indus and its 2014 Toyota Corolla, which I think was a big blunder on Honda’s part. I believe Honda Atlas has realized its mistake and that’s why they are planning to launch the 2016 Honda Civic in the fall of 2016, a few months after the 10th generation Civic will make a global debut.

Launching a new model in Pakistan requires a preliminary investment of as much as 7 billion rupees from the company, unit sales projections, and commitments of sales numbers from the dealerships. If the dealers do not commit a certain number of unit sales, the company does not launch the new model in the market. This is how it works in our industry. Company wants returns on the invested capital and the return would not come unless the dealerships sell a certain number of cars. This is probably the reason why Honda did not launch the 2014 City when it was due.

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And no, I am not going to tell you that Honda Atlas is launching the new City alongside the new Civic in September of 2016. In fact, I will tell you the contrary. The source which revealed to us earlier that Honda Atlas will launch the new Civic in 2016 confirmed us that  Honda Atlas has no plans to launch the new City with Civic or earlier, rather it will launch the new Honda City sometime during 2017. I know this is not a very happening or good news, but news about the new Honda City nonetheless.

What do you think would be the impact of the delay in launch on the popularity of Honda City?  Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Atif says

    The Honda dealership is extremely stupid. An investment of 7 billion, or if we translate it into the number of cars to be sold, is a little over 4000 cars (taking mean of all variants of City). If you cannot sell 4000 cities in a country with a population of 200 Million, you must pack and leave.

    Toyota has got a big chunk of the market share due to this stupidity of HONDA.

  2. Muhammad Adil Haneef says

    In that case, they should rather skip 6th generation City altogether and launch 7th generation as soon as it is launched in international market.

  3. Usman Khawaja says

    Well it is ridiculous if Honda is hesitating in selling cars worth 7 billion Rs, then Honda should pack up its business in Pakistan. Such a dumb people running company. This indicates lack of foresightedness and brainless heads in company 😛

  4. Salman Ahmad Ch says

    Many Honda lovers had already switched their loyalties to Toyota Corolla 2014 . This is really ridiculous & disappointing on the part of Honda for delaying the launching of 6th gen Honda City.

  5. Usama Shahid says

    I had a discussion with a Honda dealer a couple of months back who told me that Honda Civic sales account for 30% of the total sale and has more profit margin. The new City shape is similar to current Civic and selling it can jeopardize Civic sales.

  6. Abdullah says

    MMC of Honda City is selling more then the basic 5th gen…..anybody having any doubts should check the PAMA monthly sales figure on the website………y would ATLAS launch a new model when the face lifted City is selling like hot cakes……..There is a huge difference in base price of Honda CIty and Corolla GLI too…..The two cars cannot be compared now because of a huge price difference……i bought a face lifted city in 2014 October and my dealer told me at that time that the new city would launch in Feb 2017 and Civic would get launched in 2016…..i also mentioned it in the forum…..Fahad has reconfirmed the news of City launch in 2017

  7. usman niazi says

    the facelifted city is good looking enough… much better looking than the one before 2014… the bad shape of the new corolla has made it seem much more attractive also…

  8. Ch Abdur Rahman says

    Now all the customer will buy new shape corolla instead of waiting for new city HONDA ATLAS NE TU HAD HI KER DI

  9. Usman says

    They are not launching new model coz it will increase the price and it will get directly in competition with gli which they don’t want to compete.

  10. rk says

    honda city doesnt even look like like a complete sedan. the rear looks very ugly!

  11. Umair Nazir Memon says

    Dear All, I have this new model Honda City in saudi arab and car performance excellent 🙂

  12. Umair Nazir Memon says

    I love my Honda City 🙂
    Excellent Pickup
    Excellent performance
    Excellent patrol average

  13. Abdullah says

    Awesome car……..waiting for it

  14. Chulbul Panday says

    I can wait for this car till 2017……only a fool would buy a COFFIN on WHEELS…..Rolla Xli

  15. Sanjay Dutt says

    Awesome Car… much did it cost u there?????

  16. Wasim Akram says

    No we wont buy a ROLLA…….we have bought a urban titanium face lifted city…..don’t worry……we have patience…..

  17. Zardari says

    I have not permitted Honda to launch this car as they are not giving me my 10% share…..Indus waloun nain 20% diyay hain……

  18. Syed Hassaan Hasan says

    Its funny that Honda and Toyota lovers defend these brands as if these are their Abba ji’s companies…

  19. Shaharyar Rauf says

    I was a hardcore honda lover and used both civic and city, but now i will never buy a local made car. i think they are selling us scrap. no new technology, no new shapes, no features at all.

    it is much better to buy a used imported car than a zero meter locally assembled one.

    Honda is still using Prosmetic transmission that is eliminated globally due to poor fuel efficiency.

    Toyota has no safety features even in a GLi that costs more than 17 Lacs to the buyer.

    This time again, instead of improving themselves, they have bribed the government again so there will be no auto policy in this country, no technology updates, no physical modifications.

    First time in our history, State bank proposed to loose the restrictions on imported cars as local manufacturers were providing shit to their customers, but corruption again won.

  20. Sam Kahn says

    all i can say is that the pakistan govt at all levels is infiltrated by paki`s who are foreign agents. all bureaucrats and politicians work for foreign powers.they committ massive corruption and immediately shift there loot abroad & invest heavy in foreign business & banks.there goal is to make paki`s slave & subservient to indian & western masters. look at the quantity & quality & prices of indian cars & be ashamed.we r a shameless country with sell out crowd.shame on all of us

  21. Muhammad Kamran Arain says

    They know we don’t have a choice. Either this or a corolla xli which is just wheels with nothing. Or go to shady second hand imported models.

  22. Goli Khan says

    Honda is cheating us……can i sue them for not launching new model????……does this comes under consumer rights?????? They should have at least added in the auto policy that Company’s are bound to launch the new model within one year of international launch…….

  23. Rohollah Khatak Ahmadzai says

    Hi dears
    I have a Toyota Hilux surf and want sell it as soon as possible it model 1997 4 cylinder petrol its new

  24. iqbal says

    Honda should be sued or at least banned in this country..

  25. اے کے خٹک says

    this delay will definitely have total negative effects on Honda lovers. some of them already have shifted their priority and loyalty toward Toyota and the remaining will also do the same. very discouraging. the decision making authorities in Honda Pakistan will cause considerable financial damage if not launched in early time-frame.

  26. Waqas says

    Their strategy is like Nokia’s stephen elop and honda city is gonna face the same fate as nokia faced and collapsed.

  27. amir says

    Its a very stupid decision by Honda. The sales figures indicate that Corolla has significantly increased the sales; whereas Honda city is hardly maintaining the sales to previous years level. Its mean that Honda has failed to increased sales and ultimately Honda losing the market share.

  28. Haris says

    patrol ?

  29. Rehan says

    I guess I will buy Xli now….

  30. Ijaz says

    what a pathetic company…. it doesn’t put its customers first …. If any one is reading this at Honda, I am telling you that this is not a got marketing strategy and you will loose a lot of loyal customers.

  31. Sam Rajput says

    haha fuck you honda..

  32. Amin Rajani says

    Pakistani public has no self respect. This is all I can say.

  33. Umer Fayyaz says

    shame on honda

  34. James Lawrens says

    Honda you keep on disappointing.

  35. Zeeshan says

    I have been a Honda fan for a long time, have owned 2 generations of Honda City and 3 of Honda Civic but now i really feel that its time to shift to Toyota Corolla… Honda’s blunders have impacted adversely on their own sales giving Toyota the benefit. Honda’s overall sales have dropped whereas Toyota sold over 8000 corollas this year compared to last year’s 4000+ units, so its very obvious that the customers have already shifted.

  36. Imran Masood says

    Hussain bhai totally agree with you. these companies are there for their business and not for myself and yourself. But people fight like its their companies lol

  37. Abdul Ghafoor says

    Atlas Honda, please stop making money

  38. fakhr alam says

    honda city in Saudia is just like Mehran in Pakistan… don’t show off.

  39. Fahad Sheikh says

    I was waiting for Honda civic for a fukin long time.. bt after this blunder and delay of new model.. I’ve bought Toyota Gli after dissapointment by Honda…!!

  40. James says

    Atlas honda you have lost may fan in doing like this greddy job

  41. Syyed Hasnain says


  42. Abubaker Saeed says

    Is theri launch city 2016 in pakistan in 2016 or not?

  43. AbdulB1 says

    I would have been OK with it if they had decreased the price of current model but they didn’t ….

  44. M.imran says

    I am big fan of Toyota butt this year I have decided to buy a Honda Car. I have been waiting for the Honda City new model butt after this delay decision, Company totally disappointed

  45. Amin says

    i wanted to replace my existing Honda city 2013 with the new shape as i have had this for almost 4 years but saddely Honda never launched it new shape so I landed up getting the Toyota GLI 2015.

    It is quite sad that there are only 3 car manufactures in Pakistan and they a selling huge quantities but they can’t change there models as per the international time line…

    I think the Government should impose a penalty on all car manufactures if they do not up grade the models with in a specified timeline of the new car launched in the international market. The penalty should be that the old model car prices will be slashed by 25% if new models are not launched with in 18 months and further 10% if not done in 24 months. There is a logic in this thought process which is when u bring in new technology you bring in improved efficiency hanse saving in full costs also new safety features and so on… thx Amin

  46. Yasir says

    Very sad and shame to atlas honda. That why still they not launch new model of city. I think the bug problem are the dealers. Honda atlas need to be launch city with with civic launched

  47. Shade says

    The only way to force atlas honda into releasing the new car is if there is a drop in current model’s sales figures. Unfortunately Pakistanis… tell me one car that is in the current price range of honda city that is half as good. Answer: NONE!

  48. saeed says

    Honda should come out with their new shape City this year otherwise they are going to lose a lot of market to Toyata. Waiting for their new shape City for the last six months but still no indication. Will wait till next month, then will go to Toyata. Wake up Honda!!!!!!!!

  49. Haseeb says

    Exact my words

  50. Haseeb says

    100% agree with you.

  51. S-JAY says

    buyer mentality is pathetic in Pakistan…City should have be boycotted since 2014. But than Corolla XLI jis me basic features (in that price category) he nai hain is expensive than city

    the car market is effed up in Pakistan because of effed up consumers!

    Suzuki ne bhi logon ko chutiya banaya hua hai…just pathetic

  52. S-JAY says

    govt. bohut BC hai…aus ne bhi tau paisa khana hai

  53. Rafay Khan says

    exactly. we are going to but a car in december and willmgo for toyota corolla if city doest show off

  54. Irfan says

    There is no impact because buyers have no choice. What ever junk is available they have to buy. Just wait for Chines car to come , they are better and cheaper.

  55. Usman Saeed says

    it will be create big impact on Honda because Honda launch its new model and they have many advance booking of its previous model, and it will take more time balance this overload. But if see the safety, Design, etc costumer wants new model instead old one….

  56. Zaigham Abbas says

    In india it was launched in 2014 and this year Honda is launching just an face lift of 5th generation in Pakistan..what a shame for Honda, I was planning to buy the new generation since they are not launching it so bye bye to HONDA, will go for toyota now.
    We should not buy this face lift to let them realize how shit decision they have made, they are to face a slump that will realize HONDA what they have done.

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