Honda Pakistan Is Ready To Launch The New Civic In September 2016

When it comes to launching cars in time with the rest of the world, Pakistani automakers would not top the list. Pak Suzuki launched its world class flopship earlier this year in Pakistan while the rest of the world said goodbye to it around 2 years ago. Honda Atlas introduced new lights in the  ongoing Honda City and called it the 2015 model and so on.

It is not uncommon for Pakistani car makers to launch vehicles rather late owing to a lack of competition in the Pakistani auto industry. However, Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan is going to change this attitude for a change with the Honda Civic. Earlier reports claimed that Honda Atlas may bring the 10th generation Honda Civic in 2017, but sources close to Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan have revealed to PakWheels that the company is ready to launch the upcoming new Civic in the 3rd quarter of 2016.

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Honda Global will officially announce the 10th generation of Honda Civic in August this year with a global launch in the early 2016. The upcoming Civic will be powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine from Honda’s new line of Earth Dreams Engines that are small in displacement but big on power with exceptional fuel economy. Like the rest of the world, Honda Atlas will also bring the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine in the 2016 Honda Civic in Pakistan, replacing the 1.8-liter with the existing Civic.

We have confirmed this news from other independent sources as well and we are confident we will see the new Civic even before we see the 6th generation Honda City in Pakistan.

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Fahad Ullah

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  • Muizz

    waiting for its launch eagerly

  • Sunny Hunny

    eagerly or Anxiously? lol

  • tjnapster555

    keep dreaming :p

  • Aamir Bashir

    Well a good move by Honda Atlas … I hope it would be built better then it predecessors … or elders in other words, i would go for it too if its fully loaded like European or Japanese get 🙂

  • Zain Zia

    and city?

  • umair


  • Raza Tanwir

    And v bad at writing blogs too apparently.

  • Hashim Zuberi

    Who says Kizashi was discontinued 2 years ago? Your research is abysmal as that car is still in production in Japan today – that’s where Suzuki Pakistan is importing the car from.

  • Here you go. It was discontinued last year in Japan and a year before in the USA:

    You are welcome 🙂

  • If you can write better, we have a few openings. Please send your resume through Good luck! 🙂

  • Ahmad

    Raza, I am pretty sure you can write better than him. Please share some of your work. I am dying to read it.

  • Ali Shah

    It doesnt matter if he writes well or bad.We are more interested in the info Fahad bhai is giving us rather than his writing style.keep up the good work bro.

  • Usman Raja

    I m surprised how everyone is convinced that atlas will launch this model in 2016. A company which couldn’t launch new city while its launched all around the globe in 2013, A company which has not yet launched Facelift of Honda Civic currently prevailing around the world WILL LAUNCH CIVIC NEW SHAPE IN 2016? We need to wake up from this dream, FAHAD you write excellent articles and break various news but here i would disagree with you and ask you to actually think about it for a moment and tell me DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS?

  • Abdullah

    Great news…….my sources also gave me the same news about Civic launch…….City would get launched in 2017 inshaALLAH…….i wonder what would be the base price……any idea fahad bhai……

  • Aamir

    I think Honda won’t be able to launch civic on time, with rest of the world after seeing its performance in introducing new shape of city in Pakistan

  • Khurram Kamran

    What would be the price

  • Hussain Qadir Warraich

    They have announced that the price will b the same as their last model…

  • Ghayyour

    I hear the new shape will be launched in this year 2015 by Atlas?

  • MySchizoBuddy

    August is now gone. Who was your August launch source?

  • Yasser

    You must be T-Rex then 🙂

  • Ghayyour

    Did I really say August? So many people are telling so many stories and it was one of them. I was never sure about these rumors. Like recently I was told by a person that it will be lunched in Dec 2015 and one was confirming me Q1, 2016. So I just shared. These are views not News!

  • sameeuddin

    the rear view seems UGLY””’

  • Abdullah Iftikhar

    when is it really coming cuz it has already launched in canada and usa

  • Zuhair

    This text is true because the Honda Civic 2016 is releasing in September 2016 in all countries including Canada,London,Boston and all over the world.It is confirmed because the releasing video says that it will release in September 2016.Nowadays Honda Cars are releasing all over the world on the same day or same month or year not after one year including Pakistan.

  • Zaeem Khalid

    Didn’t know Boston and London were countries…

  • Zuhair

    for mistake not country cities

  • Zaeem Khalid

    It is not unbelievable! Have they not brought in new models of civic timely before? I think they can do it this time as well!

  • Hashim Zuberi

    It’s still in production in Japan:

    YOU are welcome.

  • tariq khan

    is it really coming in september, because i was looking to get the new grande coming in june, can anyone confirm if civics coming in september . i dont mind waiting for few more months. thanks

  • areeb sheikh

    yes its confirmed that honda is launching its new turboengine 1500cc honda civic in september 2016

  • Syed Shoaib Hasan

    I am 100% convinced with Mr Usman Raja, I also believe that it will be a great milestone achieved by Honda Atlas if they will manage to launch the new model of Honda Civic even by end of 2018.

  • Anil

    The news is as much true as thay have stopped the production of honda civic present models and within three months or less we all will be noticing NEW Honda civic … in all new shape. ..
    With fuel economic 1500 cc turbo engine aswell on the roads of Pakistan ..

  • Sidd

    This will be 28 lacs…too expensive for a locally assembled ride!!

  • Mohammad Ahmed Khalid

    The thing is that civic has already lost to corolla in 2015, with Toyota selling record sales throughout 2015. I have seen people who were civic enthusiasts shifting to the new corolla for its shape, staggering new look, its relaxing suspension and many other features. Although Honda is planning to launch the new civic this year, Toyota is already one step ahead by launching the upgraded version of their Grande in June 2016; with the new features etc. Civic is already in trouble if it launches its top of the line vehicle above price tag of 2.8 Million as people can go for other options like Honda Vezel, Merc c180(used) in the same price range.

  • Ahsaan Ali

    are u 100% sure that this model will launch in september 2016?????