Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan

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On February 11, 2015 Pak Suzuki hosted the unveiling ceremony of their new luxury sedan, Suzuki Kizashi at the Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore. As promised, PakWheels was there to cover the event for its readers.

The car has many features typically found in luxury sedans such as key-less entry & start, steering controls, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, rain sensing vipers, parking sensors, dual A/C for passenger and driver and so on. The car is powered by a 2.4-liter engine with CVT transmission as well as paddle-shifters, or you can get a six-speed manual transmission.

The price, however, is a whooping 5 million rupees. Yes, you read that right; Pachaas Laakh Rupay!

Now before most of you start asking why buy a Suzuki for this price , or it will be a big FAIL etc., let me assure you, I had the same reaction and asked the same question to Pak Suzuki officials present at the event and they said it is part of their plan to introduce luxury Suzuki vehicles in Pakistani market as well. They too are aware of the microscopic market that exists here for cars like these, but it is more about changing perception. Whenever we hear the name of “Suzuki”, we immediately think of Mehran, Cultus, Bolan, etc. The Kizashi is here to change that mindset of the people.  There is more to Suzuki than their lower end products.

Most of you already know the details about Kizashi through our previous articles, so I will not bore you with that information again.

The interior looks decent, far better than any Suzuki I’ve ever seen. I’ll let the photos do rest of the talking.

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan  (2)

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan 24

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan  (4)

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan 33

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan 11

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan 27

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan 32

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan  (3)

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan 24

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan 19

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan  (5)

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan  (7)

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan  (6)

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan 13

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan 23

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan 18

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan 17

Suzuki Kizashi Officially Launched in Pakistan 16

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  1. Waqas Ghazanfar says

    At least Its a new Start for Suzuki here

  2. Ali says

    I dont get it… is this car not in the market to compete with other brands?? 50Lakhs?? Suzuki should have kept in mind the competition it will be facing…

  3. Badar Shehzad says

    I get Suzuki’s argument to change the brand perception and everything but if you have 5 million to spend on a car, what would possibly possess you to turn down a brand new Audi A4 in comparison to this

  4. AK says

    I wouldn’t even buy it for half the price if pak suzuki has assembled it.

  5. Sheikh M. Saqib says

    Go Home Suzuki, You Are Drunk!!

  6. ashu says

    Those complaining price please consider slot, it’s the one shared by accord and Camry. Consider price of those, this one is still reasonable

  7. saad says

    where is paddle shifters ? and i will but this model it’s cute

  8. Khurram Altaf says

    I fear I see Suzuki selling most of these 20 lakh ki car in 50 lakh to govt. depts.

    Paraya maal, ya hussain.

    Few will find the price justified when the money is going from their own pockets.

  9. Tweet Junky says

    ha ha ha @ #drunksuzuki

  10. Usman Khawaja says

    and its price is AED 87000 in UAE which is less than 2.5m PKR even. hardly ever seen on roads in dubai.

  11. Usman Sheikh says

    Rather introducing this new car for 50 LACS to change the perception and mindset of people, bullshit guys, you must first improve Mehran and Cultus with basic necessities. I bet that would have changed people midset more than this bullshit act.

  12. Usman Sheikh says

    1300CC Liana sahi bana nahi sakyy ty Kizashi launch kitti ay . #DFM fity mu

  13. wasted youth says

    This is total joke with this already beaten Nation. Pak Suzuki must have launched Ciaz and Dezire if they wanted to change the perception. Discontinue the crap Cultus and bring in Alto K10i and A-star or Estilo. With this price range, only an Insane will buy it like previously only Insane bought Liana. Every sensible will prefer Audi and BMW for Luxury rather than crap disguised in luxury ” Kizashi”. Alas..!!! Pak Suzuki R.I.P

  14. German > Japan says

    Audi A3 starts from 38 lacs …..hahahahaha….Aur ye 50 lacs

  15. Sameed Siddiqui says

    I would rather buy audio A4…. Or merce C180…… In that price….. Or fortuner….. And the words Suzuki and Luxurious arent synonymous…..

  16. Sameed Siddiqui says

    Audi and Mercedes are of the same range… Much more lluxurious……..

  17. Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq says

    If only the tax wasnt that high………………….. The car dosnt cost much but the tax takes out all the fun. I mean this same car with 4wd and alot of more features costs 3.5 million In Japan and 2.9 million in Australlia( with AWD and u get a fancy trubo)……. 🙁

  18. K.A.Noorani says

    I wonder how many people in Pakistan will buy Suzuki crap at this high price. The global production of this car has already been discontinued in 2014 which means it will not get a successor and it was withdrawn from US market in 2012 due to poor sale record and customer reviews.

  19. Bilal Butt says

    e wrong num he kono phirke le raha he..

  20. M.Ali says

    Exactly that is what this is all about

  21. umer Khalid says

    keeping in mind the slot that is 2.4L, can any one tell me what is the price of New Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota and Honda….?

  22. Anas Yusuf says

    20 lakh ki ho tu 2-4 gaarian bik jaein shaied… ye moun aur masoor ki daal 😉

  23. anon says

    i love how pakwheels changes its perceptions from – to + after the press coverage?? did the journalist get a free ride?? a free tank of gas?? a mehran??

  24. guest says

    Bc takaluf hi kya hai suzuki walon ne launch kar k.. sale to honi nai

  25. Haris Ahmed Dahar says


  26. Usman Ahmed says

    In December 2013, Suzuki announced that Kizashi will be “gradually discontinued on global markets”, and will not get a successor. In December 2014, the production of the car ceased in the Sagara plant.

  27. Usman Ahmed says

    launching a model thats being discontinued to finish the stock?

  28. Haris Ahmed Dahar says

    I have no idea that why the hell don’t they stop making these outdated trashes. PakSuzuki is possibly one of the worst car companies of all time.

  29. Haris Ahmed Dahar says

    Someone please blow up this company!!!

  30. Miteen Ali says

    another failure of Suzuki and the price 50 lac ? no one even buys the suzuki swift on 15 lac. It is better to get a Japanese full function cars rather than Suzuki. the suzuki mehran is even a failure at 8 lac. You can get a full ac car imported with more fuel efficiency in 6-8 lac. The company should hire good professionals rather than wasting money on such promotions.

  31. miteenali says

    Suzuki is shit at even 8 lac of Mehran and do not compare it with camry or accord. they are lot more good than this crap.

  32. miteen Ali says

    or a final ending for the company 😀

  33. Ahmad Saeed says

    Its going to be a big flop….50 lac main koi nahi le ga…

  34. Muhammad Saud Khan says

    5 million buyer is already to occupy with tons of huge brands and their high end products. I dnt think any one want to spend 5 mill on Suzuki no matter how better it is its still Suzuki. its a matter of laugh for me spending 5 million for a Suzuki when v got lot of german manufacuters options available in this price range.

  35. Baber says

    What do you mean? Kizashi has been received very well all around the world. The only problem here in Pakistan is the price. No one in their right mind will pay 5 million for a Suzuki when he could get new Audi, BMW and/or Mercedes C.

    And there’s no where did the writer (who is a freelance writer), said that you go buy it now. Best car. Love. xoxoxo.

  36. Haida Kay says

    I can say it a total NON-SENSE when we actually have a German Audi A3-A4-A5 almost readily available in this price range of Suzuki Kizashi .. But Kizashi is actually changing a face of suzuki cars worldwide so atleast wo should welcome her as a nice change in Suzuki line-up specially in pakistan ..

  37. Muhammad Ali Butt says

    a big flop for sure….nobody is stupid enough to spend 50 lakh for a suzuki when you can go for BMW or Mecedes cars in this price range. A humble request to Suzuki Pakistan, please focus on better quality small cars…

  38. 50 Lacs!?WTF says

    I wont give more than 17 or 18 lacs for this car. At 50 lacs it automatically becomes a piece of shit cause it aint worth that much money. Dont know what the hell Pak Suzuki idiots are thinking off launching this at 50lacs. Its a bloody suzuki for crying out loud!!….and for Pakwheels to present it otherwise makes me wonder whats their take on this gig?!

  39. Hamaad Rahman says

    The same features are available in market in the range of 2million rupees. Only a fool would go and buy this costly car from the notorious “Suzuki”.

  40. Hamaad Rahman says


  41. Hamaad Rahman says

    Very true

  42. Hamaad Rahman says

    Lovely comment buddy. Totally agreed.

  43. Hamaad Rahman says

    Mostly, the car launched here are the ones that were launched 2-4 years back in international markets 🙂

  44. syed says

    what do you know. suzuki at 50.

  45. ammar says

    LOLZZZZ it seems that suzuki gone mad.only v can laugh on such idiots…

  46. Saad R. says

    nice joke Suzuki, good one I must say !

  47. Abdul Moiz says

    First it failed in India, now its time for failure in Pakistan. The Suzuki mindset won’t be changed, when we think about Suzuki we either think about that old Khyber or Margala and Alto and Cultus whereas when we talk about their sedan’s we think about Liana (utter crap) and Baleno (sort of crap). No one out there except few would buy this thing for crazy price of 5 Million. Yes if it was priced down around 22-25 it would have been a speculative bet that it might be able to make some presence on the roads of Pakistan.

  48. Abdul Moiz says

    The car actually is worth 5 Million due to its features, It was launched around 2 Mil in India too, but the target market would go for a SUV on this price instead.

  49. S. Maaz says

    I’ve seen just one in Deira…and a guy is selling Kizashi 2012 @ around 1.7PKR

  50. MKN says

    Please give your comments with specific detail. Which cars are available with 2m.
    I guess you may hardly get chines car in this range. isn’t it.

  51. SMS says

    Its 50m, Its not for you buddy.

  52. MKN says

    Yaar. hawa main mat pheekooo bhaii…..

  53. Muhammad Shoaib Khan says

    The Suzuki Kizashi is a mid-size car[2] manufactured by Japanese automaker Suzuki. It was unveiled in the United States on July 30, 2009.[3]The Kizashi went on sale in Japan on October 21, 2009,[4] in North America on December 1, 2009, and in Australia and New Zealand on May 11, 2010.[5] It is the first mid-size Suzuki automobile sold in the Australian market.[6] In February 2011, the Kizashi became available to the Indianmarket. The car was also available on European markets.

    In December 2013, Suzuki announced that Kizashi will be gradually discontinued on global markets, and will not get a successor. In December 2014, the production of the car ceased in the Sagara plant. Despite good technical record, the car had suffered from poor market record in the context of global financial crisis and Suzuki’s withdrawal from American market in 2012. Comparatively high price and lack of available engines also contributed to the poor sale. From Wikipedia

  54. Abdullah Malik says

    I can only pay 50 Rupees for this shitty car hahaha….

  55. Gohar says

    IT looks like an awsome car BUT SUZUKI should give at least one genuine reason to buy it with this price tag

  56. Aneekalam says

    Is this car maunfacturing in Pakistan? it’s common sense that why a person will spend 5 Million on this car as you can get 2 New Civic in 4.8 Million OR a C Class Mercedes

  57. Lazy Sapper says

    Who would pay 5,000,000 rupees for a car in a country where people die of hunger! That excludes 0.1 % of corrupted riches that somehow manage to afford that much. Even in countries like America, people prefer to buy cheap new cars or simply go for used cars.

  58. Khurram ShahzAd says

    Teen daba in 5 Mills, yup it would be a big flop. They must more concentrate on their low end models and should try to add some value to them. Also something in lower range would have better future.

  59. Sheheryar Saeed says

    I would be OK with 2 million only.

  60. hayat says

    Check this out…..

    Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 -PKR 2,024,000

    Honda Civic VTi 1.8 – i-VTEC PKR 2,021,000

    and I haven’t even researched mitsubishi…With all this competition I think anyone would be stark raving mad to buy this crap……

  61. abdul says

    is it local assembled or imported?

  62. Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq says

    I get confused sometimes, Suzuki has a very good reputation in Japan, Thailand and Indonesia and are know for their small affordable hatchbacks and stuff (especially in Japan). What PakSuzuki should do is that they should focus on getting latest cars with good features and don’t do the stupidity they did with WagonR, Alto etc and strip off all the features.That WagonR is Indonesian and over there u get tons of cool features. Why don’t they get rid of Mehran(old alto) and Bolan(old every) and make their new models.They sell like hot cakes in Japan and are know for those very economical 660cc engines and reliability. Suzuki is a good company its just that PakSuzuki is destroying the reputation and it looks like this is the purpose PakSuzuki exists in the first place 🙁 …………………

  63. Arslan Bari says

    50 Lac for this bullshit….??? LMAO…

  64. test says

    buy and then give to robbers…

  65. Haris Ahmed Dahar says

    This car is not teen dabba but its tissue box.

  66. Adnan says

    For 50lacs , I’d buy an Altis grande and a Civic ,2 brand new cars 🙂 or a reasonable good condition TLC Prado or a Merc or a BMW ,it should have been under 22lacs but even then there a lot of better choices.

  67. Haris Ahmed Dahar says

    I feel sad how could PakSuzuki do that?

  68. Nabeel says

    Yeh Garion ka APPO mobile hai… Fazool main mahngaa

  69. Kashif A. says

    Suzuki Kizashi = Suzuki Baleno Modified……. #StupidSuzuki.

  70. Wasif says

    Lee jao bhai idhr sai hmein nahi chahiyay!! 😛 😀

  71. Raza Khan says

    you sir, you got the point.
    suzuki kizashi is a big flop all around the world, so in order to finish already manufactured units, they launched it in Pakistan.
    because they have been ripping pakistanis since 1980’s, so they wondered why not give it a shot with kizashi.

  72. Azeem Sheikh says

    WTF :O 50 lacs lolzz who’s gonna waste money on this car 😛

  73. hassan says

    USA may USD20,000 ki ha. Yaha konsay isko per lug gaye ha.

  74. osmaan nazeer says

    suzuki must change some of its marketing and other officials in pakistan. They are going to bankrupt suzuki company in pakistan. first wagon R failure now this one. 🙂

  75. Ahmad Saeed says

    Would you buy an Audi A3 for 38 Lakh or Suzuki Kazashi for 50 Lakh? If you say Kazashi than i am sorry i cant debate any more.

  76. Ali Jeff says

    totally agree the launch of 660 cc alto should be done here in Pakistan too

  77. sunny says

    2.5m is ok with me for this

  78. Mobiiii says

    And That’s How You Kill An Already Dying Company.
    R.I.P Suzuki

  79. Zeeshan Shani says

    in Pakistan automobile monopoly only considers profit and nothing else. Why would they provide good cars in low price.
    sab pakistan khaa rahe hain, ye bhi yehi karein gay

  80. Muhammad Noor rana says

    well internationally suzuki kizashi is a big flop, and even production of suzuki kazashi has been stopped all over the world. it has said to be a headache for suzuki international and consumer as well. wont believe me >
    check this link >

  81. hadis1 says

    To everyone saying why not buy an audi a4 instead. The kizashi is a beautiful car with better braking,cornering and quiteness all it does not havebin pakistan is a luxurious background. If anyone buys a kizashi then he will not be dissapointed with it. It is an mazing car which has very good features and safety and best of all it is good looking too

  82. Mustafa says

    he doesn’t know the difference between 2 lac and 2 million.

  83. Salman Butt says

    wait till you see following cars being launched here in PAK

  84. Guy Chauhan says

    just for 5 million rs. hahahaha. Perception has changed. Suzuki! hahahahhaha what a joke.

  85. bas kar bahi says

    When they are going to put on Clearance sale “Buy 1 and Get 5 Free”

  86. Nomi says

    if i had “kizashi” money.. theres no way im buying anything other than an Audi, Merc or Beamer! If i were to think about anything else id rather buy two cars! the new Civic and mean looking CR-Z!

  87. Ali says

    I agree with you partially, but if you look at it inside, its not better than the accord or the new camry… It still has the plain looking plastic dash… sure its half the price but its not competition. Whereas for the same price you can get many cars that offer amazing features and safety and also are good looking… I just don’t get the point of introducing a 5 million rupee car in this economy here.,, Its a suicide move by Suzuki.. but I guess its a trend, with all car makers introducing cars which are out of the reach for the general public (who can afford cars in the first place)..

  88. Hezii says

    The car is more equipped than an accord or camry and costs half the price 5 million vs 10 million for a new accord or camry ………..

  89. hoomayon says

    The car falls in the cat of Accord / Camry and as such is Priced accordingly however, Pakistanis are not going to buy it since Suzuki Sedans do not enjoy very good reputation here….

  90. host says

    Suzuki’s market readers should be fired immediately.

  91. Muhammad Wahaj Khan says

    Hello everyone! as a car analyst and car sketch designer , I read this post but one thing is seems to be very clear for everyone, that however suzuki has released their car kizashi but they are always known a good company for a small family cars..not for the luxuries cars.. i don’t think so people will buy this 5 million expensive car , they will rather like to buy AUDI ,Mercedes or BMW. We can easiy notice one thing in Kizashi that its front side have some looks of SWIFT and LIANA and they tried to make bumbers design just like Mercedes,also there are some structure broadness which is not the demand of 2015 because people want conceptual design, in the same way in 5 million they have given an analog design speedometer instead of digital that seems to be odd.Similarly interior design also seems to be like an ordinary cars , it doesn’t have any smart gadgets….so Suzuki should look on this matters.

  92. sam khan says

    Suzuki is constantly dragging itself into mud

  93. nomi says

    Bwahahaha…Kizashi….suzuki will reap what they sow “in terms of quality”…………….perception matters…..n here we all know if we are asked to rank car makers in term of quality then normally we rank Honda first, Toyota second and Suzuki in the last…….so why should someone pay hefty amount for this crap from suzuki

  94. Haw says

    what a stupid comment

  95. Hamdani says

    PakWheels needs to start poll for Kizashi. How many Pakistanis will buy this car at this price. My guess is 2. I know its a huge number, but there have to be this many stupid people in this coutnry

  96. MZ says

    in all these specifications, not more than 20 Lacs Maximum.

  97. Shehryar Mahmood says

    Failed miserably in Canada — no longer available here.

  98. Aamir says

    Does it comes with CNG ?? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  99. Shamroz Manzoor says

    i think brand image and brand identity are major hurdle to sell this car in Pakistan. it is better Suzuki launch this with shadow endorsement rather than the same existing brand.

  100. Zahid Latif says

    fail, after Wagon R, 2.4 Liter is not feasible for Pakistan.

  101. Khurram ShahzAd says

    That sounds even worse .. :-p

  102. aliali says

    Audi a4 is a million times better than this chubby looking shit, take alone the interior , i recommend taking audi for a test drive first -_- Funny how much this comment pissed !e off.

  103. Kamran Usman says

    only a fool would buy this over an Audi.

    on a side note, i have a question, given its a suzuki product: does it have seat belts and air bags?

  104. wasted youth says

    Front looks more like Suzuki SX4 (Available in India) and back looks like Toyota Mark X to me.

  105. wasted youth says

    Seriously…!!! Comparison to Accord and Camry…. Hilarious joke…..

  106. wasted youth says

    What to say about the car? It has only the price to talk about. Rest is all junk. Seriously, CVT: Altis is also available with CVT. Leather seats: Altis, Civic and City are available with leather seats. Looks,:Kizashi looks more like mark x from back and front is also somewhat similar to Suzuki SX4 (Available in India). What else? The price……!!!!!

  107. wasted youth says

    I would rather buy a Chicago bicycle than Kizashi with such important features mentioned by you. Chicago bicycles have all these features at a very cheap rates.

  108. wasted youth says

    Baleno is far better that this. It’s more like Kizashi = face lift of Liana…. # bull shit

  109. wasted youth says

    Pak Suzuki and Toyota Indus are owned by Bhutto + Zardari family and Honda owned by Ganjaas… (Sharif family) now you can understand what the f***K is going on….

  110. Hassan Ali says

    Only the VXRi model will have those as that is high spec

  111. kamil says

    Now in a few days, you will see so many fools on the road… 😀

  112. Muhammad Saqib Malook says

    Why would it come in CNG ? The person who buys this wont bother about CNG.

  113. Muhammad Saqib Malook says

    Indeed a nice edition to Pakistani automobile market. Those who are considering this as a cheap or over priced should also think that, its a parallel to Acord and Camary, and not with Civic and Altis. It has almost every thing so i believe those small number of people who buy Acord and Camry, will consider this as a cheap option with style. It may also change the perception of Suzuki in Pakistan. All in all, its upper class car.

  114. Muhammad Saqib Malook says

    You are right.

  115. Muhammad Saqib Malook says

    This is far away better then pakistani audi. What features Pakistani audi has by the way ? No Rear wiper, no folding seats, tachometer , front fog lights even no power seats. No immobilizer, No Air bags( only driver side). now who will waste 55 on audi ? Guess buying 5 millions car and you dont have basic safety features. Without immobilizer its ridiculous to even think about it in pakistan

  116. Sohai Pasha says


  117. umair says

    That much money for this piece of crap. The interior sucks, looks like an art project put together by some toddlers. The grill is pretty much the same as Suzuki Swift and it doesn’t even come close to an Accord or Camry. People who buy this over priced heap of junk are the reason why Suzuki and Honda have a monopoly in Pakistan.

  118. Naveed Siddiqui says

    300 Million????? Do you have any idea about this figure? it means 300,000,000.

  119. Waleed Khan says

    for a 2.4 liter car it makes it equal to Camry and Accord and the cost is very amazing 5 million as accord and Camry cost 1 million

  120. ali says

    kizashi is a better choice if it was around 1.2 million.

  121. Lahoree says

    Production terminated for this car in Japan.
    For 18.5 lac INR it still didn’t see any success in India. Is Suzuki dumping it’s stock here?

  122. Lahoree says

    It flopped in India at a price of 18.5 lacs INR and Suzuki already terminated production then why launch in Pakistan

  123. Lahoree says

    It flopped in India at a much lower price tag of INR 18.5 lacs and Suzuki Japan had terminated production of this product as well. Is Suzuki trying to dump?

  124. Usama says

    All we need is a respectable hatchback after discontinuation of Alto… They must have brought celerio first than this useless sedan for our country where even petrol availability has become an issue..

  125. AB Rehman says

    Its Breed of Mark X and Liana. WTH car !

  126. Zeeshan Shani says

    Imported cars are expensive.
    because Suzuki Pakistan’s can only make effort like Wagon R.

  127. Qandeel Janjua says

    Pakistan may kizashi wo lay ga jis ka naam “Kizashi’ hay, uskay ilawa mushkal hay koi lay. 🙂

  128. Ahmad Mir says

    No no no no under 1.8 million will be better, why dont they import maruti suzuki instead its better in price and features

  129. Muhammad Saqib Malook says

    To answer this question, you better should again read the article , it has all basic as well as advance features. As far as seat belts and air bags are concerned, yeah it has both of them, but now you go back and check if Audi A4 is offering these or not ? don’t ignore it and check. I am waiting for your results.

  130. Kamran Usman says

    bro i checked my facts before commenting unlike you. The Audi A3 costing 38 lakhs has both driver / passenger airbags and of course Audi wouldn’t insult itself with no seatbelts.

    most of all, the engine and reliability of Audi on any international benchmark is way higher than that of Suzuki.

    While Kizashi is an excellent car in itself, it is way expensive in Pakistan and as far as I can tell, these are just units dumped to Pakistan after they were not sold outside Pak.

  131. Muhammad Saqib Malook says

    I was comparing Audi A4 saloon because that also priced above 5 million and doesno’t come with Airbags( Audi standard lol) . You don’t have to convince me Audi standard , i know it has ,but not the audi which is being offered in Pakistan. Anyway back to your favorite Audi A3 , what features attracted you :O ? It has no immobilizer and even no ” alloy wheel” very very big lol. No leather seats. Just four wheels and steering but wait, it doesnot have even steering adjustment. Now i would say only a foolish will pay 3.8 million for this crap. Don’t argue with its brand and world wide recognition, argue with what is currently being offered by audi. i hope you understand

  132. ASGHAR ALI KHAN says

    its price is unbelievable , after flopped of Liana why Suzuki take more risk for this unrealistic product, Pak suzuki still after 25 years production of mehran and bolan nothing give rear shocks so then why expected to chase the high gentry market.
    I gives suggestion to suzuki kindly reduce their products price and give some standard not above the standard vehicles. Janab plz compete the Corolla in Pakistan not Mersdeez or Camera.

  133. Muhammad Saqib Malook says

    I don’t know sersiouly what is wrong with you man. Again carefully read my comment. Alloy wheel is absent in Audi a3 ( your favorite) i didnot talk about Audi a4 in that sense. yeah i did say that, Audi a4 has only one air bag.not air bags. enough of commenting from my side now.

  134. Usman says

    Saqib Sb. I think you are an employee of Pak Suzuki or a partner, otherwise no one could defend this pathetic world wide failed product. And plz stop comparing suzuki with audi. you can’t compare a company who failed to compete corolla and civic with someone like audi

  135. Mahmood Shaikh says

    any thing can be dump in our country like Suzuki wagon R failed in Indonesia now Kizashi also
    dumping in Pak as well….

  136. Shahid says

    I think the cars is rather small and the price tag tooooo high. After all its a Suzuki. First bring better models and slowly change the mind set. But straight jumping to 50 lacs. I have my doubts. Its just like the Jiminy. they were hardly bought because of the high price tag for a small jeep. This will end in the same way. Nobody learns in Pakistan, Its always some hidden agenda than simple marketing. !!! So I think it is dumping than marketing

  137. turbo says

    i love this car but its ridiculously expensive!!

  138. Taimour Rana says

    Exactly, i think suzuki should point a full stop on Mehran.

  139. amir says

    Suzuki is worthless company and make most rubbish cars with high cost

  140. Syed Mustafa Bilal says

    WOW !!! only for price, otherwise car doesn’t have any WOW features..don’t worry guys our government is so good with Pak Suzuki, Govt. will purchase it for their Ministers/MNA/MPA or secretaries (in simple word for all HudHaraams) as they bought too expensive Suzuki Gemini for them in past…
    (bhai kehnay ko ye to kahen gay na “janab hum ny to Govt ki tarf say local company ko support kia hay) lolxxx 😉 all game

  141. Ali says

    Mehran Is far more better to purchase then kizashi, if one go for suzuki products. Kizashi is no compare to Accord. As i observed, it can be compared with Honda City by shape, size and interior. As far as POWER is concerned. I think its over-priced. We cannot compare it with any product.

  142. aksz says

    I think you should learn counting again. :p

  143. Sajid says

    Wtf! Pak suzuki is run by bunch of schmucks seriously who like people mocking them all over the place.. i havent seen such an ugly car in my whole life that too for the price tag of ehoping 5 mils?! What were they thinking while launching it? Ofcourse they must have thought that dumb public of pakistan who have been buying their STATE OF THE ART OF CRAP since 1988 (only because of having no other options) will buy this too but sorry to say being a car enthusiast its going to be nightmare for suzuki..

  144. aksz says

    I dont think .. . 12 lacs will be low one . . .it seems that its must be around 20 lacs.

  145. aksz says

    well honestly speaking , the car is good may be excellent but never with this PRICE TAG….

  146. Abubakr says

    I think they should either slash the prices down to 2.7 or 2.8 million (anything below 3 is acceptable) to gain acceptability or they can raise the price to 7 million and niche market it by putting a Mercedes or BMW logo on the car.

  147. Imtiaz Hussain says


  148. ashgar deewana says

    Masth hai bhai.

  149. Anwer Mahmood says

    Its an opportunity to exhibit ones status by buying unecessarily this unduly expensive car which has little scope of making a significant place in the market.

  150. SMD says

    Sir, I want to purchase Honda Accord 2015 in 1 million.

  151. Emran says

    One can buy “Audi A4” at this price level, then why to go for “Suzuki”?
    There is a hell of difference between these two cars and companies..

  152. zeeshan says

    It is just a mumbo jumbo package from suzuki….price exploitation zindabaad

  153. HITMAN says

    hahaha, Really? Accord and Camry for Rs. 1 million???? Get me one each ASAP.

  154. DanielRevenfold says

    Wow! 50 Lachs! Seriously Pak Suzuki! I am impressed by your oblivious work!
    So, instead of bringing improvements and more functions to your rather old cars with obsolete design, engines and exterior, why not release a new vehicle which is already a flop, with an intriguing price point of whooping 50 Lachs!
    As, a Pakistani living in Sydney. I am rather fascinated by your such action.
    So, who is to blame? Pak Suzuki or our very own monkey-organized government!

    And, yes I am being sarcastic.

  155. Anonymous says

    I guess he was being sarcastic

  156. Mohsin Tariq Khan says

    Honda accord and camry are full sized cars whereas this kazashi is a compact car, I’ve seen one on road in peshawar, looks smaller than the new honda civic, and the features it has are more or less the same as the new corolla has, this car could’ve been a better option had it been priced between 16-19, for 35 you can get a mark x in mint condition with a 3.0L engine, a full-sized car

  157. Mohammad Bilal Mirza says

    The hidden motive behind this act was to give you guys a “Jhatka”, which they did successfully, Most of you might not have taken a test drive of this car and made your judgment based on your past experiences, the motive behind this is to change your perception of Suzuki being a small car producer with luxury sedans. If you can ask Suzuki to launch their 1300cc category why don’t you ask IMC and Atlas Honda to Launch their 600 CC Honda Life and Pixes Epoch in Pakistan, who stop them Govt?

  158. Muhammad Arsalan says

    pachaas lakh rupaay..aur aisi lul cheez wo bhi suzuki

  159. Faisal says

    Its look like a swift just bigger

  160. عزیر قاضی says

    Doesn’t even have a powered steering. What a piece of crap, should be around 1.5 million (road price) or less, if they don’t add the powered steering. The Honda City is a better option than this. Giving a 2.5 L engine doesn’t mean you get to rub shoulders with giants like Toyota and Audi. Crap!

  161. Waseem Safder says

    50 lac mere pass hn tu poori suzuki company na khareed loon…

  162. TheMan says

    its just like suzuki carry dabba… no power steering.. 🙁

  163. Sanjay Natarajan says

    I’m from India and I say that this piece of crap had a big failure considering the fact that Suzuki (BTW in India it is called as Maruti Suzuki) has a whopping 46% market share and still the Kizashi was a big flop!
    In order to rectify that, they stopped Kizashi and replaced it with Honda City rival Maruti Suzuki Ciaz priced between 6.99 lacs to 10.25 lacs INR.
    That would have been ideal for Pakistan as a Value for Money Product!
    Refer the pics of the CIAZ below!
    Even then, it averages around 5000 units per month, while Honda City is garnering 10000 units per month!

  164. Fahad Ullah says

    Hi Sanjay, welcome to PakWheels.
    I did an article on the same premise that Pak Suzuki should introduce the Suzuki Ciaz in Pakistan. You can read the article here:

    Enjoy your stay. Hope to see you around 🙂



  165. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Thanks bro…

  166. Hassan says

    Suzuki cars are not likely and not luxury they usually make cars with no sense of shape not any design in pakistan the people who drive suzuki is just for the price factor that they buy used suzuki cars in 5 to 6 lacs mehran, alto and culttus not any other car they achieve in pakistan a btter results. bolan is a piece of shit so many year same shape same feature, then apv a failure too and then liana is a big failure. if they make standard cars like toyota price 12 to 15 lac it will more likely in people of pakistan. a kizashi is still a failure in pakistan no one make it highly standard not any one think about it after see price a landcruiser and prado is more lower here, suzuki is highly appreciated in bikes only.

  167. Hassan says

    M. bilal I think if we look at prado it is worth 4 million here a japanese car more highly equipped and feature if we take that test drive so I dont think so we have any pleasure with kizashi type of cars test drive. I personally take a test drive of 4×4 prado it is amazingly big experience of such machine in thesame kizashi price

  168. Saad Engr says

    the price of this car is very much high, i thought in first glance of car that its replacement of liana or in category 1800 cc cars maximum
    but in pakistan this car will not be successful as its not luxurious like Toyota premio or Camry…. front grill style simply looks like a SWIFT as totally non impressive look.. i had visited SUZUKI TOWNSHIP 3S dealership KOTLAKHPAT Lahore and also check this car.. nothing special and extraordinary in this car..

    its overall design is old look and flop car… suzuki never rise in pakistan more than 800cc only.. above 1299 no model gain popularity of sucess

  169. Nismah Zafar says

    Hahaha I guess he thinks 1 million means crore :p

  170. Muhammad Taha Bin Tariq says

    Some how your right bro but the fact is that toyota premio and camry are not the the luxury division either, If one of the oldest car manufacturers are saying something luxury they know more than us or definitely there not over their heads. And for the record LEXUS is the luxury division of toyota.

  171. Hammad says

    If one needs to spend this much money then there are better cars in the market at the same price range. For instance the BMW 3 series, Mercedes C class, Audi A3 and A4 and A5 sports back. Why would anyone go for this car.

  172. Ehsan Alex says

    Is car sy acha 47 lacs ki murcds comprsr achi h.

  173. Hammad says

    Tum sab baat suno suzuki kizashi ki Burai bohat karahay ho.first of all jo le nhi sakta wohi burai karta hay dusri baat toyota premio aur camry say is ko compare nhi karo mjhy pata hay un ki market sirf pakistan me up hay but toyota ki brakes hain ????hahahaha jis ko race lagani ho ajana meray pas kizashi hay mercerdes bmw toyota sab ao jab tak jo car drive nhi karo us ki kabhi burai mat kar

  174. hamza says

    I would love to pay 42 lakh for AUDI A4

  175. Uzair says

    5 million?? i would rather buy A3 1.2L for 4 million 😀

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