Pak Suzuki All Set To Launch Suzuki Kizashi In Pakistan This Month

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Pakistani market is not yet ready for big engine cars. The 1300cc and below segment has always been the most popular one. We reported earlier that in a market like this, Pak Suzuki will take a bold step and launch the Suzuki Kizashi in Pakistan in the next 6 months. Well, it turned out, we will not have to wait for 6 months at all.

A source close to PakWheels has reveled that Pak Suzuki will officially launch the Suzuki Kizashi in Pakistan on February 11, 2015.

The Pakistan bound Suzuki Kizashi will have the same specs as the one available in Japan, which means it will have a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine that produces around 185 HP. The car will only be available with a CVT transmission with all the bells and whistles of modern cars like climate control, electric seats, etc, etc.

The price is not confirmed yet, but the source who provided us with the photos and information told us that it will be around 4 million rupees. However, the source who initially told us the news mentioned the price would be around 6 million rupees.

The car is available at a certain dealership in Lahore. Here are some photos from the dealership. Unfortunately, the cars were locked and no one was allowed  to take a peek inside, according to our source. So you guys will have to settle for what’s available.

We will update you guys, as usual, as soon as we receive new information. Till then, enjoy the photos.

Suzuki Kizashi in Pakistan  (2)

Suzuki Kizashi in Pakistan  (5)  Suzuki Kizashi in Pakistan  (4)  Suzuki Kizashi in Pakistan  (3)

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  1. Fahad H. Jangda says

    this is going to be a epic failure. instead they would have launched the latest swift and decently looking JDM Wagon R.

  2. munib says

    shame on these greedy monsters. Instead of doing something new for the 98% of the population they are looting public with mehranz and coure and cultus and wagon-rz. Piece of teen dabbaz sold for double the prices.

  3. Ahmed says

    Agreed. Spending 4 to 6 million for a Suzuki will be a tough mental exercise. They should improve/update 1 liter to 1.3 liter segment. Car buyers who are out to spend something like 5 million shall have many other classy choices rather than a Suzuki, a brand which is best known for small, affordable cars.

  4. Waqas Ghazanfar says

    This car worth no more than 2 million,, But these blood suckers are over charging Pakistanis >_<

  5. Umz says

    Better off with a used BMW in 6 mil than Suzuki teen dabba.

  6. Arslan Ahmed Hashmi says

    100% true! teen dabba

  7. Tausif | توصیف says

    Hahaha. Suzuki people are mad. 6 or even 4 millions.

  8. Muhammad Fad says

    Don’t say expect 100% flop

  9. Muhammad Fad says

    No1 spend 4 million on suzuki they have to focus on their lower market which I feel in danger….faw xpv, carrier and Japanese car destroy its lower market it have to focus on their lower market…RIP suzuki

  10. Sami says

    I believe they are doing it for their brand development, rather selling. Plus people should get their facts right atleast before being sarcastic n commenting. The car price in international market is more than 2.5 million. Just do the sinple maths add custom n import duties etc n u will be justified with the price whatsoever it will be. This car is beauty! I reckoned.

  11. Suhail says

    I doubt the news is authentic on the pricing bit, if you look at suzuki kizashi in india, its top of the line Version is priced at 18 lacs. So, i have my doubts on the pricing

  12. Moose says

    You can easily buy a brand new Audi A3 for 4.5 million or a Audi A4 for 5.4 million and then if you are talking about 6 million, you are in the range of a New BMW 3 series or Mercedes C class for a few more lac rupees. This car will be a flop and if Suzuki is doing it for image as Sami suggest, it will not work. Suzuki is a bargain brand worldwide and especially in Pakistan. If the car was around 2.5, that would be reasonable and would be a great competitor for Toyota or Honda but at the price they might ask, its doomed.

  13. Geekpk says

    withdrawn from North American and Indian market but now introduced in Pakistan. LOL Pak Suzuki is a trash company.

  14. Omair Azmat Chaudhry says

    4-6 million pathetic, why don’t we import other good cars in this range

  15. Nabeel Farooqui says

    Can anyone explain what the price means?
    6 Million Rupees?
    6,000,000 Rupees?

    In local words? 60 frikin’ lacs?


  16. HK says

    another nut punch for Pak Suzuki…it is destined to fail….days are long gone when Accord and Camry ruled the upper elite segment in the Pakistani auto market….now ppl have reach to more choices and nobody wants to own a 4-6 million rupee car with the “Suzuki” tag on it

  17. Rohail Khan says

    Hello PS! we are living in a developing country! most of the population are middle class n earnings range from 10-50k a month and do they really think ppl can afford 4-6m! Mehran was once the most affordable car but now it is out of range for most people! i see more men/families riding on a bike then commuting in car! and why the hell would any sane person would pay this much for Suzuki, People who are aware of cars n can afford will buy Audi A3, Lexus CT, Mercedes, BMW or Fortuner!!!!! Instead they should have launched a car in range of Honda City or if not then at least with Corolla n Civic! they should learn from the mistakes of Atlas Honda n Toyota for launching CRZ n Prius and no one is purchasing from the showroom due to High price!!!

  18. saad says

    i guess with all goodies it is worth it plus if people will buy this one toyota and honda will have to introduce something new

  19. saad says

    warranty and new car smell are the reasons plus suzuki care

  20. Khurram ShahzAd says

    Another mistake after wagonR. wagonR have not been popular due to its shape, this will fail due to all this overcharging stuff.. Less value for money. I will say this last one in urdu like “40 say 60 lakh wali shakal nai hai iski” LOL

  21. Moose says

    I don’t think that many people will buy it, and the people that will buy it are probably insane to spend that much on a suzuki, period. For the price they will be asking, you can get a lot of good cars that are either a few years old or brand new. Its a Suzuki for 4-6 Milliion rupees, thats insane! Toyota and Honda will not be obliged to introduce anything for that price range because they know who there customers are. When most people think about spending that much cash on a car will look at importing a car or a German brand but not a damn Suzuki. If they sold this car for around 2.5 million, I would seriously look at buying it but at the price they are asking my options are nearly limitless. I believe Suzuki should sell it under the 3 million mark and take a loss on each car and this way they can build their reputation up and be seen as a rival against honda and toyota. It will be a long term benefit as people might start to associate the brand with honda and toyota and not a budget brand. But as its Pak Suzuki and they are a greedy bunch, no hope in that.

  22. Haris Ahmed Dahar says

    Can’t they just stop making these out dated cars first! Its 2015! Suzuki in other countries including Maruti Suzuki have latest model but what we got 1979-85 Suzuki Carry, 1984-88 Suzuki Alto, 1988-03 Suzuki Cultus, 2004-10 Suzuki Swift, Pak-Suzuki-style Wagon R and overpriced Jimny and APV and now they are launching Suzuki Kizashi which is flop all over the world. Japanese Suzuki must take serious action against them and finish this ripoff company at all cost. Pak Suzuki is completely opposite to Suzuki and destorying the beauty and technology of automobile even our country.

  23. Haris Ahmed Dahar says

    Even the quality looks very very poor.

  24. saad says

    yes they are and you are right but i really hope that we get same quality and featured packed car as in US OR EU OR JAPAN for same price but scenarios are different 🙁

  25. Muhammad Faid says

    It’s Pakistan everything is over priced

  26. Mohammad Bilal Mirza says

    A biggest blunder they are going to make, customers can buy a better hybrid in a half price like Honda Vezel.

  27. Haris Ahmed Dahar says

    Swift and Wagon R are the only good car by Pak Suzuki in present year. At least Wagon R is better than out dated Cultus, and Swift is also a good car but its still out dated.

  28. khurram says

    any updates … ?

  29. Fahad Ullah says

    We are going to update with all the information tonight. Stay tuned.

  30. ali says

    at Suzuki service center, Isb

  31. Haris Ahmed Dahar says

    More like tissue box

  32. Aleem Bhatti says

    Price is 5.5 million? Pak suzuki is awam ko sahi loot rhi hai, Sabun Dani i mean Mehran he 7 lacs ki sale kri ja rhi hai. Main tu heeran hn wo tu Cars main count he nai hti cars ke naam py Dhaaba hai. Now come to the Suzuki another shit Kizashi. First to suzuki luxury brands main count he nai hti. so 5.5 million kizashi py spend krny sy better hai Toyota Fortuner, Audi A3, A4 brand new ly ly. Luxury brands tu hn. And i think agr is ki price 5.5 ki bajye 2.5 b hti to log Honda ya Toyota he ln gn. And this kizashi flops in other countries, n suzuki try his last luck in Pakistan.

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