Honda Pakistan is giving free airbag replacement services

All the auto manufacturers around the globe, after Takata airbag fiasco, have become very vigilant about the airbags installed in their vehicles, and that’s why they recall their cars to replace and check the airbags. In Pakistan also, the local automakers are giving free services to check, and now once again, Honda Pakistan is running a campaign to provide free of cost airbag inflator replacement to its customers in the country.

As per the notice, which the company published on its website last week, the SRS- Airbag inflator may have a probability of malfunctioning, which can cause serious injuries. So, it is advised to visit the nearest Honda 2S/3S authorised dealerships for free replacement/checkup.

The cars, which the company has recalled, are as follow:

  • Honda Civic Oriel (reborn) 2006-12
  • Honda CR-V 2008-11
  • Honda Accord 2004-12

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honda Pakistan- airbag inflator

To view the eligibility of your car, visit Honda Pakistan’s official website. It is imperative to mention here that the company recalled the same cars previously for airbag replacement. Moreover, Honda Atlas Limited has run an ad campaign back in March and April of 2017 also to give its cars immediate servicing.

A defective airbag inflator can be lethal and can cause fatal injuries, and we must appreciate Honda for this initiative.

Aside from Honda, IMC Toyota at the end of last month also recalled 1,719 Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8L Grande cars, which the company shipped between August 2015 and March 2016, under its special service campaign. The vehicles sold during the time mentioned above house front airbag sensors, which over the time could malfunction, leading the warning light to appear. And due to this, there are chances that at the time of the accident the airbag on the driver’s side might not deploy.

If you own any of the above mentioned Honda models, have it checked from Honda 3S/2S dealership and get the airbag inflator replaced immediately.

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  1. Good step by IMC, however, they should also help out on their categories that comes without SRS- Airbag.

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