Honda Pakistan expected to launch new vehicles this year

IMC Toyota is all prepared to launch two cars this year in Pakistan namely Toyota Camry and Toyota Fortuner with a diesel engine. Same is the case with Toyota’s arch-rival Honda; the company is expected to launch/re-launch vehicles in the ongoing year as well. Honda came under harsh criticism from auto lovers after its 1.5L Civic turbo started causing a persistent knocking issue, and so the car was discontinued by the company. However, Honda is all set to re-launch Civic turbo in the first quarter (Q1) of 2018.

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Moving onward, many rumors are circulating on social sites that a new Honda City would be launched by the company in the current year. Additionally, a new 1,200cc Honda Brio locally assembled might be launched as some are arguing on social networking sites.

Reasons why the company might launch new vehicles:

The company would launch new vehicles to counter the upcoming automakers. Moreover, it would be wise to mention here that in the previous year, Honda sold more bikes than any other bike manufacturer, but the sale of the cars didn’t show much progress except for certain spikes in the sales of Honda City and BR-V. This could be the other reason why the company would launch new vehicles.

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Lastly, it is also rumored that the company will increase the prices of its vehicles soon as all other local automakers have already done so.

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