Squirrel fills a Volkswagen Golf with hundreds of acorns

It’s not your everyday news when you hear someone saying that their car got invaded by an animal and turned it into their shelter. We often experience seeing small animals like cats taking refuge inside the car’s bonnet during cold winter days. However, a 25-year holidaymaker returned from a long vacation and found out his car wasn’t working properly.

The 25-years old Andrew didn’t quite seem to understand the problem when the gearbox of his car refused to work properly, which he got replaced in 2014. So he decided to take his car to the mechanic. Before handing over his car he opened the glovebox just to discover small acorn falling out. Which was quite surprising to the owner as he didn’t open the glovebox since his vacations ended. The owner told the mechanic to have a look when every other person present at the spot decided to have a look and started laughing.

Turns out the car was turned into a winter shelter by squirrel and acorns were successfully placed in places like under the bonnet and inside the gear assembly. In fact, the sequel managed to cut through the soundproofing present inside the car to place its beloved food. That’s not all, the mechanic also managed to remove a dead rat inside the car’s bonnet. It took almost 2 hours removing the acorns and the rodent. Andrew was charged 168 British Pounds.

His invoice explained the fee: “To remove acorns from gearbox linkage housing and dead rat from soundproofing”.

While Andrew was very happy having his car back to normal but he also said, “I feel bad. I ruined their winter and all their hard work.”


While extreme cases like these are hard to see but there are multiple cases when car owners accidentally end up killing cats, rat or even small birds. During cold winter days make sure you check spacing above your car’s tyres, under the bonnet and under your car as a whole. Many stray animals might take refuge and might not know when the car has started moving making them fall on the road or even in front of the tyres. Having an inspection before starting your car not only ensure the life of these helpless animals but also save you a lot of headaches if something manages to get trapped inside the components of the car and end up damaging something important just like the story above.

Awais Yousaf

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