Honda Pakistan increases prices of its vehicles


The final nail in the coffin has been struck by Honda Pakistan to its customers in Pakistan. The company following the footsteps of its arch rivals IMC Toyota and Pak Suzuki has increased the prices of its vehicles up to PKR 1,000,000/-. Aside from Toyota and Suzuki Pakistan and now Honda, AL-Haj FAW had also jacked up the rates of its cars. And the reason why these automakers raised the prices, according to them, is a devaluation of Rupee against Dollar.

Below is the list of the revised prices of Honda Cars:


Honda has not increased the prices of BR-V and its Turbo Civic yet.

Moreover, Honda Pakistan has recently revised the prices of its bikes up to PKR 1000/-. According to the sources, the company is about to launch three new cars this year namely Honda Civic Turbo, Honda City, and a 1200cc Honda Brio.

Share your thoughts regarding this recent price increase by Honda Atlas.

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  • JUTT

    Highway robbery continues unabated.

    Open new car import and remove all duty & taxes.

    A nation of 20 Crore being held hostage in the hands of 3 Japanese/Paki haramkhorz (atlas, indus, PS)

  • JIT

    Pakistani Government is a Government by the crooks for the crooks. No one to protect consumers.

    20 Crore Awaam Gayee Tail Lene

  • Usman Cheema

    Removing the duty and taxes would allow more imports… Imports are the last thing Pakistan needs right now all the import/export deficit is caused by excessive and unnecessary imports… besides Kia Hyundai, Volkswagen Renault are all setting up plants in Pakistan… The monopoly of Honda Toyota and Suzuki is coming to an end..

  • naveed

    Pakistan is irrelevant for the consumer. This is anticompetitive and pakistan should be slapped with sanctions because of this.

  • Sohaib Tahir

    Does it also effect the people who have already submitted their final payment for the delivery?

  • Sleeping

    Dollar leave Pakistan both ways.

    Whether you import cars and pay or whether these 3 looterz make profit and send it back to their headquarters in Japan.

    Best Solution is 3rd way. Let overseas Pakistanis pay for new cars from their overseas accounts and open new car import. No dollar will leave Pakistan and we still will get cheap & good quality imported cars in Pakistan.

  • Saqib

    I personally believe that unlike Toyota and Pak Suzuki, Honda is not a looter. When Swift was at 12.5 lacs, Honda City was at 15.5 lacs. When Suzuki raised their prices to 14 lacs, City price was reduced to 15.25 lacs. The only company in Pakistan which has reduced its prices, which is a record. Now they are increasing prices because Pak Suzuki raised their Cultus and Swift prices to a level where there is only 150,000 difference between Cultus and City (Cultus kidar aur City kidar, no comparison). City has recently been upgraded, so i think price increase is justified. People may disagree with me considering no control of increase in prices by automakers in Pakistan. However, if everyone is increasing prices including FAW, then whats wrong with Honda. Lastly, Honda is the last one to increase its prices, when everyone has already done it. I think being a consumer we should appreciate Honda company for waiting till the end.

  • Equilist

    We shouldn’t appreciate any company, all are there to make profits in a closed/non competitive market, helped by inept administration. However, I have seen a trend at Pakwheels that they correctly bash honda and suzuki but have a soft corner for Toyota. PW blog on the same price increase by IMC was titled something like “IMC ‘forced’ to increase price”. It’s the same all over Pakistan everyone has vested interests and they protect and promote them accordingly.
    By getting rid of favorable bias towards IMC, PW will gain credibility but that may not be good enough to offset any benefits that accompany the aforementioned bias 🙂

  • Fahad Adeel Qazi

    Did you check with Honda ? Do let me know as well what they say ? Thanks

  • Sohaib Tahir

    Yes, Im supposed to pay the increased amount too! :/

  • Fahad Adeel Qazi

    What date you deposited the final payment ? and did you get sms from Honda Atlas ?

  • Alpha_wolf

    please refer Dawn News Paper “all current and new orders with partial payment would be invoiced on new retail prices whereas all orders having delivery due till 31st Dec 2017 and with full payment by the same date would be invoiced at the old retail prices.”
    so, the cut off date is 31st December 2017 iro delivery due date and full payment.

  • Fahad Adeel Qazi

    Thanks buddy. Thankfully I deposited full payment on 26th December. 🙂

  • Alpha_wolf

    that’s applicable only if your car delivery was due before 31st Dec 2017

  • ImranN

    There is no law in Pakistan, firstly the booking duration time very long which is 6 months,why they get to half payment? seems like they deposit that payment in bank and earn interest.If Honda or other vendor make 1 brand why not they announce 1 version for all countries?no platform, at least Pakwheel we comment. but we need to legally stop these things.year start they increase payment, how they guaranty they not increase year mid, end???? Import cars also a issue, same like Q or China mobile, the accessories very good, but maintenance and parts issues.

  • Jazib Ali

    I have booked Honda City i-vtec in December 2017, with half payment.
    Please tell whether this price increment will be applicable on me, at the time of recieving and complete payment??
    Reply Soon!

  • Shamshair Khan

    I deposited full payment in early Dec 2017 and delivery is 31 January 2018, today I receive call from Honda dealership that “I have to pay additional 50,000”. I had asked them to sent my any legal document/company notice why I should pay extra as I already paid “relationship contract”.
    how about dears, if all those who have same problem with HONDA, should move to court for legal action against the company it is pure depriving the consumer rights case.
    if your people are agreed with my opinion, just send your particulars name, telephone no etc to my email:
    we will take the matter to Ministry of industry/PM and high/supreme court to fix the issue at once.

  • Kamran Ameer

    I booked honda city on 2 june 2017 and deposited 70 prcent payment.. Delivery was to be made on 30 Dec 2017… To get new model, I waited and deposited remaining payment on 2 Jan 2018… I have received no sms from Company but dealership is now asking me to deposit additional 50,000/-. Having paid 70 prcent of price 6 monhs ago n having paid full payment on Jan 2, am I still need to pay the additional amount??? Plz help me with ur comments

  • Riaz

    I totally agree with you. These companies have the monopoly in Pakistan and even the new shape they have introduced has minor change than the previous model.