Motorway roadside auto shops exploiting people, reported by commuters

Since morning many have been reporting on social sites that while traveling through Motorway, roadside auto shops looted them after being told to check the tire pressure of the car. According to the posts, people made on social networking sites, while checking the tire pressure the auto shop worker deliberately punctures and damages the tires to take advantage of them and sell them their cheap built tires expensively. The rumor is not new, as last year also people reported facing the same difficulty. The latest account is by one of our PakWheels Facebook Community members who narrated his experience regarding the same issue.

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Moreover, it is also rumored that roadside auto shops spill nails on the road intentionally to harm the tires of the passing cars, so that after being damaged they come to them in need of help and they exploit them in whatever manner they want. Government and Motorway authorities should hurriedly take necessary action against such follies. It is to be noted here that I, myself, am a victim of these trickeries.

PakWheels Facebook Community post in question said,

Hi Folks,

A couple of weeks back I was traveling on M2, towards Faisalabad with family. On Bhera service area we were stopped for some snacks and coffee. I moved to nearby 24/7 Workshop & Tyre shop asked the guy to kindly check the air pressure of tires…

Here the real story starts … He told me that two tires of the right side are punctured. I argued with him that they are looking fine and I don’t feel anything while driving all the way from Islamabad. He unbolts the tires and asks me to check in the water there were like five punctures in both tires… literally 5… it was shocking for me CZ I changed all tires Good Year only a month before from Blue Area… Time was around 11:00 pm and he gave me the only option to buy the new tires are not reparable, and there is the risk of repairing as well …

Cutting the story short they took advantage of late time and problem and sold me two Chinese tires MIRAGE in PKR 13000/-, I protested about the price but of no use. It’s almost the double of its normal price (Checked from METRO Fsd) and also more than the notified rates of MW Authority.

What I got to know after the inspection of Tyres from Fsd and later Islamabad that the workshop guy damaged the tires and this is routine on Motorway… I am not sure that if they were damaged by some cat eyes or the workshop guy did his trick.

But plz beware of these crooks 24/7 Auto Service, Bhera Service Area.

Plz guide me as well is there any helpline or helpdesk about this overbilling..??

Another one also reported the same thing, see below,

“Same happened with me at bhera service area, I changed all the tires, and after seven days of changing, I asked him to check tire pressure. He said 2 of your tires are punctured, but I said they are new…

He said no these are punctured. Then I said its ok u just check tire pressure then I moved to Islamabad. Then I took my car to a tire shop after six days of that incident but tire pressure was ok, and all the tires are having not a single puncture. They just fool ppl.”

The purpose of writing this blog is to aware people of such frauds and follies being done on motorway. Beware of them and be sure to keep an eye while the auto shop worker checks the tire pressure of your car to avoid any awkwardness.

Drive safe, stay safe and keep motoring!

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My name is M. Ali Laghari and I love to read and write about Cars.

  • Ashoo

    How can it be determined if the damage to the tyre was caused deliberately or was natural ?

  • zain ul Abidin

    this is what happened to me
    “While travelling form Salam to Islamabad on 9th June around at 5 AM, I stopped at Bhera service area for refueling and tire pressure check. During pressure check he told me that the tire pressure is low (12psi) in rear left and front right. He advised me to get it checked for any possible punctures. While checking for punctures he overfilled the tire to nearly 36 psi and on checking 3-inch cut observed in the outer wall of tire. Same case happened with front right tire where 3 blade cuts observed in outer wall. When I got suspicious, he told me that this type of cuts happened due to cat eyes installed on roads. Whereas I believe that he used blade to cut outer walls of tire, moreover, paper cutter also observed in his hand. I used spare tire and one repaired tire to travel to Islamabad and got new tires for 18000 PKR. ”

    I have officially reported to DIG motorway police and also FWO. Also happened to my friend around 6 months back. Please come forward and report because this is the only way to stop this.

  • Agr ap car se bahir nikal kr apne samne pressure check karwatay tu shayad bach jatay is fraud se…