Honda Vezel – A Perfect Fit For Pakistan


Honda Vezel was released in 2013. The car was not such a big hit in the Japanese market, but things get interesting when this subcompact crossover comes to the Pakistani market. People really appreciated the offerings of this amazing vehicle. And the car is one of the hot sellers in Pakistani market. Some of the major things are,

  • Fuel Average:

One thing every car owner is really concerned of is the fuel average offered by the car, because at the end of the day you have to look in your pocket and then set priorities. Vezel is a one time investment. Most of the Vezels seen in Pakistan are based on hybrid technology. And according to users the fuel average offered by Honda Vezel is around 14 km/ltr to 18 km/ltr, and this fuel average is really amazing when compared to Pakistani cars which is hardly upto 13 km/ltr to 15 km/ltr.

  • Spare parts:

The biggest drawback of buying any imported car is the availability of spare parts. Luckily, Honda Atlas released the Pakistani version of Honda Vezel (known as Honda HR-V). The car is not hybrid but all other parts are same as that of Honda Vezel. Therefore, the parts of Honda Vezel are easily and readily available. Therefore, no needs to worry about the spare parts just enjoy your time with this amazing

  • Design and shape:

Honda Vezel is a typical subcompact crossover with some amazing looks. The car looks really amazing on road. The car has been designed by keeping in view some of the major problems a car owner counter. The length of the car is smaller than Toyota corolla but is much more spacious. The best part I see in Honda Vezel is the ground clearance. Our roads are cursed with these pathetic speed breakers, and it feels really bad when our car strikes with one because of less ground clearance. But, when it comes to Honda Vezel the car has a very good ground clearance and no matter how pathetic is the speed breaker, this car won’t disappoint you.

  • Great engine:

Car engine is like the heart of the car. the major part of the car’s performance is based on the Engine. And Honda Vezel has got one of the most amazing engines. Honda Vezel comes with a 1500 cc engine coupled with an electric-hybrid motor. The engine is not only efficient but also very effective at the same time. I have interviewed some of the users who shifted from 1800cc (Altis and 8th gen Civic) cars to Honda Vezel and they are really enjoying this amazing vehicle.DSC_0337

  • Amazing suspension:

One thing all of the vehicles from Honda lack is the suspension. Even in Civic the suspension is really hard. But when you will drive Honda Vezel you will feel you are driving Lexus or Land Cruiser. The suspension offered by this car is really fantastically mind blowing.

  • Better than the rivals:

The biggest rival of Honda Vezel is the Toyota Prius. But without any offense to the Prius lovers the car is amazing on well carpeted roads but struggles a lot on speed breakers and off roads. On the other hand, Honda Vezel is really good if you want to have to travel on long and rough roads.2010_Toyota_Prius.jpg

  • The Perfect family car:

Honda Vezel is the complete package. It has got powerful engine, it has a very good legroom, it has amazing user interference, spacious cabin. In short we can say, If you are buying a car for family use, and you want power, room, comfort, effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, speed and safety in one machine. Then you won’t find anything more convenient then the Honda Vezel.

Honda Vezel is already a big hit in the market you can find a Honda Vezel in as low as 8 km driven from car dealers. But its better to import your own. It will take time but no one can play you. Honda Vezel price in Pakistan is from 29 lac to 33 lac depending on the condition of the car (where HR-V is available for 36 lac). So, Honda Vezel is really worth buying. Before ending all the talk I will like to say that nothing in this world is perfect. And Honda Vezel might have some flaws also. But, looking on the roads of Pakistan Honda Vezel is the closest fit you can find in that range.



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Student at a Business school. Passionate about cars.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    this article was clearly written by a kid :p
    but I agree with each and everything that has been mentioned by the author. A good option alongwith a few others over almost every car PKDM has to offer! and it really has an amazing drive experience

  • Guest

    Vezel/HR-V is clearly a step down from Civic as it lacks 4-wheel disc brakes and independent rear suspension (it is similar to City from this aspect).

    OTOH, ground clearance is little more than City (I measured myself in the showroom), but approach and departure angles are better. Tyre size is also and issue, it uses larger & wider tyres than the sedans which are going to be less available (less variety) and more costly.

    Lack of manual gear. Ughhh.

    And 14 to 18 kmpl is random. A correct figure would be gained by driving a car 100,000km and then check its data.

    But still it may become the new Vitz. Who knows except God?

  • Ammar

    whats the trunk capacity of Vezel?

  • Haris Ahmed

    “Clearly written by a kid”. Did you read the whole article instead blaming the author. It’s not a news channel fella. Don’t be so smart next time.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    did you even read my whole comment? dont be over smart lol

  • OKL

    I saw 2 vezels yesterday at a dealer. They were selling 2016 model for 36 lacs.
    Overall it looks very nice. The author has already mentioned the positives of this vehicle. The interior is beautiful. Front seats are comfortable.

    The cons are:
    1. No spare wheel
    2. Back seats can seat 2 adults comfortably, while the 3rd will be a bit tight.
    3. The boot space is very small.

    Did not drive the car / start the engine, so cannot comment about other things.

  • Ahmed

    It’s a hit here because when this crossover vehicle came to pakistan, it was considered an “SUV” lol aur pakistani inferiority complex did the rest.

  • Waleed Ahmed

    Dude, How It’s a rival of the Prius????

    There’s a major price difference of almost 1Million++,
    Body Shape is different,
    Both have different H.P.,
    Different Engine Displacement,
    Prius’s competitor is Insight not Vezel

    & May be If you’re a little updated Toyota Just have Launched C-HR a competitor to the CUV category to HONDA Vezel!

  • Waleed Ahmed

    & BTW Atlas HR-V has halogen headlamps not LED as shown in Pic

  • Sohaib Shahid

    If you ARE agreeing with the author then what’s the need of opening your comment with a taunt? Words matter my friend, be careful with them.

  • Tariq

    Real hybrid technology is only with Toyota not honda. Honda is semi hybrid not hybrid at all compare to Toyota. Fuel average is lot better in toyota hybrid . New toyota fielder is 100 times better then vezel and less price compare to vezel. The fuel average is 25 km/l in fielder. Lot of space inside and in boot. Exterior front is look alike Lexus.

  • Askari

    I love to buy Honda Vezel but problem i’m facing the amount of Car is very high.

  • Bilal Ahsan

    I think the writer is trying to justify his own decision to buy this awfully priced vehicle with weak arguments.

  • Afzaal M. Khan

    Always keep it vehicle related . No personal comments on anyone are required and anyhow what is the objective of the critique?

  • Sohaib Shahid

    I agree with you. There isn’t any need for personal comments. I appreciate the efforts made by this author.

  • Tayyab Chaudhry

    It is quite funny to imagine a guy who can afford this multi-million rupees car but he is concerned of fuel average and bases his decisions on: “……because at the end of the day you have to look in your pocket and then set priorities.” as per writer.

  • Shayan

    As biased a commentary as can be.

  • Zeeshan Ashraf

    Bro it was among the top 8 best sellers for whole of 2014 in Japan 🙂

  • Hassan Shahzad

    Hi to all members. Can any one comment about Vezel vs Daihatsu Terios ?.

  • Muizz

    Nice article dude

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    that were the vehicles with IMA such as honda insight and honda cr-z, vezel and new honda fit shuttle are proper hybrids.

  • Bilal Chaudhry

    Good Article! Just to share some information, Vezel is based on cross of Honda Civic and Honda Fit.
    Wouldn’t it been better if this was a cross of CR-V and a civic? But who knows what price tag they would have set then…

  • Amer Lodi

    “But when you will drive Honda Vezel you will feel you are driving Lexus or Land Cruiser. The suspension offered by this car is really fantastically mind blowing”

    I think the writer has gone far too ahead here……The suspension on Vezel is quite stiff and bit uncomfortable….