Pak Suzuki Wagon R Body Kit – Is It Worth The Extra Money?

Pak Suzuki’s Wagon R is becoming one of the most popular cars in Pakistan. With a reasonable price range of between 8lacs to 10lacs rupees, this car is slowly winning the hearts of many Pakistanis. Though the Suzuki Wagon R comes with a number of features, Pak Suzuki released a new accessory package. The Accessories include:

Door Visors: Door visors are a pretty cool accessory to have in your car. They have a number of benefits, like:

  • Deflects bright sun
  • Prevents rain water from coming in when door glasses are slightly down
  • Prevents fog from forming on windscreen by letting air pass through easily
  • Directs wind into the car, allowing you to have a comfortable ride when AC is turned off

These are just a few benefits mentioned, door visors also give the car a good look. Pak Suzuki is offering this accessory for a price of Rs.6, 160.

Suzuki Wagon R Accessories

Rear Upper spoiler: Rear spoilers, especially in low-performance cars are purely for improving the looks of the car. Most FWD cars have them and most people believe they don’t improve performance. Rear spoilers work best for high-performance sports cars as they improve the aerodynamics of the car, making them more stable at high speeds. New sports cars have active rear spoilers which adjust automatically with the speed of the car. The rear upper spoiler gives the wagon R a sporty look and you can get one for your wagon R for Rs.14, 696. Car accessories can be found at car accessory shops at a more affordable rate across the country, though there is no guarantee of the quality.

Fog Lamps: Fog lamps are considered as a must have accessory. Especially for people that go to work early and experience the early morning fog. Driving in a foggy weather can be dangerous and fog lights help to reduce the risk of being hit by vehicles upfront. Fog lights shoot a beam of light to the ground improving visibility for the driver and makes your car visible to other drivers on the road. They are a must-have accessory and for Rs.18, 925 you could get it for your wagon R.

Front under spoiler: Pak Suzuki is offering this accessory for Rs.18, 404. This accessory gives the Wagon R a cool sleek look. They are designed to make the Wagon R more aerodynamic and make the car more stable at high speeds.

Rear under spoiler: These are a must have accessory if you want to give your car a powerful rally car kind of look. The rear under spoilers and front under spoilers help improve the aerodynamics of the car greatly. You could get this accessory for Rs.16, 956.

Side Body Moulding: This car accessory makes the sides of the car look classy. They are matched according to the color of the car, though the universal color one could go with is black. These plastic strips fit on the doors of the car and they are mostly used to improve the aesthetics of the car. You can get this accessory from Pak Suzuki at a price of Rs.9, 463.

Side under spoilers: This accessory is good if you want your car to look like a low riding car. They help the aerodynamics of the car as well. You could get this accessory for your Wagon R for Rs.25, 491.

The total cost of all these accessories goes up to Rs.110, 095, though Pak Suzuki is offering a discount package of Rs.93, 699. Many would suggest that one could get these accessories at less than half the price from the local car accessory shops, the question is would the quality be as good as that of Pak Suzuki.

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Samiullah Sharief

Samiullah Sharief is a car enthusiat. He is passionate about writing blogs and reviews about cars. His hobbies are driving,watching TV Shows like Top Gear, Mega Factories and he follows Popular car magazines. You can reach out to him by tweeting @sami649

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    people can get these useless accessories at 1/3rd of the price from aftermarket i’m sure? Suzuki, you really are a joke.

  • aliqadri

    useless additions… especially for wagonR. this car is meant to be ‘simple workhorse’ not worth spending anything which isn’t going to benefit fuel efficiency and/or safety.

  • Abdullah

    Genuine honda fog lights for city cost 6500 rupees! The prices for all this stuff should not be more then 30,000 rupees! They should be taken to a consumer court for over charging…..

  • Asim Zafar

    Bro, Suzuki never wins hearts let it be wagonR or Mehran and anything in between, people are forced to buy these cars just because of very limited choices.

  • Ammar

    ‘ and make the car more stable at high speeds.’
    lol give me a break

  • Ata Ul Aziz Usman


  • Guest

    Fog lamps improve safety.

    And air press (door visors) are quite useful even if they look like shodaygeeri.

    Fog lamps and door visors are the only useful things in the list. The remaining are useless, reduce the ground clearance and in the long run will serve to promote rusting as they provide new nooks and crannies for rainwater/mud to hide.

  • Car Point Network

    Why BODY KITS , when a Beautiful Parri is available at cast lesser than WAGON-R chingchi shaped rikshaw , Go for FAW V2 , Stable at High speeds, and quality just like Hyundai Santro….

  • Wicked Cars

    FAW V2 is best option.. Have a test drive and decide yourself

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    hahahahahaha chawal hain suzuki wale

  • Junaid

    Is Suzuki Mad for selling pieces of plastic for Rs 110095… and wahoo.. the discount… simply mad

  • Hassan Raza

    if you guys waste your 1 million on low class suzuki cars so plz stop and buy japan’es or any other brand …. na lagaoo agg pasoo ko plz

  • husnulmaab

    rice ur car for extra money wtf this is use less it adds more weight and reduces ground clearance and why the hell would u pay for plastic junk it is dumb af

  • Guest

    Why women pay for makeup? It is just a plastic layer above the real, natural skin which is beautiful even with all its natural flaws.

    The same way car enthusiasts may want to pay for some dysfunctional plastic to make it look (they think) more beautiful.

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    actually, shape of wagon r has grown upon us as it is related to Japanese imports. v2 looks like a hideous turtle, no doubt it is a better car on paper but quality isn’t upto mark. and its brakes face premature wear n tear & failure if you’d visit owners thread on pakwheels and brakes are the most basic part of safety even mehran got em right.

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    but whats the point of spending ~18k for Genuine fog lamps when even grande’s led one’s with turn indicators are less than 5k in after market and swift one’s that fit this wagon r start from 2000 and good quality which can bear temperature of HIDs are for 3500? air press are a less than 1000rs. item. Suzuki’s quality? hahahahahaha. they can’t get the cars from factory right what would one expect from dealership? (though no issues of quality in wagon r in terms of material used which is certainly upto mark with jdms, only a little with fit and finish)