How to properly wax your car for long lasting shine

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A lot of people confuse car wax and car polishes; they consider both to have the same properties and usage; however, this is not the case. Wax is applied to have a protective layer on the car’s paint surface. Waxes are both natural and synthetic. On the other hand, the polish is designed to remove scratches and other imperfections such as oxidation. Polish is not designed to protect vehicle’s paint surface; instead, it is designed to correct car’s paint.

Apart from not knowing the difference between wax and polish, many also not know how to correctly apply wax. In this particular article, we will be focusing on how to properly apply wax on your car.

Below are the steps which one should follow to properly apply wax on the car.

First of all, always remember to wash your car beforehand so that all apparent dirt and grime on the surface washes away. After washing the car, use good microfibre to dry the car off. Try to dry the car in shade instead of direct sunlight.

Secondly, always remember to park your car under shade before applying wax, it is recommended to use the wax under shade not under sunlight.

microfiber car cleaning

Furthermore, never apply a heavy layer of wax, apply the wax so it makes a thin and uniform layer and it will do the job. People often apply wax in excessive quantity thinking it will bring out more shine or give extra protection. That is not needed at all. Additionally, if you are not satisfied with the amount of wax you can apply another thin layer, but after the previous thin layer has completely buffed out.

Always remember to wax one part of the car at a time, never or avoid waxing different parts of the vehicle simultaneously. Use standard size hand applicator pad in this regard.

Moreover, apply the wax in a circular motion, avoiding application on large areas. Glide the pad gently as it will distribute the wax properly onto the surface of the car, avoid pressing the pad hard. Finally, leave the car to dry as per instruction by the manufacturer of the wax. Rule of thumb is that if you swipe your finger on the dried wax, it should wipe off and not stick over leaving a mark.


dry wax swipe test


Now use a clean soft piece of cloth to clean the dried wax off the body of the car.

There are many waxes in the market, but one of the best is Carrera wax. The benefits of using Carrera compared to other waxes are as follow:carrera wax The Carrera wax is German engineered polish, which gives the paint of the car a long lasting shine than other waxes out there in the market. It forms a layer on car’s paint which protects from the dust and never harms the vehicle paint. Many products after using frequently start to damage the car paint, but Carrera doesn’t harm after being frequently used.

Moreover, it is easy and quick to apply — in layman terms, people tend to apply a lot of wax to their car which makes it hard for them to take it off, if there is any way in which you can emphasize on using lesser quantity without compromising on the results then use Carrera wax. Lastly, it a value for money product, one cannot feel displeasure after using it.   

The Carrera wax is a paste wax which is relatively a new and superior technology, unlike other products being sold in the market, it dries off in under 1 minute. Furthermore, due to newer technology less amount of Carrera wax gives the same amount of shine to the car like other waxes which are used in higher quantity.


One of the most important aspects of Carrera wax is that it doesn’t hurt the paint of the car, unlike the waxes which use older technologies such as hard waxes which damages the car paint a lot. The older technology removes the layer of the car’s paint to expose new coat of paint to make it more shine, which is certainly dangerous for car’s paint.

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