How To Book Toyota Yaris 2020 In Pakistan?

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The time has finally come, and the booking of the new Toyota Yaris has started at the dealerships of Toyota across Pakistan. Contact your nearest dealership to book your Yaris today.

The delivery of these booked cars will start in April 2020, and the time can vary depending on the number of bookings ahead of you. Exterior colors available in Yaris include Gray Graphite, Attitude Black, Super White, Dorado Gold, Phantom Brown, Orange MT, Dark Blue Mice MT, Silver Metallic, Red Mica MT, and Strong Blue.

Toyota Yaris Pictures:

Following are the things you need to keep on mind before going to a dealership to book your Yaris:

  • For individual customers:
    • Copy of N.I.C
    • Copy of NTN certificate
    • Demand draft/pay order
  • For corporate customers:
    • Official stamp of the company on PBO
    • Copy of NTN certificate
    • Purchase request
    • Copy of sales tax registration

Other instructions:

  • The prices prevailing at the time of vehicle invoice by IMC will be final
  • Payment of withholding tax will be made in favor of the Indus Motor Company LTD
  • Advance booking with 100% payment is required in the form of pay order/bank draft in favor of the Indus Motor Company LTD
  • Order taken from customers are governed by the PBO (Provisional Booking Order Form) and are under its terms and conditions
  • Any impact on prices due to changes in government levies, tariffs, fiscal policies, import policies will be on account of the customer
  • Indus Motor Company reserves the right to change any price and vehicle specifications without notice
  • Cash payment for the booking is not allowed, and all payments must be payable to the account of Indus Motor Company (IMC)

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