How To Change Car Engine Oil?

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This is the first episode of the Shell Know You Oil series and is also a comprehensive guide consisting of five easy steps that you can undertake to change the engine oil of your car.

Usually, we see that oil change is a simple task; however, it can get complicated really quickly if you do not follow the guidelines properly. People usually prefer going to a service station or a mechanic to get their car’s engine oil changed. However, this is something that you can do from the comfort of your home. For the purpose of this demonstration, we have chosen the 2018 Toyota Corolla GLi. 

The engine oil chosen is from Shell, and it is of 5W-30 grade. This oil is chosen by keeping in mind the specifications of this car. This Shell engine oil has many favorable characteristics that are mentioned below: 

  • Engine Protection
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Extreme Temperature Protection
  • Ultimate Power and Performance
  • Superior Piston Cleanliness

Firstly, before getting an oil change, it is imperative to find out which grade of engine oil is optimal for your car. In order to do this, you can log on to the PakWheels’ Shell portal. Over here, you can easily find out the best grade of engine oil for your car. Putting the wrong grade of engine oil can easily damage your car’s engine; therefore, spend some time on this first step. 

Secondly, to change the engine oil, you need the proper equipment. This includes gloves, safety goggles, car jack, car stand, adjustable wrench, drain pan, wipes, strap wrench, oil filter, engine oil, and a funnel. Whenever you are fixing anything of your car, make sure you use the required equipment. This measure will protect you as well as your car. 

Thirdly, before changing the engine oil, park your car on a straight and level path. If you do not have a ramp or a lift, make use of the car jack under the chassis of the car to lift it up. If you have an automatic car, put the gear on park mode, and if you have a manual car, engage the first gear. With the help of blocks, hold the front and rear wheels so that the car does not move. With every engine oil change, change the oil filter for optimal performance from your car. Cleaner engine oil going through a fresh filter will also improve the health and longevity of the mechanical parts of your car. 

How to change the car engine oil – video:

Fourthly, do not overfill your car with engine oil as it can damage the engine too. In order to determine the right quantity of engine oil, make use of the dipstick. The engine oil must be between the upper and lower level markings on the dipstick. You will overfill your car on engine oil if the oil level is above the upper-level mark on the dipstick. 

Lastly, put the cap back on that seals the compartment containing the engine oil. After this, turn your car on and keep it running for about two minutes. Then turn off the engine and check the oil level again. Furthermore, note down the date at which you have replaced your engine oil and the mileage at the time of this change. Also, take note of the mileage at which your next engine oil will be due. 

Stay tuned for more informative content like this one and drop your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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