How To Clean Car Emblems? – All You Need To Know!

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Due to increasing pollution in the air and the dirt and dust on the roads, the emblems on our cars get dirty over time. Sometimes they get rusty, or fungus gets attached to them. This article is about how you can clean your emblems once they are in the conditions mentioned above.

In order to clean them, you can use an all-purpose cleaner that is available in different brands. Sometimes when you wash your car, some soap and water residue remain on the car emblems. This looks bad, too, and you can clean them with an all-purpose cleaner in this case as well. 

Along with the cleaner, you can use a toothbrush to rub the rust or fungus off the emblem. Spray the cleaner on the emblem and rub it well with the toothbrush several times. For this purpose, use a toothbrush with hard bristles. These hard bristles will reach the twists and turns in the design of the emblem. A toothbrush can reach the nook and crannies of the emblem that is hard to reach with a piece of cloth. 

How To Clean Car Emblems – video:

After thoroughly cleaning the emblem, use a dry piece of cloth to dry the emblem and the surrounding area. Make a note of the fact that you cannot use these chemicals in the raw form. You have to add water to dilute them; otherwise, they can damage the paint surrounding the emblem area. 

Every brand of chemical mentions how much water must be added to the chemical to use it for different purposes. You can use this technique to clean emblems to clean other chrome elements in your car. These can be chrome grille or the chrome accents around the windows of your car. In some cases, you can also use steam to clean emblems if there is wax or soap stuck on the emblem. has initiated a new CarCare service, which you can use to get your car thoroughly cleaned. This service will rejuvenate your car and will make it shine like its brand new. To book an appointment, you can call 0309-2272273. Availing this service will also prepare your car for the scorching heat of the summers. This service includes the following aspects: 

  • Foamy Wash 
  • Engine Compartment Dressing 
  • Interior Cleaning and Polishing 
  • Interior Dressing 
  • Buffer Polishing Compound
  • Tires Cleaning 
  • Car Logo Cleaning 

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