Hyundai Develops Airbag Technology for Panoramic Sunroofs

You can bet that new cars are significantly safer than the cars of before. The invention of airbags has significantly reduced injuries and deaths caused worldwide due to accidents but with that said there is always room for improvement and Hyundai has proven that right this time.

In certain scenarios, the side curtain or front airbags cannot really save the occupants, and this was a widespread issue in cars with panoramic sunroofs in case of a deadly rollover. Hyundai engineers have tackled this issue with a system which can detect a rollover and then deploy the airbags present inside the panoramic roof of the car. The reaction of the system is lightning fast at 0.08s which not only helps the occupants avoid any head injury but protects them from spilling out the roof altogether.



Multiple tests made on dummies proved that head injuries can be sufficiently reduced or avoided as the whole. What is amazing about this system is that how Hyundai managed to put all this system inside the limited space present in the glass sunroof of the car. Though some manufacturers had already implement roof-mounted airbags, they were only designed for frontal crash safety instead of a rollover.

Luckily this new tech is to be made available in Hyundai cars in 2019, and since Hyundai has stepped in Pakistan already so, you can expect their high-end cars to feature this new technology and be the safest cars on the roads of Pakistan. Hopefully!

Awais Yousaf

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