Hyundai and KIA set to introduce AI car assistants by 2019

Kia and Hyundai are reputed as two of the safest-car-manufacturers, and bold risk takers when it comes to adopting in-car technologies that have not been tried yet. So, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that both the companies have released statements saying that their cars released in 2019 will feature AI Voice Assistants and every vehicle manufactured by the company will be “connected” by 2025. Hyundai told that it has teamed up with SoundHound to develop an IPA (Intelligent Personal Agent) based on Houndify. Hyundai told that this IPA will be capable of making proactive suggesting like reminding you of your schedule, as well as remotely controlling your car and your home.

You could argue that this isn’t something that hasn’t been tried before, there are a number of AI helpers in other cars. Well, Hyundai and Kia are trying to one-up the level of those AI helpers by introducing multiple-command recognition support. Multiple-command recognition is what makes an AI assistant more humanely. You must have often made the mistake of asking your AI helper to do two things in the same sentence, (like, asking for weather updates and to turn up the volume of the radio) and found your IPA banging its head against a digital wall.

Multiple-command recognition isn’t a technology as much as it is a robust software algorithm, which will allow an AI entity to recognize more than one commands within just a single input sentence. This one may seem like a very common and unworthy difference, but the current problem frustrates users beyond imagination, which is why the IT world is so keen on developing the solution. This is also a reason why Hyundai and Kia thought it was a news-worthy decision for their customers.