Atlas Honda increases its bike prices by PKR 500-1000

As per our prediction, Honda Pakistan has also raised the prices of its vehicles (bikes) up to PKR 1,000. Previously, IMC Toyota, Pak Suzuki, and Al-Haj FAW jacked up the prices of their different models. These recent increase in prices has been harshly criticized by the consumers, demanding to push the prices back to where they were. According to a local bike dealer, the prices of Honda bikes increased due to Rupee keep losing ground against Dollar.

The revised prices of Honda Bikes are as follow:

  • Honda CG-125 new price (PKR 107,500) old price (PKR 106,500) 1000/-PKR increase in price
  • Honda CG-125 Deluxe new price (PKR 126,500) old price (PKR 125,500) 1000/-PKR increase in price
  • Honda Pridor 100cc new price (PKR 87,000) old price (PKR 86,500) 500/-PKR increase in price

The company has changed the prices of these three bike models, while the prices of all other models remain the same. Honda sold 149,071 more bikes in 2016-17 than 2015-16.

Moreover, not only automakers increased the prices of their products, but the government has also raised the prices of oil products, which is being critiqued by transporters and local commuters. It is to be noted here that the oil prices were increased after their prices in international market fluctuated.

Lastly, Honda Atlas is also expected to raise the prices of its cars in the near future.

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