Hyundai Nishat Launches porter H-100 pickup in Pakistan

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On Monday 2-12-2019 Hyundai Nishat Motors has launched its yet another locally manufactured vehicle porter H-100 pickup for its customers in Pakistan at an event held in PC Hotel Lahore.

As per the details, the vehicle is equipped with a 2.6L Diesel Euro-11 engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Porter H-100 has a payload capacity of 1 ton. Note here that the previous version of this vehicle was Hyundai Shehzore, which was an iconic machine back in the days.

The vehicle is able to produce 79 hp at 3,800 rpm and churns out 167 nm of torque.

The booking of the vehicle will commence from 3-12-2019; however, the delivery will start in January 2020. The ex-factory price of the vehicle is PKR 2,449,000/-.

Aside from porter H-100 pickup, the company previously had launched Grand Starex, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Ioniq in Pakistan as well.

Click to see the complete specifications and features of Porter H-100

See the pictures of the vehicle below:

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  1. Murtaza Shahid says

    Kia is selling the import version around 2 million. One can buy a isuzu truck for this prize and now a foton Truck is also cheaper then this what were they thinking while pricing it. The dollar is all time low now.

  2. ur mom says

    Only rich companies will buy it (which are very few in the market) – I don’t think it’ll be successful.


    This model is in the market since 2003. I don’t understand why Paki manufacturers buy all used scrap technology and make Pakistan public fool by saying that its a new model come on have little shame dont destroy Pakistan by doing this nonsens

  4. Chaudhry Waheed Bhutta says

    Hyundai Porter H is fitted with Euro II diesel engine which may be good but this engine produces more co2 emission gases that are not healthy option for the environment. The manufacturer should fit the Euro 6 engine which mandatory in Europe and UK…………………..Please tell everyone that Pakistan is not dumping ground for Chinese-Koreans and Japanese of their low tech environmentally friendly vehicles. Further, the price for this vehicle is hefty and should be around 18/20 LAKH only because this a commercial vehicle and attracts low customs and other taxes.

  5. Waheed Bhutta says

    I share your views…….we are always fooled around by the under quality auto manufacturers. That must stop. Why we are messed around because of the kickback mafia in politics and the selfish-greedy and dishonest under achiever bureaucrats of FBR who paid hefty bribes in their foreign currency bank accounts overseas.

  6. Ch Waheed Bhutta says

    Isuzu commercial vehicles are a lot better and robust…………….better than this garbage for the people of Pakistan.

  7. ωαφας μαφβοολ says

    Look what quality of japanese vehicles crowd our streets n then compare with locally manufactured crap. My new Gli auto gives 8_9 kpl, the worst ever by any 1300 cc car in world. It’s frustrating to see the world n then our mfr plants.. Why cant they be upgraded?

  8. Haroon says

    This vehicle has been overpriced for it’s quality of engine and mettalurgy,if Nishats Management thinks that now ,the vehs can be sold on huge prices with old technology,, fooling the people ,,it’s not 2000 it’s 2019 and people have lot more cheaper and latest technology options such as Dongfenf,Foton, Changaan, this local patwari mentality is being thrown out by the people,,and companys management should also change their mindsets,,this Hyundai pickup is very poorly marketed at a bad price

  9. furquan qureshy says

    Yes you are right, Pakistan is a dump place take Fortuner worldwide diesel engines are banned for public use Now they have launched Fortuner in deisel, same as Revo old deisel crap and forget about fuel consumption.
    Japnees Vario 1300 gives me around 15 kmpl in highway and 10 to 12 on short route.
    In your case Toyota have save major price in Transmission it’s not cvt and engine is small for big body.

  10. Hasan says

    Back in the day Hyundai was selling 12,000 units per year of the same
    truck as Shehzore. So the product is surely proven but the pricing is a big question mark. KIA is offering the same truck as a CBU for 2 million. So have Hyundai Nishat over estimated the product? I hope the consumer rejects the price.

  11. nada says

    Correct price around 1,8 m? What do you think? Suzuki around 1,5m..

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