IG Sindh orders strict action against people using cars on open letter

IG Sindh Dr Kaleem Imam has directed the traffic DIG and zonal IGs to take action against people who are using vehicles on open letters.

As per the details, IG has urged the citizens of Karachi to transfer their vehicles on their names or strict action will be taken against them, irrespective of who they are. Note here that people buy cars and don’t transfer them on their names, which cause a great problem for the authorities to track down the current owner in case some problem may arise, that’s why authorities are trying hard to encourage people to transfer the cars on their names.

The IG also asserted that the step is being taken to curb down malicious activities from the city, as many culprits are using cars under the guise of the open letter.

Moreover, open letters won’t be enough to prove that you own vehicle in Karachi. An operation is also being started against fake number plates in the city, which is another menace.

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On the other hand, Excise and Taxation Department of Punjab has given 10-days to citizens to register their vehicles on their names, or else the vehicle registration will be cancelled.    

The step has been taken to ensure the full implementation of the e-challan initiative. It was reported earlier that due to people not registering vehicles on their names, previous owners are getting e-challans, which is becoming a nuisance for them.

Tell us what you guys think about these recent initiatives by the authorities.

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Notable Replies

  1. Traffic division in KHI is total waste of money. Earlier they have start strict action against the wrong side drivers but still even road like shahra-e-Faisal u can observe ppl using it frequently in presence of traffic police. They some time facilitating them.
    Traffic division is doing nothing than big initiative announcement. Lack of will to correct the wrong things.

  2. Rugal says:

    I can definitely appreciate this one. Not only is the concept of an open letter idiocy (since one has no idea how many owners the car has changed hands on) but from the perspective of a tax filer, it is troublesome too since the seller declares that he / she has sold the vehicle and in the records of the excise dept., the title and ownership is still appearing with the seller.

    However, like most initiatives, I'll believe it when I actually see anything happening.

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