Toyota IMC to revise car prices with a massive difference

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Amidst rupee devaluation, just like the other local auto manufacturers, Toyota IMC is all set to increase the prices of its vehicles for the third time, this year. According to the updated price list, a massive price hike can be seen in all Toyota cars.

Last time, the company increased its cars prices by up to 300,000, that came into effect from March 22nd, 2018 and the reason mentioned by the company’s CEO, Mr. Ali Asghar Jamali, was the devaluation of rupee against dollar, due to which, he said maintaining the prices has become impossible. 

Just before this, Pak Suzuki and AL-Haj FAW increased their vehicles prices for the third time in June 2018. 

However, there is no notification issued by Toyota IMC regarding when these new prices will come into effect from, but it is expected that the revised prices will be applicable from the start of the next FY 2018-19, i.e. 1st July 2018.

The new prices of all of Toyota cars are as follow:

Toyota Corolla
Variant Old Price New Price Difference
XLi 1,894,000 1,944,000 50,000
XLi A/T 1,969,000 2,019,000 50,000
GLi M/T 2,049,000 2,149,000 100,000
GLi M/T SE 2,159,000 2,259,000 100,000
GLi A/T 2,124,000 2,224,000 100,000
Altis 1.6 2,274,000 2,374,000 100,000
Altis 1.8 M/T 2,339,000 2,489,000 150,000
Altis 1.8 CVT 2,464,000 2,614,000 150,000
Grande M/T SR 2,514,000 2,664,000 150,000
Grande CVT SR 2,664,000 2,799,000 135,000
Toyota Hilux
Variant Old Price New Price Difference
Toyota Hilux 4×2 Single Cab Standard 2,569,000 2,679,000 110,000
Hilux 4X2 Single Cab Deckless 2,319,000 2,424,000 105,000
Hilux Revo G 2.8 M/T 4,374,000 4,559,000 185,000
Hilux Revo G Automatic 2.8 4,599,000 4,789,000 190,000
Hilux Revo V Automatic 2.8 4,949,000 5,149,000 200,000
Fortuner (Petrol) 5,849,000 6,099,000 250,000
Fortuner (Diesel) 6,199,000 6,449,000 250,000
Other Toyota Vehicles
Models Old Price New Price Variance in RSP
Hiace Standard Roof (Diesel) 4,100,000 4,400,000 300,000
Hiace Standard Roof Dual AC (Diesel) 4,400,000 4,800,000 400,000
Hiace High Roof Dual AC (Diesel) 5,100,000 5,600,000 500,000
Hiace Standard Roof (Petrol) 3,850,000 4,150,000 300,000
Hiace Standard Root Dual AC (Petrol) 4,200,000 4,500,000 300,000
Hiace Mid Roof Dual AC (Petrol) 4,650,000 4,950,000 300,000
Coaster High Roof (29-seater) 8,549,000 9,500,000 951,000
Prado 3.0 Diesel Turbo M/T 17,300,000 18,300,000 1,000,000
Prado 3.0 Diesel Turbo A/T 24,300,000 25,700,000 1,400,000
Prado 4.0 Petrol A/T 24,400,000 26,000,000 1,600,000
LC200 GX M/T (Diesel) 24,600,000 26,200,000 1,600,000
LC200 VX A/T (Diesel) 28,400,000 30,300,000 1,900,000
LC200 VX A/T (Petrol) 28,500,000 30,400,000 1,900,000
LC70 Soft Top 14,100,000 14,900,000 800,000
LC70 Hard Top 14,100,000 14,900,000 800,000
LC70 Pick Up 11,000,000 11,800,000 800,000
Avanza M/T (Petrol) 3,550,000 3,850,000 300,000
Prius 1.8 5,500,000 6,150,000 650,000

The company has increased the prices of sedans by up to PKR 135,000. While on the other hand, the prices of its CBUs are increased by up to PKR 1,900,000.

Furthermore, apart from car makers, bike manufacturer Atlas Honda has also increased the prices of its bikes. This time the company has soared the prices of its bikes by up to PKR 2,000.

Following other auto manufacturers, it’s highly expected that Honda Atlas might also surge the prices of its vehicles sooner or later.

That’s it from our side, stay tuned to to read more about the latest happenings in the automobile world.

My name is M. Ali Laghari and I love to read and write about Cars.

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    please stop dreaming.

  2. the same idiots that vote in lieu for a bag of flour or a plate of biryani.

    jamhooriyat - the absolute plunder of Pakistan. (insert rant here)

  3. People vote for these goons. Or politicians aren't corrupt, our nation as a whole is corrupt. Ramazan just passed. During ramazan things get atleast 3 times as expensive in Pakistan. Nobody leaves the opportunity to earn a quick buck. Politicians are also people and reflect the character of the nation.

  4. not when your average idiot voter is only interested in the free

    bag of flour
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    hoor ka waada.

    etc etc - you can game the system and the result is these sort of politicians. These are all career politicians whose entire life is built on such lies.

    what you are writing is very poetic (politicians are reflection of society) - the problem is that you need that poetic reality too, too bad you dont have that.

  5. Yaseen sb,

    I beleive you have a problem of understanding english writing (dont worry as 75% of Pakistan can only understand whatsapp clips)

    The piece I wrote above was as follows (Im writing in the exact stupid way that schools teach in Pakistan now)

    Mr Yaseen - the following words are in explanation of the paragraph written above and are split into points so you can understand it - If you cannot then I would suggest you either return to school or visit some libraries to polish your understanding of how economics work.

    the freaking railways of current land of Pakistan was put down by the British RAJ, even before jinnah was born - hence the railway lines of today's Pakistan were still in place when Mohammad Ali Jinnah was roaming in diapers.

    Jinnah was a baby in 1880 - and the railway lines from Karachi Central all the way to Rawalpindi were in service, These same lines are garbage now.

    All the govts of Pakistan could not get the railways to work - and now the common man has to pay huge amounts of money - literally everything you buy is transported on the back of a "DIESEL FIRED TRUCK" owned by "TRUCK MAFIA"

    now - your complain of local production - you say that local sugar is expensive because of monopoly and suzuki is doing monopoly too. - Please tear up your secondary education certificate for saying this. its 2018 - not 1718 for God's sake - you made this whole thread a joke.

    Local production of suzuki parts are done with "IMPORTED RAW MATERIALS" - If the materials get expensive - the sell price gets expensive. Material gets expensive because PKR is now like dog shit compared to USD.

    just like karyana owner will not sell you sugar at 1999 rates because its more expensive to produce now.

    Dont drag the IQ down of Pakistan by claiming idiotic statements. Its already in single digits.

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