Important tips to navigate through a CNG queue

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People of Pakistan, unfortunately are destined to stay in long ques of CNG where ever they go within the country. Recently, I heard some people (particularly of central Punjab) saying that the old schedule of 48 hours was much better then this new schedule. The continuous provision of CNG for two days prevented from queues, but now every one has made it a matter of their ego to get their cars refilled with CNG only. Whether it’s an auto rickshaw, a four wheel luxury sedan or a huge public carrier like a bus.

Till this point, every thing seems to be quite reasonable but unknowingly, we are experiencing some chronic issues getting stronger day by day, like people waiting in the lines have very short temper and they are ready to fight on the slightest issues. Usually the waiting time gets longer and as expected, every one starts to get frustrated.

Here are some important tips and suggestions for your help, to make your waiting time easy:

1)  Whenever you visit a CNG Station, keep a drinking water bottle inside your car so it cools you down in case you get thirsty.

2) Most importantly, move your car ahead as soon as you get your cylinder filled, and let the other person come forward. 2-3 minutes are wasted on average with each car staying at the pit. A little common sense will save a lot of time of people.

3) Always keep a safe distance from the next car, because many times it’s been noticed that people get to move their cars in some urgency and they are unable to find a way out. This scenario gets worse if the drivers are stubborn.

4) Never bring small children with you because weather is getting hotter day by day and sometimes, the heat is unbearable. (because CNG timings are peak heat hours)

5) Always keep small change in your pocket to avoid the money change problems. (I have experienced deduction of Rs.5 in many cases)

6) Keep your windows covered with fixed shields to avoid from sun burn.

7) Inquire about the load shedding timings before you go to get your cylinders filled. This will save your time from getting wasted.

8) Try to control your anger in case you are getting late, because this is the thing our country needs the most.

I must have missed some other critical point to help you keep your calm, but together, if we follow these guidelines, we will be be able to help the society if we’re not able to change it.

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  1. Shahzad Ahmad Malik says

    yes, do all this and dont raise a single voice against the oppressive policies of the government which have resulted in this. sadkay jaoon aap pay!

    reminds me of a story of a place where people didnt complain to their king. so he set up check points where every passer by was beaten up by a government appointed guard. days after not getting any complaints, one guy came up (the king thinking finally someone came to complain) and he said that please appoint 2 guys to beat us up because it takes more time with just one person.

  2. Abdul Akbar says

    They should have banned CNG for domestic cars atleast , only public transport should run on CNG , its very simple i dont know why just they dont do it
    just provide a good fast cheap local transport
    ban cng for domestic cars
    and there will b peace everywhere

  3. Muhammad Bilal Khan says

    in Karachi : only keep CNG kay paisey NO mobiles or wallet as u are easy target for mobile snatchers…

    CNG starts at 8:00am people park their cars late night at the CNG pit and reach the pump at 7:45 have witnessed this myself at PSO house pump and there are 10 to 15 cars standing without drivers and leave their mobile number on wind shield specially taxi drivers.

  4. Badshah Qabulio says

    Till this point, every thing seems to be quite reasonable but unknowingly, we are experiencing some chronic issues getting stronger day by day, like people waiting in the lines have very short temper and they are ready to fight on the First were the noisy rickshaws, which through government efforts and tremendous lobbying to curb noise and air pollution were rid off in favor of quiet, environment friendly, CNG

  5. Adeel Ahmed says

    Yes its much better to keep a bottle of water which queuing up for CNG. But in Karachi it doesn't take long by the way. It hardly takes 15 to 20 minutes in Karachi for CNG filling . Even today it took just 10 minutes specially when tomorrow CNG isnt open. But I can understand the feeling of those who live in Punjab

  6. Ahmed Hembel says

    true that 🙁

  7. Faheem Baig says

    100% agreed with this guy's point of view. Even i hav a 1500cc car (daewoo) and i belong to middle class but still i strongly believe this solution will led to betterment.

  8. Hassan Syed says

    Nice suggestions…

  9. Abrar Ahmed says

    CNG ak lanat or zalalat ha insan kay leay or gari kay leay bhi

  10. Usman Aftab says

    Ahh another critic .. man we need a change on gross root level.. we people are criticizing our governments since 1947 and nothing happened till yet.. you keep on criticizing and nothing will happen.. try to bring a change from your level.. at least give it a try.. instead of making this society better you are just commenting for the sake of comment ..

  11. Usman Aftab says

    Unfortunately our nation is a greedy one .. i have seen many rickshaw drivers and public van drivers just taking high profits in case of cng load shedding … so we can't really distinct who is deserving and who is not .. 🙁

  12. Usman Aftab says

    Thanks mate.. at last some one who agrees with me

  13. Usman Aftab says

    this is what i call real curse ….

  14. Usman Aftab says

    Thanks mate for understanding our problems..

  15. Usman Aftab says

    Abrar Ahmed for middle class it's a blessing …

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