Indian Automakers Think About Customers: Renault India Launches Car For 3 Lacs

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Most of our public is waiting with bated breath for 6th June as there is a high probability that a bombshell will be dropped on “aam aadmi” when the budget is announced.

Along with the budget a new auto policy will be announced also and rumors are adrift that years of struggling and appealing for a more consumer friendly policy has yielded nothing as the new auto policy will also favour the local car mafia.

As our public is getting fleeced, Indian auto industry on the other hand is flourishing. Some factors for the progress include balanced policy, fair competition and high localisation. One proof of this is Renault India launching “The Kwid” for Indian Rs 3 lacs, which converts to 4 lac 80 thousand Pak Rupee. It has a 3 cylinder 800 cc engine and Renault claims it will give class leading economy.

The PakWheels bloggers will keep on protesting in their own capacity, so join us as we have valid reasons including as to why our public should pay almost double than the price of “Kwid” for a worse car .

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  1. alfa_whsky says

    If India can do it then why cant we!? if govt. cant make consumer friendly auto policies then at least they should relax import regime allowing imports from India also.

  2. Obii1 says

    kuch nahi hoga Jeb tek awaam serek per nahi aye gi,
    Nothing will happen until and unless Pakwheelers take out a protest rally instead of only online protest.

  3. Abdullah says

    its a small jeep , i wish it was available here for 4.8 lacs , then i could have fulfilled my dream of travelling Pakistan by road. i wish

  4. Grewal says

    May your dream come true. In Sha Allah

  5. Aamir Bashir says


  6. Aamir Bashir says

    Its such a difference in conversion of Pak-Rupee to India-Rupee, i remember back in 1999 the difference was 50 paisa i think … They have good auto policy and many auto-makers are in operation in India, They have Hyundai, Ford, Renault, Volkswagen etc etc and on this side we have the same old crap … If the public comes out on the road still nothing would happen as these few politicians have become so strong that they don’t even care what public means, They have benefits that it who dare public …. Now we have to fight for our rights by getting together and kick them out of this country … we are in crores and the politician are in hundreds 🙂

  7. Shafaat Musavi says

    Our leaders are not patriotic, they are not concern about public and they are here to make millions through corruption.

  8. Smokingaces says

    koi chance nahi bhai.

  9. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    because we aren’t manufacturing them here and if we import a CBU from India then it will be facing the same kind of duties that we face when we import from Japan or Dubai. Until and unless we don’t make the Local Manufacturers liable for introducing cars in the bracket of 4 – 6 lacs, we won’t have a solution in our life time.

  10. Brajmohan Lahkar says

    are you talking about Mahindra Thar? The price has increased it now costs around 5.5 with Tax. But its a very customizable vehicle thats what good about it.

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